Note: SM owns Twilight, obviously. Or else I would be living in a house with central air.

**Warning : This story contains dark themes including drug use and alcohol consumption by minors. Please take caution before continuing.

I keep my head lowered, taking quicker steps than would be necessary.

I'm trying to walk past you, hoping you don't notice me.

But you do.

I feel your eyes as I fumble with my locker combination.

Do you realize how distracting it is?

How it makes me feel? To feel alive knowing you're looking at me?

It's then I shift my eyes to where you're standing.

You're ignoring everyone around you.

But your eyes, those eyes, are baring straight to my core.

The buzzing in my fingers begins and the thumping of my heart echoes loudly in my ears.

Do you hear that? It only gets louder, faster, the longer you stare.


Do you feel that?

When a thousand butterflies are released at once and you can't contain them.

But like always, always, you sever our only connection we have by turning away.