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+ + + Chapter Sixteen - '...Comes Around' + + +

Slumping into the chair, Hermione rubbed the back of her nose when a sudden sound made her jump and almost tumble over along with the wing chair. The flames in the head-high fireplace had flared up briskly, turning green with an audible crackle and out stepped Professor Snape in a rather dramatic whirl of robes.

"Oh." Hermione quickly tried to regain her balance, inwardly cursing the fact that the occasional pathetic clumsiness of her school days had never left her.

Ever so graceful, Granger, aren't we?

"Ummm..." The witch straightened her plaid skirt before pointing sheepishly towards the door. "Lucius has already been asking for you and..."

Severus furrowed a patronising brow at her as he cut her off. "Lucius is not of your concern." He stated flatly, then narrowing his eyes in a way that made alarm bells ring in Hermione's head. "It is rather me you should be concerned with..." He slowly started approaching the witch predatorily.

Hermione blinked rapidly in confusion as she instinctively backed off a few steps. "I... I don't understand."

"Oh, it's rather easy." The professor continued. "Since the oath, which you have me to thank for if I remember correctly," He paused for effect."Prevents Lucius from knocking some sense into you and correct your..." Snape's mouth distorted in disapproval. "...romanticised downplaying of what has transpired at the 'Dark Revels', I'm afraid this ungrateful exercise has to be mine."

"But I..." Hermione feebly tried to defend her way of looking at things but she was caught off-guard when suddenly the professor darted an unerring hand forward, grabbing the startled witch by the elbow and dragging her back to the fireplace.

"What the heck? Let go off me! This is not funny!" Hermione wailed, writhing in the dark wizard's vice-like grip. Her protest did go unheeded.

"You know, contrary to your apparent conjecture, those revels have not been of an entirely sexual nature." Severus tightened his grip as he forcefully moved Hermione's arm closer to the fireplace, the flames now very much alive and flaring up in an angry, white heat. "Oh no, Voldemort found equal pleasure in seeing his little playthings, Mudbloods and blood-traitors alike, mutilated, tortured and eventually killed."

Again, he moved Hermione's hand and arm ever closer to the flames, leaving the witch gasping with utter disbelief as he did so. "You can't be serious about this." She breathed, paralysed with fear when she felt the heat of the flames fraught with menace on the tender tips of her fingers, just inches away from her. The young woman paled visibly.

Once more, the professor ignored the witch stoically. "Burnings and stigmatisations were quite popular, too." He looked her in the eye and the fatal determination Hermione saw in his black orbs made her blood run cold. "You haven't experienced a Dark Revel until you've had a proper burning, mind you."

"Nooooooooo!" Hermione yelled and kept wriggling and writhing, however to no avail. She watched in absolute terror as the soft skin of her palm made contact with the searing heat, immediately creating blisters and turning bright red, the sting of pain almost knocking her flat out in its intensity.

Hermione couldn't tell if and how loud she must have been screaming but all of a sudden, she vaguely noticed footsteps behind her. Still desperately fighting to free herself from Severus' grasp, the young woman turned her head to spot Lucius re-entering the room, approaching the fireplace irritatingly leisurely. The fact that the blonde made no move to help her only added to Hermione's horror.

"What? Starting all the fun without me? I'm seriously offended, Severus." Lucius exclaimed, feigning indignation.

"Are you out of your freaking mind?" Hermione screamed at the top of her lungs, tears streaming down her face. "For Merlin's sake HELP ME! He's burning me!"

Lucius snorted. "Nah! He of all people? Hurting you?" Malfoy waved his hand nonchalantly.

"Shut up, Lucius." Came the professor's clipped reply to Lucius contemptuous remark.

"Oh Severus, you're such a drama queen." Malfoy rolled his eyes, drawling the last two words. "No no, dearie, he's not burning you." Lucius continued languidly. "This is just a little illusion, some sort of moral lesson he felt the need to teach you, you naughty little Gryffindor." He chuckled. "And for snooping around in the darker parts of his past." Lucius added, faintly audible.

"You pretty well know that this is not the main reason." Snape glared daggers at the aristocrat as he let go of Hermione's arm, sending the struggling witch flat on her arse in front of the fireplace when she finally wrestled herself free.

Wide-eyed, she stared at her arm which turned out to be completely unharmed. No ugly flaps of skin dangling from charred flesh, no painful blisters popping from her creamy white skin. An illusion alright.

It took her a moment to comprehend what had just happened, realisation dawning that she had been utterly fooled. Angrily, Hermione scrambled to her feet, making a beeline for Snape. He looked completely unimpressed by the furious witch throwing a tantrum.

"You!" Hermione sputtered with rage. "You TRICKED ME! That phial on the mantelpiece, the blue one, that was no contraceptive, was it?" Slowly, she became aware of the fact that the little bottle must have held some sort of hallucinogen, leading her to believe in the scarily realistic experience and violent pain that came with the burning of her hand.

At first, all she got in response was a self-righteous smirk and an arched brow.

"Answer me!" She seethed, pounding her little fists against the potions master's chest.

"Why would you scare the wits out of me like that?" She squeaked brokenly, fresh tears running down her face.

"Because..." Severus eventually replied, gently putting his hands over her still clenched hands. "You needed to discern the nature of the beast."

Hermione didn't reply. She only kept staring at the dark wizard, suppressing an unwanted sniffle while fighting her hurt feelings back as best as she could.

Just before the whole scenario became awkward, a harrumph of Malfoy's broke the silence. "May I have a word with you, Severus?" Lucius said seriously, a disapproving edge to his voice.

Snape strode wordlessly past a still agitated Hermione, he and Lucius turning their backs to her so she couldn't overhear their little conversation. "What?" Severus hissed through his teeth.

Lucius rolled his icy grey eyes at the feigned ignorance of the other man. "Do I really need to explain it to you?" The blonde inhaled sharply. "This evening was supposed to be a deliciously kinky smut fest, bringing back the more enjoyable bits of the olden days and all you've done so far is sabotaging it."

When Malfoy was rewarded with nothing but an amused smirk, he continued his little rant. "I do understand that you want to get back at the girl for invading your privacy; I know that this is a sore point for you." He then added huskily. "Yet there are more effective and definitely more...pleasurable ways to punish her if that's what you're aiming at..."

"No." Snape growled, pinching the bridge of his nose. "This is not what I was aiming at." He shot Hermione a quick glance from the corner of his eye. The little stunt he had pulled seemed to have the desired effect, no matter how drastic the measures had been. The young witch looked rather thoughtful, realisation slowly sinking in and permanently burning into her oh so clever mind the convulsing true nature of the infamous 'Dark Revels'.

Mission accomplished.

"But anyway...she appears to have learned her lesson." Snape stated, pleased with the outcome.

"Fiiiine." Lucius drawled and sighed in irritation. "Congratulations. Nevertheless that still doesn't solve the problem of transforming your lately reformed former student back into the constantly horny and extraordinarily willing vixen she had been when she came here." He frowned. "What do you intend to do about that?"

"No need to worry my old friend." Snape purred, a mischievous expression ghosting over his features. He now spoke loud enough for Hermione to overhear. "How about this..."

The witch's head darted up, her eyes widening as she watched the professor pull an eager Lucius into a lingering kiss. Eyes closed in silent approval Malfoy returned the kiss eagerly, slipping his tongue into the other man's mouth, playfully duelling for dominance.

Hermione felt her heart pounding loudly in her ears. Her carnal desires gradually took hold of her again as she tilted her head curiously, blatantly taking in the sight before her.

Merlin's balls, this is HOT!

Breaking the kiss, Severus than turned his attention to the intrigued witch; holding a hand out to her. "Care to join us?" He purred suggestively, his baritone voice so thick with ecstatic promise that Hermione was left breathless.

And yet, in a split-second of clarity her common sense kicked in, reminding her vividly that she had been tricked just minutes ago.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Tentatively, Hermione took a few steps forward yet made no move to accept Snape's hand.

Narrowing her eyes, she uneasily asked. "This is not just another twisted lesson, is it? I...don't fancy any further correctional punishment, like the attempted burning and such. Even though I see your point, I can't help my body's natural reaction to...things." Lucius chuckled at the witch's wary yet very Gryffindor-like approach.

"Oh, it surely will be a lesson of sorts." Severus replied equivocally. "And twisted for sure." He stated, an evil little smirk forming on his lips. "As for 'further correctional punishment'...I don't see the need for that, do you?"

"No." Hermione breathed, reluctantly accepting the dark wizard's extended hand.

Her feelings were still a little hurt; nevertheless she meanwhile was able to comprehend the professor's motives. And, damn it, whom did it help if she ran now due to injured pride? She would most likely kick herself for the rest of her life for passing up a golden opportunity like this! Besides, the imminent throbbing in her lower regions seemed to have already made the decision for her.

"Good girl." Lucius whispered, flashing his eyes at Hermione.

The last remnants of doubt were allayed when Hermione felt herself pulled forward insistently, finding herself deliciously sandwiched between the two men. Demanding hands roamed her body, deftly freeing the young woman from her restored school uniform while the two men locked lips again. Eyelids fluttering, Hermione tilted her head back, resting it against Lucius' chest as she drank in the forbiddingly erotic sight before her. Without even noticing it, her right hand wandered down Lucius' outer thigh, appraisingly squeezing the taut muscles while the fingers of her left hand playfully snaked over the long row of buttons on Snape's frock coat, her palm then resting on his chest.

Oh Circe, why is this turning me on that much?

Hermione pondered for a second, wondering if she might have some closet voyeuristic tendencies as well. From what she recalled, she had never been thrilled by the idea of bumping into fellow classmates humping about in some dark alcoves at Hogwarts, let alone secretly ogling them. But this...this was different. Way more exciting than anything she had ever fantasised about.

A silent murmur delivered from Snape's sensually cruel lips snapped her out of her reverie, however, she didn't catch his utterance.

It was just now that Hermione realised that her clothes had vanished into thin air, no longer restrictively pooling around her ankles. The same applied to the garments of the men in front and behind her, leaving the three of them in their glorious birthday suits.

Pity. I really would have loved to shred him out of this damn frock coat...

Nevertheless, her initial disappointment was rather short-lived since two promising half erections were currently pressing into both her back and tummy. Hermione's knees buckled as she felt those skilful pairs of hands gently push her to the ground, her ample body resting on a pile of cosy cushions as the two wizards lay down right and left beside her, grinding against her suggestively.

"Would you lend us a hand, little Mudblood?" Lucius purred suggestively, grabbing Hermione's tender hand and placing it on his semi erect cock. Severus mirrored his actions, leaving the flushed young woman with two throbbing rods of flesh at her mercy.

"If you show the same enthusiasm here as you did in class, you'll be rewarded soon." Severus breathed, then nibbled Hermione's earlobe for emphasis. The witch gave a low moan of anticipation in response as her hands headed south; eagerly beginning to work both twitching cocks. She was rewarded with a row of appreciative and thrilling obscenities which added another shade of red to her already crimson cheeks.

Circe, this feels amazing!

Suddenly, realisation was dawning on Hermione that she might just have come across another aspect of her otherwise twisted sexual preferences; namely the fact that she seemingly enjoyed being the tease for a change. Yet before long, a soft voice put an end to her ministrations and pondering alike.

"As much as your trademark overzealousness is appreciated," Severus growled hoarsely into the witch's ear, insistently removing her hand from his tool. "If you keep this up, there won't be anything left for you to enjoy..."

Hermione complied, a slight frown evident on her reddened face.

"She's full of surprises, isn't she?" Lucius smirked, equally removing his assets from Hermione's grip as he rolled to the side, rising to his knees. "Why, don't you frown as it is now that your curiosity will finally be satisfied."

A little confused, Hermione blinked at the well-built blonde, distracted by Lord Malfoy's swaying erection standing out proud. The witch could have sworn he was posing! Lucius then strode past her, sinking back to his knees gracefully and making himself comfortable next to the professor. The witch propped herself on her right elbow, facing the two wizards next to her curiously.

Her eyes widened as she watched Severus lean back into the plush stack of pillows, drawing up his legs a little and parting them just enough to allow Lucius to crawl over him. However, there was no physical contact other than the intriguingly sensual kiss the two wizards exchanged, feathery and yet demanding in a way Hermione wouldn't have dreamed of.

Well, that and the equally intriguing fact that their cocks, both gradually rising to full capacity, touched every now and then; giving the weird impression of swords crossing.

The caressing continued, Severus running one calloused hand over Lucius' slightly scarred back and buttocks, his other hand reaching for the other man's testicles, fondling them. In return, Lucius ran the tip of his tongue along Snape's sensitive jugular, down the other man's hairless chest to his nipples, nibbling and suckling about until he was rewarded with a contented moan. Malfoy then similarly reached for the dark wizard's organ; letting his perfectly manicured fingers dance playfully around the thick throbbing head before he let his lips follow.

Hermione lay thunderstruck on her side, watching breathlessly and not daring to move an inch as she feared to interrupt the mesmerising scenario unfolding before her very eyes. She was not only perplexed by the fact that to these two machos 'homophobia' seemed indeed to be a foreign word but also by the surprisingly high degree of displayed affection. With her, it was always rough and tumble, not that she minded, and yet again she had the feeling that she might be sorely missing something. Hermione couldn't remember that either of the two wizards, or rather any wizard, has ever kissed for any other reason than getting her into the mood or bite her, let alone as affectionately as she just witnessed. With an inward sigh, the still flushed young witch banished the thought quickly, the needs of her body taking over again as she found herself positively dripping whilst she watched on.

This is just too hot to be true!

Meanwhile, Lucius was sucking Severus' cock in earnest and expertly, leaving Hermione dumbfounded at the aristocrat's abilities. He seemed to be truly relishing it, too. And, from what Hermione could tell, the professor was enjoying his long-time friend's ministrations as well; rolling his hips and entangling his long fingers frantically in his friend's silky strands as Lucius doubled his efforts, humming. Lord Malfoy shot Hermione a quick glance, winking at her as he felt the familiar twitching of an oncoming climax on the inside of his mouth. Lucius closed his eyes in relish when Severus' sticky come made contact with his tongue, jet after jet spilled hotly and accompanied by a throaty groan of his counterpart.

Again, Hermione was in awe as she watched the two men's reaction; highly baffled by the genuine relish and total lack of shame between them. Their interaction was so well-matched and tender it was hard to believe that both were respectively infamous for being ill-reputed creeps. Smiling contently to herself, Hermione's shattered ego suddenly swelled with pride for being given the chance to catch a glimpse of this certainly well-kept secret, even if it might only be for a single night.

She was snapped out of her pleasant reverie by Severus' post-orgasmic voice washing over her deliciously. "It seems we have gained your approval, Miss Granger?" He growled and Hermione nodded wordlessly.

Lucius gave her a lewd smile. "Judging by the little tart's crimson cheeks we indeed have, my dear friend." He reached out a manicured hand, dragging Hermione closer and empathetically placed her small palm over the professor's now soft member. "So..." The blonde continued lecherously. "Why not give your former professor a helping hand so we'll be able to proceed with your little journey into perversion?"

Hermione gave a little moan in response as she obediently started to run her nimble fingers up and down along Snape's shaft wantonly. His hand entangled in her bushy locks, she then bent down and shot Severus a wicked smile through half-lidded lashes as she additionally put her tongue to good use, swirling it around the thick purple head and delving into the leaking slit. Just the way he had taught her so many years ago. The witch was so lost in her naughty task that she flinched when all of a sudden she felt Lucius' skilled tongue laving on her exposed cunt and arse. Hermione's rear end had been seductively wriggling high in the air without her even realising it.

"Oh dear gods!" She breathed as she revelled in the blonde wizard's ministrations, the vibrancy of her utterance sending little sensations up Severus's cock which was gradually throbbing and eventually stood at full attention again.

Hermione responded with a generous gush of wetness trickling down her thighs, her unmistakable scent of arousal pervading the air as she was abruptly spun on her back and pinned into the fluffy cushions by Malfoy. It was just now that the gasping witch became aware of the gigantic mirrored ceiling; its beautifully crafted mosaic surface magically swirling like liquid crystal.

It was a sight to behold for Hermione as she watched the reflections of the three of them; first Lucius plunging into her effortlessly, then Severus moving closer behind the suave blonde gracefully. She found herself roaming her delicate little hands down Malfoy's neck and back, unwittingly leaving small scratch marks in the process as she was so turned on by the fact that she was witnessing her own ravishment like some Muggle porn film.

The mesmerised young woman's breath started hitching as she looked at Snape who had just started grinding his hips against the other man's rear end, eliciting an expectant growl from the wizard atop her. She noticed the tiniest trails of perspiration running down Lucius' aristocratic features when the dark wizard behind him finally decided on pushing forward, refraining from fondling the blonde's balls and burying himself deep inside a gasping Malfoy who groaned in delight at his lover's intrusion. Hermione gasped when Severus' body weight added to Lucius'; pressing her even deeper into the shag carpet and thus Malfoy equally deeper into her, enabling Hermione to feel every delicious plunge of the two men, both in and on her.

The familiar flash of pained delight was just about to rush trough her when unexpectedly Malfoy pulled out of her, leaving Hermione groaning in frustration. She had been so damn close!

"Why did you...?" She frowned at Lucius who was no longer entwined with Severus who had evenly pulled out and rolled to his back, strangely enough ignoring the couple.

Malfoy flashed his eyes at the pouting witch, giving her his trademark smirk and gently pulling the confused young woman first to her feet, then spun her in his arms so Hermione's back was flat against his chest.

"I don't understand." Hermione confessed, nevertheless thrilled at the fact that there was still a very promising erection pressing against her rear end. In response, Lucius started gracing the side of the witch's neck, breathing hotly against her ear. "Did you really think we would let you out of this before fulfilling that one," He let the tip of his tongue slide along her ear shell and Hermione shivered at his haughty words. "...morally highly reprehensible original fantasy that got you caught into our clutches in the first place?" He purred while lifting Hermione easily, spinning around with her and approaching Snape who still lay on his back, watching the scenario somewhat indifferently.

"You know, it's been taking quite a bit of persuasion to make Severus agree to this." Lucius concluded, making a move to lower Hermione right onto the professor's equally promising rod. "But we eventually came to agree that we owe you that much, wouldn't you say?"

It took her a moment but eventually realisation was dawning on her that they were just about to re-enact that...not so consensual ravishment of that Hufflepuff girl at the Dark Revel which she had witnessed earlier in Lucius' memories in the Pensieve. That horrible wrongdoing that had turned on the flustered witch beyond belief; compromised that last remnant of morality beyond repair and manifested her dark, twisted desires in said forceful act. Maybe a re-enactment would free her from that unhealthy obsession?

Hermione gave an enthralled purr when she gradually impaled herself on Severus' twitching cock, purposefully guided by Malfoy who reached around her to roughly fondle her breasts, whispering the naughtiest of things into her ears to egg her on. Closing her eyes in anticipation of a delicious double penetration, she relaxed into the blonde and let herself be bent forward, exposing her rear end.

Until now, Snape had watched the wanton scenario playing out before him with an unfathomable look on his angular face, ironically producing just that stern expression that made Hermione gush with lust, rewarding him with a torturous clench of her inner walls in return. Initially, Severus had been cursing himself for the fact just how easily his friend and occasional paramour had managed to get him involved into this particular kink despite his expressed reservations. And yet, since there was no point of the proverbial crying over spilled milk, the professor reluctantly decided that he might as well indulge in the situation. So he played along and reached for Hermione's wayward hair, fisting his long-fingered hand in her auburn tresses and pulled her down abruptly to rest her head on his heaving chest.

Hermione's lips itched to kiss him but she quickly thought better of it. Not only would this confusing display of honest endearment be out of character regarding her part in this dirty Pensieve fantasy but also be awkward at best, maybe even putting an end to it and since this was the last thing she wanted, she quickly abandoned the idea.

Besides, Hermione's train of thoughts ended when she felt Lucius parting her buttocks; his prominent length pressing forward inevitably. The witch's breath caught in her throat at the initial excruciating stretch, yet thanks to earlier precautionary measures it ebbed away soon, leaving nothing but a feeling of delicious fullness and utmost bliss.

Bodies rose and fell in perfect unison, writhing and thrusting, leaving the room pervaded with the smell of sex in their wake. Whimpers, hisses and guttural moans resounded from the age-old walls and the kinky crystalline ceiling, solely interrupted by an occasional string of profanities uttered through clenched teeth as the three of them worked their way to completion.

Over and over again.

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