Author's Note: Hey all! The idea for this just kinda fell into my head, and I was originally gonna write it as a Percabeth story, but then I decided that there are enough of 'em - don't get me wrong, I love Percabeth - and there just aren't enough Tratie stories out there. So, without further ado, I present Green Leaves and Hospital Beds to you!

Disclaimer: Read my Penname. It says English Luvin Girl, does it not? Is Rick Riordan a girl? No. Good. Any questions?


Chapter One - Rain and Dirt

I walk in an endless forest, a constant drizzle drip-dropping down into my hair, soaking the brown curls. Wondering how I came to this place for the hundredth or more time, I sit on a soggy log, burying my face in my hands, letting out a sob. Food wasn't a problem here; I didn't seem to get hungry. But that wasn't the problem. I'd been here for a week, and seen no one.

I thought back to before I came here, wherever 'here' was. New York City, driving to Camp Half-Blood for the start of summer. I was in the car with my boyfriend and his younger brother. My last memory was stopping at a stop sign, looking both ways, starting forward, and then the sensation of being flipped over. The shriek of metal scratching metal and then the crunch of something collapsing. Immediately after, I woke up here, sprawled on the ground.

Wiping my eyes with the back of my hands, I stay seated for a few moments longer, hoping someone would find me. Like people always tell you to do when you get lost in the woods: "Stay still. Moving around makes it harder to find you." Blah, blah, blah. Staying in one place for me meant only one thing: the monsters could come and find me easier. And then that would make their job of possibly killing me easier. Resigning myself to this fact, I stand and walk forward. A headache dizzies me and I stagger, reaching out for something to grab. After steadying myself, I reach up to touch my forehead and pull my fingers away, feeling something warm. And wet. Looking at my fingers, I see the dark red of blood.

I scream, wondering how it got there. Immediately I slap my hand over my mouth, darting my eyes around to see if my yell alerted any monster in this stationary, dream world.

Nothing but silence echoes back. Nothing pokes its head between green leaves. Nothing is heard above the constant raindrops splattering on the leaves and ground. I sigh, closing my eyes in relief.

"Think first next time, Katie," I berate myself. "Oh great, now I'm talking to myself."

I mentally slap myself. Don't go insane out here! I cheer myself on. Sighing again, I lay down on the ground, tears leaving clean tracks on my dirt covered cheeks. I stare at my fingernails, soil clinging between the short nails and skin. That's one of the things my boyfriend has always said he loves about me; I'm not afraid of how I look, unlike those Aphrodite girls. I was about as different from one of them as you could get. Weariness dredged me as I curled into a ball, crying myself to sleep.