Snow fell, softly, gracefully, and so silent, weaving through the frozen air in such a way that it seemed to be dancing to reach its destination, the ground. The ground was of a meadow, somewhere deep in the forest of Washington, and it was already covered in a white blanket caused by previous snowfall, dusting and smothering the already long dead grasses and wildflowers that had once bloomed so brightly. An icy and chilling melody sounded throughout the meadow, as if somewhere far, yet near, the water of stream flowed. The melody echoed around, bouncing around against the tall and ancient trees, that seemed to touch the very heavens. Their old and weathered trunks too were covered in a soft blanket of pristine snow, with only the slightest bit of green moss peeking through it.

A small, cloaked figure sat trembling in the middle of this meadow, almost waist deep in snow, yet seemingly not to be troubled at all at that fact, as it rocked its arms gently back and forth, singing along to the winter stream's melody. The figure's almost blue lips mumbled sweet nothings to the the bundle of blankets that was clasped firmly in its still rocking arms. The figures wide, child-like eyes were half lidded as well as swollen and red, underneath them dark violet smudges stood starkly against her almost sickly pale skin. Her face was drawn tightly inward, and her cheeks were hallowed. Dull, lank, long brown hair flowed out of her hood, touching the ground. Already, the girl, or really young woman seemed to be in the first stages of hypothermia, yet once again, she didn't seem to care, as her attention was firmly fixed upon the bundle of blankets.

"Can you fell it, cara?" whispered the woman, her bell like voice cutting and echoing through the meadow like a haunting bell.

The woman only received as an answer a gurgling coo, coming from the bundle in her arms. She smiled, her blue lips pulling widely and almost manically tight across her thin face. It was a beautiful face, yet at the moment it seemed to be nothing but broken, save for the look in the woman's eyes, of deep love and caring for the one who had answered her from the blankets. Her cara. A small, delicate hand as pale as the snow around the woman lifted from the blankets, a bright and luminescent aura covered that impossibly small hand, golden flame along with violet, with the smallest hint of red flickering through as it seemed to dance like real flames. It light up the woman's face in sharp relief, to such a point that her impossible beautiful and broken face looked inhuman, which, really it was.

"Impossibly strong, aren't you,cara? Almost as strong as I am..." stated the woman with bitterness in her bell like voice, her own small hand being surrounded with an aura of flickering blues and reds.

She touched the even smaller hand gently with just her fingertips, noting to herself that the hand she held wasn't even as big as her palm yet. The smaller hand soon lost its flame and, with another coo, reached out again, only this time with its twin, to touch the woman's face. Again, a smile broke out on this woman's face, only this time, a much more gentler one, one that was truly smiling down at the infant that lay in her arms.

"You will be powerful, my little dolce... More powerful than me... More powerful than my mother, or her mother, or even her mother! You will be so powerful that the very air will ripple with your power, the very earth will tremble at your will! You will change the world little one... With all your power... You could have done those things... Oh my little dolce, you could have done all of that! But, oh, how can I let you? How can I let you become that? I cannot little one... So feel the energy of this place little one..." The woman whispered passionately to the infant, blue lips trembling and tears drifting slowly down her sunken cheeks.

She took a deep breath, before continuing on:

" Feel it, one last time... For, well, I renounce this. And I renounce for you whatever power would have been granted to you... I renounce for both of us..."

The infant let out a soft, mournful wail, she jerked around in the woman's arms for a second, seeming distressed. Suddenly, the infant lay completely still and silent. Her large, gem like violet looked up at the woman in front of her with a deep sorrow lingering in the young irises, as if the infant knew a great wrong was about to be done to her. Thick, warm tears slipped down the infant face, each crystal like tear eating at the woman's being, as she too knew that what she was about to do was the wrong thing. The woman closed her expressive and child-like eyes, lowering her blue lips to the child's forehead, one of her hands coming up to move the glossy mahogany locks that stood in her way, part of her musing that before she had discovered her daughter's destiny her own hair had been that beautiful color. She sighed softly onto her daughter's skin, wishing that she didn't have to do this, that her child had been normal...

She laughed bitterly at the thought, removing her lips from her daughter's skin. She took a long look at her child, and wondered if the world's problems, her problems would simply fade away if she left her daughter here in this forsaken clearing. Left her in the bitter cold, left her and made sure that she would never become that. That she wouldn't be the tool to those bastards. That she would never... The woman shook her head rapidly, horrified, yet not, at the thoughts that had slipped through her mind. She couldn't do that to her child. Her child... Their child whispered a soft voice in her mind, conjuring the image of her husband.

"Charlie..." whispered the woman, horrified.

Her Charlie. The man she had fallen in love with, that handsome, brave man that was her soul mate. She would have to leave him. She knew this deep in her heart. He would never accept her, he simply couldn't accept what she was, being such a serious man, such a level headed person... Never... She be a freak to him... A damn freak... Just like a her baby would be unless she left. She had to do it for sake, if anything else. She had to save her baby from what would happen to her. She had to do it...

Suddenly, the woman stood. Some snow that had gathered on her fell hastily to the ground, as the woman once again took one last look around her, before closing her eyes, deep breaths slipping out o her, visible as white puffs in front of her blue tinged lips. Her eyes snapped open, seeming to almost glow with the same power of what had been around her hand only a few moments ago.

"By my power we shall never return to this place, or join in the dances of any circle..." whispered the woman, her hold on the infant strong.

Though her words were whispered, they seemed to be impossibly loud, and the very forest around her seemed to be holding its breath, as even that far off music of the stream was suddenly silent. The woman smiled, hauntingly and inhumanly beautiful as a strong, bitter wind whipped around her, the infant in her arms whimpering softly as it swept over her.

"...As I will it, so it shall be." finished the woman, both the glow of her eyes dying along with the wind.

She spun around quickly, running into the forest, mad laughter as well as tears escaping her. Both the mournful cries of her daughter and one that seemed to be coming from the ancient locket that swung around her neck went ignored as she dashed deeper and deeper into the forest, leaving behind the power that had been so important in her life. The woman really only paid mind to the voice that was whispering into her mind, the one that hoped that this was enough to save her daughter.

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Dolce: sweet