Hey! I figured it was about time I wrote a Golden Pair Mpreg fic, so here it is. I must say though, they're not exactly the Eiji and Oishi from middle school! They're thirty-two years old in this one, and thanks to this amazing new website I found, they may take on some of the qualities of Tuti and Nagayan (my favorite Tenimyu Oishi and Eiji). I've been reading TutixNagayan fanfics nonstop, and they are just amazing on this website! It may be weird to say, but I fucking love Tuti! He's so awesome, and spazzy, and funny! And his laugh is hilarious! I love it! He's my laptop background, so I can just stare at him all day!

Alright, enough of the creepy, stalkerish talk. Anyway, Golden Pair. Love them! They're adorable! I've always wanted to write a fanfic for them, but I just didn't have the inspiration! And now, I've finally got it! After I finished writing this chapter, I realized my story will be taking on qualities of the movie "Baby Mama", but you'll see there are many differences to it.

Summary: Eiji and Oishi had been trying to have a baby for a long time, but the doctor informs them that they are incapable of having children together. That's where Fuji comes in. How will he help them produce their first child?

Pairing(s): (Main) Golden Pair (Secondary) Perfect Pair (Others) ~Maybe~ *TROLL FACE*

Rating: (Overall) M. (This chapter) M... for handjobs in an elevator (Yum).

Disclaimer: I do not own Tenisu No Ouji-sama. All of it belongs to Konomi... Except the babies and OCs.

This Is My Baby

Chapter 1

Eiji paced back and forth nervously in the kitchen of the apartment, eagerly awaiting for the alarm on his phone's stopwatch to go off. The last few minutes had felt like hours to him, and he could hardly contain the nervousness that coursed through him. Was this it? Was this going to be the time? What was Oishi going to say, even if it didn't work?

He was so busy with his thoughts, he didn't notice the beeping coming from his cell, until it started to vibrate too. He almost dropped it, but instead he squeezed it tightly, walked over to the counter, and looked down. Sure enough - just like the last six times he'd done it - there was a little negative sign.

"What are we doing wrong?" He whined out loud, as he picked up the pregnancy test and threw it into the trash. "Syuuichiro's going to be upset again."

"About what?"

Eiji turned to find his lover standing just outside the doorway to the bathroom, a towel around his waist. He was still soaking wet, and the droplets of water landing on the floor around him made Eiji a little annoyed, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he just plopped down into a chair and stared at the floor.

"I'm not pregnant." He mumbled sadly. "Why hasn't it worked, Syu?"

The other man sighed and walked over to where Eiji sat, before kneeling in front of him. "It doesn't always work out the first time, you know that. We just have to try some more."

"We've already tried six times!" His redheaded lover shouted angrily. "And we never used protection in high school, or when you were in college! Even though you never actually came inside, I still should've gotten pregnant!" He looked down to his stomach, and held it. "Maybe we just can't have any babies."

"Don't say that. It'll happen eventually. We just need to try some different things."

"Like what?"

Oishi smiled softly, and wiped away the tears streaming down Kikumaru's face. "I don't know. But we can talk to a doctor about it." He wrapped the smaller body up in his arms. "Believe me Eiji, I know how frustrating this is, but we can't get upset. What if the test lied, and you actually are pregnant? We can't have you stressing out, or we might lose the baby."

"I'm sorry." Eiji sniffed.

"Don't apologize. Just take a deep breath, and calm down a little. I'm going to get dressed, and then we'll see if we can do a walk-in appointment today to meet with a doctor. Does that sound alright?"


Oishi smiled again, and kissed Eiji's forehead. "Good."

He made his way to the bedroom to change, leaving Eiji out in the kitchen alone. He stared at all the little puddles littering the wood floor he'd cleaned only an hour before, and felt his stomach turn with anger, but he didn't yell or throw a tantrum like he did back when they'd first moved in together. He just grabbed a few paper towels, got down on his knees, and wiped up every last drop of liquid his lover had left behind.

He'd grown used to doing most of the housework around their apartment, because Oishi worked every day of the week. Thursdays were the only days he actually had off, because the therapists' office wasn't as busy during work hours as it was on the weekends, when the patients were usually free. Eiji didn't like the idea of only spending one day out of the week with his boyfriend, but there was no way they'd be able to support themselves and a baby if he worked less than that, especially since Eiji himself didn't have a job.

Once in a while he'd go to gymnast competitions (only if Oishi could go too), and earn a small sum of earnings there; but other than that, he played the role of homemaker.

And it sorely pissed him off when Oishi did stuff to ruin their spotless home. It wasn't like the redhead sat around all day doing nothing; he worked hard too. It took him hours to clean the whole apartment; and most of the time he was only doing the easy stuff, like changing the sheets, sweeping, and separating their clean clothes from the dirty ones. If he really had to clean, then it took half the week. And not only did he do all the cleaning, he also cooked, did their laundry - usually by hand to save money - and paid the bills.

And Oishi thought that just because he had a 'real' job, he could walk all over Kikumaru's best efforts to keep their home presentable. It was very uncharacterisitic of him, because back in school, he'd been the one that needed everything neat and in its place, while Eiji just left mess after mess in his wake. But the acrobat just figured Oishi was stressed, and tired after having to deal with patients who were recovering from some kind of physical injury.

The stories Syuuichiro told, of how his discharged patients looked when they came in, compared to when they left, really tore at Eiji's heart sometimes. He could only imagine what his lover must be going through, having to see those people, and talk to them on a daily basis, and listen to them explain just how they'd ended up temporarily disabled in the first place.

That's why he didn't argue, or yell whenever Oishi left behind a mess, because he understood that the man had a job a lot harder than his; he just didn't like it when Oishi didn't seem to appreciate all the things he did for him.

"Hey, what are you doing on the floor?"

Eiji looked up. Oishi stood before him in a pair of jeans and an old, faded t-shirt (the man had no fashion sense whatsoever), giving him a curious look.

"You just left some water behind, so I was drying it." He mumbled back.

"Sorry." His lover knelt down and gently took the paper towels away. "I'll finish doing it for you. It's my mess after all."

That ticked the redhead off even more. He tried his hardest to keep everthing tidy and perfect, but whenever Oishi caught him doing it, he took over. It was like he thought Eiji was incapable of doing it right; like his cleaning wasn't up to his standards. He didn't complain though, when he came home to a fresh pair of clothes for the next day, or a clean bath to soak in, or laundered sheets to sleep in; but yet he still felt the need to take Eiji's only work away from him, whenever he had the chance.

"That seems to be about all of it, right?" He asked, standing up next to his lover. "Do you see anything else, Eiji?"

The redhead shook his head.

"Alright then, let's go."

Oishi found their jackets neatly hung in the closet by the bedroom, and pulled them down from the hangers before shrugging into his own. When he walked back over to Eiji, he gently kissed the red hair, and held onto the jacket while his lover slipped his arms in.

Eiji was silently starting to fume in front of him, but thankfully he couldn't see. Otherwise, he might have gotten slapped. Once again, his lover had tried to help him out, clean up his mess, make his life easier, and he couldn't even say 'thank you'. No, he was too worried about taking the task away and doing it for himself, to realize that he never would have even noticed it had Eiji not started to do it on his own. They would've come home to an apartment of smelly and moldy wood, but he didn't give Eiji the credit he deserved for not wanting that. Nope, he was too selfish like that.

"Are you alright?" He asked worriedly from over Kikumaru's shoulder. "You seem to be really quiet this morning, and upset. Did I do something wrong?"

Eiji feigned a smile and shook his head. "I'm fine. You didn't do anything. Let's go."

He waited patiently in the hall beside his lover while the apartment door was closed and locked, before they walked to the elevator and stepped in. Like always, he reached out for the button that would take them to the first floor, but for some reason Oishi beat him to it, and intertwined their outstretched hands once they'd begun to move downward.

This was another thing that angered him: when Oishi treated him like a patient. As if his lover couldn't reach out and press the button himself, but had to have him do it. Eiji was the one to push it any other time; why was he suddenly taking even the most trivial tasks away from him?

A pair of lips pressed to his cheek, and he couldn't help but squeeze the hand holding his tightly, in anger. Did he think he could just brush everything off with a kiss? Didn't he realize how much he was treating his lover like a child? They were thirty-two years old for goodness sake. Eiji didn't need a parent to guide him anymore.

Oishi misunderstood though, what the tightening of his lover's grip meant. He took it as a sign that the redhead had enjoyed his little show of affection, and so he turned Eiji to him before pushing their lips together. Normally, he wouldn't have been so bold, but they hadn't had sex in almost three weeks; he was getting kind of restless.

He pushed Eiji up against the handrail, and ran his tongue over the redhead's soft lips; they tasted like the fruit they'd had with breakfast. Next, his hands were pushing the unbuttoned jacket and designer t-shirt away from the lithe body, so he could feel the soft skin below.

Eiji had begun mewling softly in his grip, and was using the rail for support as his legs grew weak. He couldn't stop Oishi, no matter how much he wanted to. The man just made him feel so good.

Their lips met again, and Eiji's arms wrapped around his lover's neck. Gods he was so turned on right now. Why? Because normally, Oishi wouldn't allow them to have sex in an elevator. But they'd gone without for three weeks, so even though he was incredibly irritated at the moment, he just couldn't resist. Oishi seemed incapable of holding back as well, if this eager approach of his was anything to go by.

Their hips pressed together at some point, and Eiji knew that if the doors didn't open soon, he'd be completely naked, and complying to Oishi's every wish. Already, they were achingly hard, and he wasn't sure if he could really just hold out until they got back home, if they didn't release their urges at this very moment.

Oishi's hand slipped down his torso, and into his pants. He followed the same action, and released a needy moan when long fingers began groping his erection. Oishi's head fell against his shoulder as his own digits went to work, and light kisses were now being placed all over his sensitive skin.

He was almost there, and they hadn't even made direct contact yet. But why would he care when those skillful fingers were giving him what he'd wanted for three weeks? They may have been getting up there in age, but that didn't mean their sex drive had depleted in the least, or that the sensitivity of his body was any different from the first time he'd been touched sexually, back in high school. He was still able to get off easily, especially if he hadn't been able to let himself go for such a long stretch of time (it was long for them anyways).

"Nn... Syuuichiro..." He heard himself moan out. "I'm... almost-"

At that very moment, the elevator doors groaned and slid open, prompting Oishi to pull away and straighten himself up again. Eiji was left panting against the handrail, his jacket halfway down his arms, his shirt up around his neck, and his pants crooked and sagging. He didn't have the strength to move, he didn't have the focus to move. All he wanted right now, was to come, and he wasn't sure he could function properly until he got just that.

"Eiji, come on. We're here." Oishi was chuckling as he adjusted Eiji's clothing himself, before he was pulling the redhead out of the elevator, and into the lobby of the apartment building. Luckily, no one was loitering around in there, so there was no chance they'd been seen. And it gave Eiji enough time to just slightly regain his senses, and hide the flush to his skin before they stepped outside onto the street.

The winter snow had cleared up quite a few weeks ago, but the cold had surely remained, forcing the couple to pull out their gloves from their jacket pockets, and slip them on. Eiji also found a folded scarf in one of his, and wrapped that around his quickly reddening neck before he felt Oishi link their arms, and coax him to be on their way.

There was a hospital nearby, only about ten blocks away, so they didn't bother waiting for a bus; not when they could save money and get exercise, and just walk there.

That wouldn't have been their thought process when they'd first moved to the apartment, because ten blocks in the city was a longer distance than many people predicted. It could take a while to get that far, especially on a bus that had to make extra stops, and go out of the way to make sure it did its proper route. But they'd grown used to walking everywhere, and after many years of living in the middle of the bustle, ten blocks was like a trip to the bathroom from their bedroom: nothing.

They walked silently for most of the trip, until Oishi suggested they stop and get something hot to warm themselves up. Eiji nodded his agreement, and only a minute later they were in line at a café, waiting to order. Many people stared them down, both in awe and disgust, but they igonored it for the most part.

It was usually the teenagers, and younger people, that drooled over them, more so Oishi than Eiji. Even though many girls fawned over him for being so cute, many men and women preferred Oishi because of his serious aura, and handsome features.

But it was the older members of the public that viewed them as repulsive, because those men and women believed that a relationship like theirs was a sin. They didn't care that males had adapted to give birth as well, or that everything a woman could do for her child, a male mother could do too; they only focused on the fact that there were two men in a sexual relationship, and it bothered them.

It wasn't like Eiji and Oishi cared anyways. They'd been dealing with people like that for sixteen years; eighteen if they counted back to the time when Fuji announced his sexual preferences to half of their graduating class. Those citizens had never known what it was like to just love someone for who they were, not what kind of genitals they had. Eiji and Oishi had been the best of friends for years before they realized that everything they wanted in a person was right in front of them.

Before that point, they'd only tried to date girls. Oishi had gone out with a slew of female classmates in their first year and a half of high school, and all of them had had a reddish tint to their hair, and claimed to be extremely flexible. Eiji had only dated one girl, and she was the most worrisome person he'd ever met. They'd liked hanging out with their female companions, but it just wasn't the same as when they were together; there was a missing piece that could only be put into its place when they were around each other. Everything felt so natural and normal, and it was on the day of Eiji's sixteenth birthday that they finally admitted they liked each other more than they'd originally thought.

They'd talked for a long time (somehow Eiji had calmed down long enough to accomplish that), and then they were dating a week later. And now, after sixteen years, they were still a happy couple... most of the time anyway.

That's why those who wanted to discriminate, didn't affect them. Because they knew they were happy together, and that's all that mattered. Who cared if they had the same physical make-up? Who cared that they were one of the newer generations that wanted to take advantage of the fact that they could have children without involving a woman, or expensive and confusing medical testing? They were with each other, they were happy, they were in love, and that's all they needed.

After a long while of standing and glancing around at all the decorations, they finally made it to the counter. Oishi ordered for them, knowing exactly what Eiji craved at a time like this: raspberry hot chocolate.

He actually preferred to have some kind of weirdly-flavored coffee, but since they'd been trying for a baby (for the sixth time), he wasn't allowed to drink it. Neither wanted to risk the chance of harm to their child, so they avoided anything that was potentially dangerous as soon as they said they were ready to attempt pregnancy again. Eiji wasn't even allowed to stand next to his boyfriend when he smoked, because Oishi always said that second-hand was worse than direct.

Oishi paid for their hot beverages since he was the one carrying the money, and Eiji received their steaming cups of cocoa and tea, before they made it back out to the street. The redhead gently held his paper cup with two hands once he'd given Oishi his, and blew over the top of the liquid softly. His mouth had a low tolerance for pain, so it was going to be a few minutes of this trivial task before he'd actually take a sip. Oishi on the other hand, had already swallowed down three mouthfuls of his tea, and seemed mostly unaffected by the heat burning all the way down to his stomach.

There was more silence as they made their way down the next few blocks, and it was only after Oishi had found a trashcan to throw his empty cup into, that he began to make conversation. He didn't really know what to say, since Eiji was usually the one to start their talks, but today the redhead seemed a little stressed out, so he figured it was up to him to come up with something to make some noise between them. He didn't like it when Eiji was quiet like this.

"So..." He started, as his gaze turned down to his feet. He had to think up something quick, or he'd lose Eiji's attention. What could he talk about? Babies seemed out of the question, since their test for conception had given them the answer they didn't want... again, and it wasn't like he didn't know what his acrobatic lover did every day at home, so what was there to converse about? "...My hours at the office changed."

"Again?" The redhead responded, before lightly sipping his cocoa.

"Yes, again." Oishi smiled a little. "But they're better this time. In two weeks, I'll stop going in on Saturdays and Sundays, and I'll have Wednesdays off."

"Nn." Eiji hummed flatly; clearly he wasn't as excited as Oishi thought he'd be. "But won't that mean less money?"

"For now, yes. We've been receiving less and less patients from the surrounding hospitals, so a lot of us don't have anything to do most of the time. A few of my personal patients have actually been transferred over to my colleagues, because they don't have any patients of their own at the moment."

"It's because they only care about the money." Eiji stated. "Nobody actually cares about the patient. You're the only one at that office that chose to be a therapist to help people, because of what happened to Tezuka in middle school. If your co-workers put as much passion into their job as they did into cashing their checks, then they'd have just as many patients as you do."

Oishi smiled. It was nice to hear his lover compliment him in such a way. He did try his hardest to make his patients feel good and comfortable; and it sure showed when they recommended him to their friends and family, and came into the office with smiles on their faces, and gifts for him, to say 'thank you'. He was happy enough just to see that, but when he heard those words come from Eiji, it only made him feel better about himself.

The redhead had a knack for that. He could say even the simplest, most subtle compliment, and it would still send Oishi into a dimension of euphoria. It was Eiji's words that meant the most to him, so they were what he lived by, and it felt good to do so. Most of the time.

His words could have the complete opposite affect as well. Even if it wasn't obvious, every little insult or put-down he uttered could send Oishi's world crashing to the ground. Even if he knew Eiji was just kidding around; whatever he said, his lover took to heart.

"Thank you, Eiji." He breathed out. "That means a lot."

Kikumaru seemed to perk up a bit, and he flashed a smile at his partner. Oishi was glad that this one wasn't forced, because he truly believed Eiji had the most beautiful smile, when it was genuine. Everyone he met fell under his spell, when he upturned his lips and exposed his shiny teeth; it was the reason he'd always been so spoiled, and why Oishi just couldn't say 'no' to him.

The smile he enjoyed the most from the redhead, was the one that came just after they'd finished making love. Not because they'd let all their feral drives run wild only moments before, but because they got to be so close, it was almost as if they'd molded into one. Their skin was always touching, their bodies were always in sync, their mouths were always uttering 'I love you' in between gasps and moans. They knew exactly what to do, to make the other achieve the best orgasm he could; but they knew it was because of their love, that they had each other completely memorized.

And every time - after their highs had faded, and they lay panting and cuddling in bed - Eiji had the biggest, most wonderful, smile of satiation spread across his face. And Oishi couldn't help but kiss those soft lips, and want to ravish his stunning body all over again. He was just so perfect, especially when he showed that breathtaking expression.

"Hey, you can't smoke next to me right now, remember?"

Oishi looked down the length of his nose, and noticed that he had in fact lit a cigarette, which left his lover less than happy. But the thing was, he hadn't realized he'd done it, until Eiji said something. It had become such a habit to just pull one out, and smoke, that most of the time he did it unconsciously.

"Oh, sorry." He chuckled nervously, before he bent down and rubbed the lit end against the sidewalk. Burned pieces crumbled away, leaving his fresh cigarette half gone, but at least it wasn't lit anymore. And with Eiji right next to him, he didn't really mind that it'd been wasted. "You didn't inhale too much, right?" He asked worriedly once he'd stood straight again.

"I held my breath." Eiji replied, waving a hand in front of his face. "But just in case, let's hope that test earlier was telling the truth."

Oishi shoved his cigarette pack back into his jacket pocket, as he gave his lover a fake pout. "You're going to make me feel guilty, Eiji." He said. "You know I don't do it deliberately."

Eiji's smile returned, looking a bit more mischievous than before. "So, you pulling out a cigarette, shoving it into your mouth, lighting it, and inhaling, was all just a big accident?" He asked teasingly.

"You know what I mean." Oishi sighed amusedly.

"Yeah, I do."

Eiji rejoined their arms, and planted a kiss on his partner's cheek. It was so easy to get Oishi flustered, as he'd discovered back in their high school days. There was one time when he'd spent a little too long laughing at the embarrassing erection his best friend was sporting during a private study date at the Kikumaru house, and the teasing that had ensued surely got him worked up.

This time it wasn't that bad; but there were instances when the man would turn all red and start breathing heavily, almost like he was going to throw a tantrum; and Eiji loved it. Why else would he tease Oishi to no end? To get that hilarious reaction out of him, of course.

Minutes dragged by without any more conversation. Oishi didn't mind it though; he was just glad Eiji was acting his normal, cheery self again. Even after they'd had another bout of bad news, he was still able to be so lively and airy; like he didn't have a problem in the world. He knew though, that it broke the redhead's heart every time one of those pregnancy tests turned out negative; that's why it was so nice to see this bubbly side of Eiji pop out, because it made him feel better too.

After almost two years of trying for their first child, he was in the same mind-set as his lover, but he didn't want to show it. He honestly believed that there was little chance they'd ever have a baby, since they hadn't conceived by now; and it tore him apart to look at Eiji, and think that there would never be any biological offspring for them to care for, or love.

When Eiji smiled like that though, Oishi relaxed. He didn't feel guilty about their inability to get pregnant, because Eiji wasn't upset about it anymore; he'd forgotten all about the failed attempt, and would patiently wait until they agreed to try once more, to think anything about it.

But then, why were they going to a hospital? If Eiji had truly let it go, then they wouldn't be travelling down the middle of a busy sidewalk, on their way to get an appointment, and settle this issue once and for all. Did that mean he was faking happiness then? Was he still just as miserable as he'd been that morning, when the pregnancy test had shown him something he didn't want to see?

He knew Eiji well enough to tell when he was faking or not, but for some reason, he found himself worrying. Was he only imagining it? Was Eiji really unhappy? When had they gotten to this point: when he started to doubt his ability to read his boyfriend's mind? When had Eiji gotten so good at tricking him, if that's what he was really doing?

The hospital loomed closer, and panic settled into Oishi's body. What if they couldn't have children? How was Eiji going to react? They'd been trying for so long; he'd probably be heartbroken. If only he hadn't opened his big mouth, then he wouldn't be mentally tearing himself apart.

"Syu-san, quit pulling like that. It hurts."

He stopped completely, forcing Eiji to bounce back to him, which nearly sent them to the ground. He'd been unconsciously slowing them down as they drew closer to the hospital, and now that it was only a few more steps away, he found he couldn't make himself move any closer. He'd frozen: out of nervousness, anticipation, guilt, and worry. He didn't like hurting Eiji, but if the news they were about to get was anything like he thought it was going to be, surely he was going to feel shitty about what he'd done.

"Ow! What was that for?" Eiji shouted. "Why did you stop like that?"

Oishi couldn't help himself, as he pulled his lover into a tight hug. His lips pressed to a soft stretch of skin, letting them linger longer than usual, before he buried his face into Eiji's shoulder, and squeezed tighter. Eiji let out a grunt at the sudden loss of air in his body, but he didn't object to the embrace surrounding him. It wasn't often that Oishi hugged him like this, and he knew it was because the man was nervous, and maybe guilty.

The anticipation was killing him just as much as it was his lover, but Oishi didn't seem to notice that. He would only be thinking of what he'd done wrong, to get them to this position. But Eiji wasn't blaming him for anything, no matter what they were going to learn inside that hospital.

"Hey, I'm nervous too." He whispered against Oishi's ear. "But you haven't done anything wrong. Nothing's wrong. So, let's go in there, and listen to what the doctors have to say. And even if we hear something bad, let's agree to be happy that we've still got each other when we leave. Okay?"

Oishi exhaled loudly, before nodding. Eiji was right. They'd still have each other. That was the most important thing, when it came down to it. And just knowing that gave him the courage to pull back, kiss Eiji, then guide him the last few feet to the hospital, where he happily held open a door for the two of them to go through.

As you can see, Oishi acts a little less like his middle school self, and a little like Tuti. At least I think so. He smokes, he's a little more laid back, and he's not as serious. Although he's still a lot more serious than Tuti. And Eiji has matured quite a bit. Some of his immaturity will resurface later on, but for this chapter, I wanted to show off how much he'd grown up.

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