Brave New World

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The battle had finally finished, the King who dominated the land, turning the people into sick pawns to his plan, slain. The newly-blind Flame Alchemist sat, wallowing in his own self despair, alone in his hospital room. Grumbling to himself about his hatred of hospitals, he heard the door open, and someone wheel a patient over. He heard the nurse come near his bed and grab the curtain, sliding it along the room to separate the now two patients.

"I won't peak at the other patient, I promise." Roy spoke, his voice ridden with lack luster

"Sorry Colonel It's just-." The nurse's speech on protocol was cut short when a raspy voice interrupted the woman

"Its Fuhrer now, Miss." Roy's eyes widened as he turned his head towards the direction of the voice. He was shocked, not by the news that he had finally reached his goal, but by the owner of the voice who gave him the news.

"Um…I guess I'll just leave you two alone" The nurse whispered as she backed out of the room, and scurried away. He heard the sheets of the bed next to his rustle, as the springs of the bed told him that there was defiantly movement. Soon, he heard the sound o the curtain sliding back, ending the separation in the room. He heard slow, but cautious footsteps padding across the seemingly short distance, and what seemed to be something rolling next to his lover.

"Roy" he heard her whisper, as she placed her hand on his shoulder and gave it a soft squeeze. "We made it" she said, her voice gentle and reassuring, so unlike her regular cold demeanor.

"Why did you slide the curtain back over, Lieutenant?" Shocked by the sudden use of her military ranking, she removed her hand from his shoulder. "You know, I can't see." The room was swallowed by a long silence. "Lieutenant, I asked you a question."

"It's my job to watch over you, Sir." She said, her words cold. Roy changed the subject, beginning to wallow again

"Why would they give the title of Fuhrer to a useless-" He stopped when she interjected his pity-filled statement.

"You're not useless, Roy." She spoke, sternly. "If you were useless, I wouldn't waste my time with you." Her words fierce

"It's not like you have much of a choice, Lieutenant." His words biting. "It looks like you've gone from being a dog of the military, to a Seeing Eye dog." He let out an exasperated laugh.

"I have a choice, Sir!" She spoke, her voice rising from its normally stagnant state, but still cold. "I stay because I made a promise to follow and protect you."

"Well, great job on the protecting, Hawkeye. Here, let me find a lease so I can follow your lead" He exclaimed, just as Havoc wheeled into the room, his face twisted into an angry expression, as he heard Roy make joke after joke at Hawkeye's expense. Just when he was about to interject he heard Hawkeye speak.

"I don't need to take this from you, Sir. You're not the man I used to know, and I fear for a Country under your Control."

"You're right." He exclaimed. "How can I be the man with a vision that you so carelessly followed, when I have no sight to lead myself." She began to walk away, and he heard the sound of wheels following her. Her steps were quickened, as each step pounded on the floor. The door to the room opened once again, as she hurried out.

"Who are you?" He heard a man question, his tone accusing and angry

"Oh Jean, now you're just being stupid. I'm the Great Flame Alchemist, but you can call me 'The Blind Cripple' now. You know a lot about cripples, right?" He exclaimed, laughing again at his own pity-party

"Shut up" Jean yelled, wheeling right next to the man's bed, and grabbing his hand, squeezing. Roy winced and yelled in pain, as his wounds began to seep blood once again. "You know they had to fight with Hawkeye to get her into surgery, don't you?" Roy's face contorted into a confused expression.

"What surgery?" He questioned, seemingly concerned.

"Her neck wound reopened on the way here, there was blood everywhere. Do you want to know why she wouldn't go into surgery, Sir?" He spat his words at his former commander.

"Oh God" He heard Roy whisper as his hands began to shake.

"She kept demanding to check on you, yelling at the doctors that it was her fault over and over again, before they finally sedated her."

"But it wasn't her fault." Roy exclaimed, now angry .

"That's not what you just told her." He spat. "Or maybe I should go get the "Seeing Eye Dog" and ask her how exactly she protected you, Roy?" He questioned, his tone now laced with sarcasm and malice.

"Stop it, please!" Roy begged, tears now streaming down his face."How could I say all of those mean things to her?" He asked, scorning himself "I've hurt her again, haven't I?" He questioned rhetorically, already knowing the answer. "Where is she, Havoc? I have to apologize before I lose her!"

"Why don't you go look?" He sneered. "I'm not going to be your Seeing Eye Dog." Roy quickly removed the blankets from his body, and flung is legs over the bed, almost hitting Havoc in the head.

"Thanks Havoc." He exclaimed, giving the man a slight grin, grabbing the walking stick next to him. "I can't have a vision for the future without her in it!" He exclaimed Sliding off the bed, just as they heard a commotion in the hallway.

"Miss Hawkeye, what are you doing out of bed?" They heard the Nurse question, her tone concerning. The men began to move faster, Roy leading himself based on the voices he heard. Well as least my other senses improved. He thought to himself.

"I'm just going for a walk" He heard her whisper, followed by a sniffle.

" You know that's dangerous" The nurse retorted. "Dear, have you been crying?" He heard the Nurse question. Finally he reached his goal, reaching out for her hand, as he heard Havoc shout. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a metal pole clamoring to the ground, and his hand was left empty.

"Call the doctor!" The nurse yelled as Roy searched around, his eyes failing him. Dropping to the floor, he finally found the hand he was looking for and to his horror; he confirmed that it was indeed Riza lying on the ground, motionless. He heard wheels to what sounded like a hospital gurney speed out into the hallway, and held tightly onto her hand. People began to flood them with their presence, and they began to lift her, his hand still firmly intertwined with hers. Havoc reached out from his chair and yanked his friend backwards, making him loose his grip from her hand, as they raced her away. Reaching out into the darkness, he screamed: