Kratos saw the opening and lunged at Persephone. He brought the Gauntlet of Zeus through her middle. She cried out in pain, returning to her Goddess form. She looked up at Kratos and said, "Your suffering will never end…." And with that, she went limp and fell onto the Gauntlet. Her body began to glow, and in a bright flash, everything faded to oblivion.

After recovering from the flash, Kratos looked around him. He was standing on the remains of the Tower of Elysium. In front of him, the massive Titan Atlas stood with his 4 arms shackled to the Earth. He was forever cursed to hold the world upon his shoulders. After a few seconds of silence, Atlas spoke up. "Perhaps you believe the Olympians will help you. But I ask! Where are your Gods now, Kratos? Why do they not come to your aid?"

Kratos quickly responded, "I do not need the aid of the Gods! But my path is now clear to me…. I will serve them, and they will keep their promise to free me from my past!"

Atlas took a deep breath and said, "I ask you, Spartan. What good is the promise of an Olympian?"

"It is all I have, Atlas!" Kratos yelled back.

Atlas closed his eyes. He spoke, "We will meet again, Spartan. The Fates have deemed it…. One day, you will pay for what you have done here." And with that, the mighty Titan dropped his head, and said no more.