So this chapter is kind of a group character fic with suggested Kurama/Shizuru

Soldier- Destiny's Child

"Why is it so hard to find a good guy?" Shizuru lamented, taking a sip of her beer. Botan, Keiko, and Yukina had gathered in the Kuwabara residence and promptly threw Kuwabara out, declaring it girls' night. "All I want is a nice guy-"

"You don't want him to be too nice; no one wants to date a door mat," Keiko chimed in.

Shizuru nodded, "Someone who wouldn't mind knocking back a few drinks with me-"

"But you don't want him to drink too much like Chu; he was such a drunk," Botan said, wrinkling her nose.

"Someone who's strong and a little rough around the edges," Shizuru added.

"He needs to have manners too," Yukina said.

"And I want him to be good-looking; is that so much to ask for?" Shizuru asked, sighing. Only one person came to her mind at the end of her rant, one person who fit her description, the one person who she could never have again. 'Sakyo,' she thought, chugging her drink.

"All the good ones are either taken or playing for the other team," Botan remarked. "Although Keiko and Yukina seem to have found a pair of good ones."

"You count my idiot brother as a good one?" Shizuru said dryly. "Well I guess compared to the rest of the male population he isn't horrendous."

"Tell us girls, what's your secret to finding such wonderful boyfriends?" Botan asked.

"Yusuke is not my boyfriend," Keiko said, blushing.

"Might as well be kiddo judging by the way he treats you. How'd you manage to tame Yusuke?" Shizuru asked.

"Years of shouting matches and slaps," Keiko laughed. "I've known Yusuke since we were kids; I cant remember a time in my life when Yusuke wasn't around. Yusuke just needs to be given a chance; there's more to him than he shows on the surface."

"Okay so understanding and physical abuse," Botan said, pretending to take notes. "What about you Yukina? What's your secret; you've got Kuwabara wrapped around your pinky."

"Secret?" Yukina said, confused. "I don't have a secret."

"Yukina doesn't have any secrets. My baby bro is just putty in her hands; she doesn't need to be anything but her natural sweet self," Shizuru said, smiling.

"We need men in our lives Shizuru. We can't be single forever," Botan sighed.

"We could always set one of you up with Kurama," Keiko teased.

"Now he could have potential," Shizuru laughed. "Maybe I'll drunk dial him next time."

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