So… I was going to be mean and divide this chapter up into 3-4 updates but then I thought… Nahhh! You all waited long enough. But let me warn you that I had to leave it where I had to. Mostly because I have to write it first :P

Warning… this is where the underage drinking comes in… just so you're aware.

Chapter 12

The walk, thankfully, was just around the corner. I kept a few steps behind Tanya as she stomped her way down the street.

Even in late March, it was much cooler in the evenings and my legs were freezing. I kept trying to pull my skirt down some, hoping to cover my legs a little more.

I should have kept my mouth shut but I couldn't just lie to Jasper. Even though I no longer had a crush on him, he was still a friend. While I couldn't understand why his fallout with Eric happened, I knew I didn't want to hurt him. And by keeping that information away from him, might just have.

Before I knew it, I was standing in front of Lauren's door and barely caught the last of what Tanya was telling me.

"…lucky, maybe they'll reconsider me…"

I nodded my head like I was listening the whole time and… I…

I just stood there…

I could hear an undistinguishable beat from the music blaring inside.

"Bella? You alright?" Tanya asks in concern. "You know, we don't have to do this. I'll just call Jasper back and make him pick us back up. You know he was just joking around."

But before I could even answer, the music became clearer once the door opens. Lauren stood there in a stunning pink off the shoulder dress that showed off her curves. I felt childish, like I was playing dress up compared to her.

No wonder you were with her… she's just gorgeous!

"O-M-G! You made it!" Lauren squeals out and pulls me into a hug. I look over to Tanya and I know the look of shock on my face is probably the same as hers. Lauren pulls back and notices Tanya standing beside me.

"Hi Tamara. So glad you could make it too." The distain could be easily hinted in her too sweet voice. But Tanya just smiled and didn't even correct her.

"Hi Lauren! Thank you so much for inviting us." She responded genuinely. "Your dress looks fantastic!"

Oh boy… Tanya was working her charm.

Lauren smiled, obviously enjoying the compliment.

"Yes, thanks for inviting us." I speak up finally.

"Well come on in! Don't worry, it's just mostly all of my closest friends." We followed Lauren inside and I couldn't believe just how many close friends she had. It seemed as though the entire junior class was here. Some were together in groups while others, including the couple up against the stair banister were getting to know each other. Very well.

Oh my… is that guy checking for her tonsils or something?

Tanya nudged me, letting me know to stop starring.

We were practically up against everyone as we were passing through and my only thoughts were you. I had to admit, I was looking. But I couldn't find you. We made it to the couches and two guys who were goofing around noticed Lauren and stood up.

I wasn't sure what look she gave them, but they gave up their seats quickly with no arguments.

"Here you are girls." Lauren motioned us to sit. "Everyone, I want to introduce you to my new friend, Isabella."

I wanted to die right there.

Everyone surrounding us looked and murmured a hello before going back to what they were previously doing. Tanya took a seat next to me and I felt a little bit better. But on the other side of me, a muscular guy with curly brown hair and dimples to die for, smiled at me.

Cue blushing… now.

"Isabella, I want you to meet my very good friend, Emmett." Lauren motioned to Dimples. Ah I mean, Emmett.

"Hi." I shyly spoke out; hoping the tremor in my voice couldn't be detected.

"Hello, Isabella. It's a pleasure to meet-" Emmett was cut off by Lauren's screeches. I looked up and noticed she was yelling in her phone.

"Oh my God, Edward! Are you freaking serious? Don't you even-" Just hearing your name made the anticipation that much more. Whatever was happening, Lauren was not happy.

"There they go again." Emmett groaned.

"I take it this happens often?" I asked, honestly curious.

"Well," Emmett lifted his leg to cross his knee and turn towards me. "Edward, Lauren's on again, off again boyfriend is always doing something to piss her off. My guesses are he doesn't want to show."

"So they're together now?" I was so close to the answered I needed!

"Why the sudden interest in Cullen and Mallery's doomed love life?" Emmett smirked.

"Oh, no reason." I begin playing with my hands, not sure of what to do now.

"So, Isabella, would you care for a drink?"

"Um, sure?" It came out more like a question that I would have liked. But Emmett laughed and stood up to go grab us some drinks.

"I can't believe we're even here." Guiltily, I had forgotten all about Tanya for a moment.

"It's different all right." Unsure of what to say. This wasn't my scene and I felt absolutely young right now.

"Well I'm going to go mingle. You know, Emmett is a total babe! You should go for it Bella!"

"Oh no no no. Emmett is… I don't know." I string my fingers in my hair, tugging on the ends to loosen up. "He's nice but I don't even know him."

"You don't know Edward and you want to jump his bones."

"Tanya!" I gasped, horrified.

"Bella, loosen up! We're supposed to be having fun. Don't forget we need to be back by midnight. My mom usually never comes home after one of her dates but I don't want to risk it." Tanya stood up and made her way towards the back of the house.

I nodded in agreement and watched her get lost in the crowd until I could no longer see her. Just then, Emmett came back with two red solo cups in hands.

I gratefully took my cup and pressed the rim to my lips… it smelled odd for some reason. But a little fruity.

"Don't worry, it's just punch." Emmett assured me. "Go on ahead! It's my own special recipe." He let his dimples show and took a gulp of the punch.

I was on my third cup of this amazing concoction and felt relaxed right here on the couch with Emmett. We were bantering back and forth about the dumbest things but it was funny nonetheless. He was easy to talk to. When he asked me which school I went to, it suddenly made me realize he had no idea who I was. He thought I was just some girl from a different school.

Was I really that unnoticeable?

"Oh my God!" I burst out, "I love this song!"

"Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira came on and I felt the need to dance.

Strange… I normally hated dancing!

I must have expressed what I was feeling when Emmett pulled me off the couch and brought me over to where the rest of people were pressed up against each other dancing. I was suddenly flushed up against Emmett and we fell into a comfortable sway that worked with the song. He dipped his head down until his mouth was hot against my ear.

"God you're so sexy." He groaned and his hands were beginning to roam across my lower back. I felt myself flush from him admission and it was that moment I felt incredibly sexy. My hands were perched on his broad shoulders and when I felt a hint of his lips on the curve of my neck, I was quickly snatched away from our bubble.

"What the fuck man!" Emmett shouted.

I turned around only to meet with angry green eyes.

It didn't take me long to realize that those beautiful eyes were yours.

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