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Brave New World: Chapter 17

Riza Hawkeye's fingers reached out, each crawling along the cement. Finally, her fingers grabbed the red stone, holding the souls of so many. The stone rested, and she closed her hand around it, into a tight fist. Her veins began to burst with power, as she slumped and lost consciousness.

Never in his life had Roy gotten so much pleasure from burning off the limb of another. He continued to beat the man who simply screamed in agony. His face became a dark purple as his rage took over him. Riza, his Riza. No, he could beat this man for the rest of his life and he still wouldn't be satisfied. A gush of wind took over the room, the fire still raging hot against his body. He stopped the relentless beating, Antiochus' face slick with his own blood, his almost swollen shut. He'd almost forgotten her. Had Havoc taken her to safety yet? His obsidian eyes glanced back to the stairs and widened in horror. No no no no no

"Roy." She spoke softly, limping up the last stair, clutching her side which continued to bleed. After she lost consciousness, these voices echoed inside her head, waking her from the short slumber. She could ignore them. She needed to stone's power to save Roy. She couldn't lose him to revenge. "I won't let it take you…I promised." Her voice shook. He had done it again…he hurt her. Suddenly, he was taken back to his fight with Envy. He couldn't do that to her again. He stood from the man, and took a step towards her, before she thrusted her hand out in a distinct 'stop' motion.

"Kill him. Kill them all. Your child is dead, why not them too? C'mon"

She shook her head, aggressively placing her hand on it, trying to force the thoughts out. He couldn't be dead. It was the damned stone. Why couldn't she let go of it. She brought her other hand from her side and noted the stone was still in her palm. She just had to drop it, and they would be fine. Turning her palm, she waited for the telltale sound of the philosopher's stone drop to the ground.

It didn't make a sound.

Flipping her palm over, she pushed the blood around, trying to move the stone. It was stuck, imbedded in her skin. 'Oh, God.' She began to shake, the blood still oozing from her side.

"God isn't here to help you…"

She coughed, falling to her knees

"Riza!" He screamed, running towards her. Crouching next to her, he tried to comfort, failing miserably.

"Smell the blood. I'm not going to miss a drop."

"Run." Her voice was ragged and pained. His eyes widened in confusion, as his tightened his grip around her. "Run!" She spat the command through short breaths. It was too late. Her back arched and her eyes widened, and rolled back. Her arm snapped out, shoving him hard in the chest. He tumbled, his body like a rag-doll.

"RUN!" Her voice was animalistic, but he could still her scream in agony behind it. He wouldn't leave her. He couldn't. The heat of the flames roaring continued to assault him. He looked up and saw the ceiling of the enclosure begin to crumble to pieces and ashes from the flames. She took a step towards Antiochus before he heard a loud cracking sound. He moved to scream but was too late. A large chunk of wood and metal began its fall to the earth. It was heading right for her, before it stopped, paused in time, violating all of the rules of the world.

Suddenly, she reached her arm out once again and the large chunk of scrap was sent hurling towards Mustang. He ran, finally jumping for cover and avoiding the piece. Looking up from his cover he saw her. The blood had stopped. She was wrapped with crimson colored electricity, as he witnessed her wounds being healed. She no longer needed to clutch her side, there was no wound. She continued to walk towards the man, her feet crunching on the crumbling state of the building. Somehow, he was still able to move and he reached for his back, producing a gun from his hidden holster. She smiled and actually cackled before her face was wiped of emotion.

He screamed in agony as he dropped the gun, his fingers breaking

He killed your baby. He killed your future. This world is ruined now. Destroy it.

His cries filled the room as the many bones of his arm began to break one by one, until she got to his shoulder. Roy was sickened by the sound of the crack of each bone, his humorous being the loudest and most dramatic break.

There's over 20 marks on your back from his men…why not break 20 of his bones?

The man levitated now, his body slumped and sobbing. She smiled again, the stone glowing and seeping deeper into her skin. She would rip his skin off, she needed to hear the sound of separating his muscle and dermis.

"STOP!" Roy shouted from behind her. Her head cocked and she glanced from Antiochus back to her husband, the Fuhrer of Amestris. He had a gun in his hand, refusing to use his flame alchemy. "I'll shoot you…Riza I swear, I will." His voice shook when he shouted, along with the gun in his hands. Is this what she felt when she had to do the same thing? This feeling of distaste, remorse, utter despair.

"Shoot me!" The voice commanded. She turned around, dropping Antiochus' body to the ground with a squish. She rushed towards the raven-haired alchemist, stopping right at the barrel of the gun. "Not in the back." She said with playfulness. She grabbed the gun in his shaking hands and positioned it right at the center of her chest. "Right here." She smiled. Tears began to slip from his eyes. He couldn't do it. He wasn't strong enough. He began to cough, as the smoke was finally starting to get itself trapped in the building, engulfing his lungs. She turned around and went back to Antiochus

"You can't do this for revenge. It won't bring him back." He shouted, one last plea to get her to stop. He coughed and gagged, the smoke beginning to asphyxiate him. How comical, the Flame Alchemist dying from the smoke of a fire.

Her head was forced back and she screamed, the sound of her cry piecing his ears. In one swift movement of her arms the flames were gone from existence. He could now see Havoc unconscious in the corner, pieces of the crumbling building surrounding him. She fell to her knees, and began to sob, surrounded by the charred remnants of the building.

"My baby…our son." She spoke through choking sobs

"We loved him. You can't take out this revenge on him. I won't let you turn into a monster."

"Bu-But he killed him." She gagged on her words, not wanting to admit that her son, their future was dead.

Roy took cautious steps towards her, lowering himself to her. Her head dropped in frustration, the sobs shaking her body. "We loved him."

The stone emerged from her skin and dropped to the ground, crumbling to ash, silently releasing the souls trapped there for years. The room was suddenly flooded by military personal, lead by Breda. The red haired man picked up his best friend swiftly. Roy slowly stood with his wife, who shook on her feet. His feet were damp. Looking to her, he noticed her shocked expression.

"My-my water broke, Roy." His head was filled with confusion. No, this couldn't happen. Not now. Their child was dead, ruined. If there was a God, why would he make her go into labor with their dead child. It didn't seem just.

"Sir, the reconstruction on Ishval is almost complete. I just need you to sign off on these papers, giving the Ishvallans full control of their nation, and we will officially be completed."

"Yes" He nodded, grabbing his pen and signing the document, passing it back to General Miles, who swiftly left the Fuhrer's mansion with a took longer than they had anticipated, but finally, they had done it! He heard the telltale of footsteps, and soon the door was pushed open.

"Daddy, why are you always sighsing papiworks"

"Signing Paperwork?" The raven-haired boy shook his head furiously. "It took time Maes, but we finally made a new world, a world for everyone…a world for you."

The boy smiled his golden eyes reflecting his mother's, who soon followed in after him.

"Mommy sayz that you guys were brave, even Uncle Havoc." He says with a laugh. The thought of his Uncle Havoc being brave when he runs away from Aunty Rebecca and his cousin Emily all the time is so funny.

"It takes a brave group of people to make a new world, Maes."

"Mommy sayz I'm brave, Dad." He says as he snaps into a salute, stumbling on his own little feet.

"And you are." Riza says with a smile, picking him up in her arms. "This is your world. We wouldn't make it for just any little boy" She tickles him, and he's quite happy that he lives in the world his mommy and daddy made for him.

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