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Summary: Eiji and Oishi had been trying to have a baby for a long time, but the doctor informs them that they are incapable of having children together. That's where Fuji comes in. How will he help them produce their first child?

Pairing(s): (Main) Golden Pair (Secondary) Perfect Pair (Others) ~Maybe~ *TROLL FACE*

Rating: (Overall) M. (This chapter) T... for slight insanity.

Disclaimer: I do not own Tenisu No Ouji-sama. All of it belongs to Konomi... Except the babies and OCs.

This Is My Baby

Chapter 13

(Three Weeks Later)

Oishi was woken up by the feel of Eiji hugging him as tightly as possible. He was sure excited about them telling their families about the baby, but then again, who wouldn't be? The only drawback he could see was the fact that he had to tell his own parents about everything, and then deal with their wrath until they understood just how important having a family with Eiji was... or maybe they would never fully accept that. He wouldn't know unless he tried, though.

"Good morning." Eiji smiled up at him and kissed his chin. "Today is the day."

He chuckled. "You act like we're getting the baby today. You know that's still five months away, right?"

The redhead rolled over away from him; he snuggled back up to him anyways. He wasn't quite ready to get out of bed just yet—not when the image of his parents' angry faces were all he could see when he closed his eyes.

"You're so mean, Syu." He heard Eiji whine to him, but he only soothed it with a light kiss. "You're making me feel so impatient about all of this. The last four months have flown by so quickly, but I still feel like these next five are going to take forever. I just wanna meet our baby already."

"Mm, me too." he replied. "But being impatient isn't going to make it happen any faster. We need to focus on everything else first."

"Like getting clothes, and a crib, and baby food, and maybe..." Eiji shifted a little in his arms. "A new home..."

"Moving costs a lot of money, you know." He said, kissing along the stretch of soft skin laid out before him; he would never get enough of it, no matter how long they stayed together. "With the baby on the way, we have to save as much as we can on hospital bills, and supplies. And it would be good to have some back-up money saved... just in case."

Eiji shuddered. "Don't say something like that. The thought of anything bad happening to the baby... well, it scares me." He moved out from beside Oishi once more, and sat up on the bed. Then he began to shiver at the feel of sweat running down his neck. Summer was such a pain. "Anyways, we have to get going. My parents are expecting us there by twelve, and it's already ten. And we both know how long you take to get ready in the morning..."

Oishi gave his naked back a skeptical look. "Says the person who takes an hour just to straighten and style his hair. Not to mention the six times he brushes his teeth, too."

"Like I said, you're mean." The redhead retorted. "Now, come on, get up."

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Tezuka was beyond worried about Fuji. He was just far too happy about their situation for it to be normal. They were betraying their best friends, for goodness sake, promising them them a baby that would only be taken away when the time came. And yet, Fuji sat about on the couch smiling, humming, and maintaining a most malicious facade for Eiji whenever he visited.

That was why he had requested a week off from work. As much as he hated to, what with his incredible work ethic and strong sense of responsibility, his focus, his worries, lay elsewhere than on his paperwork. Fuji was just so different from how he usually was, and Tezuka had a feeling that the stress of their lies, the miscarriage scare, and the recent mentions of Kiyoshi were making him a little insane. And not just in the simple, temporary case.

He wanted to take Fuji to see a doctor about it. Sure, he could be sadistic when he wanted to be, but the way he was just so smug about everything was way too much. He was sadistic yes, evil no.

Tezuka held Himeko in his lap as he watched Fuji search through different baby magazines, mostly for furniture and clothes. As much as he wanted to keep the baby himself, he had to admit that he was more than uncomfortable with planning to buy things behind their friends' backs. And what would Eiji say if he just showed up one day, and the apartment was filled with new baby supplies? He already seemed skeptical enough of their promise; that sight would just confirm his worst fears about them.

"Hm, I think this color would be best for the new baby." Fuji pointed to a pastel yellow blanket in one of his favorites magazines, then looked back up to Tezuka. "Yellow is a pretty color, ne?"

"What if it's a boy?" Tezuka asked in return. "I don't think I've ever seen a baby boy wearing yellow before."

The tensai shrugged and went back to researching. "Fine, then. Blue for boy and yellow for girl. How does that sound?"


The room fell silent as they went about their separate tasks once more. Fuji continued skimming through magazines, and Tezuka, feeling worried, watched him intently. Really, he was too happy about what they were doing.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

The four of them sat around the table quietly, eating lunch. Eiji was practically jumping up and down in his seat though, because he was just so excited to tell his parents about the baby. They had been asking for years when they were going to get a grandchild out of him and Oishi, so he knew they were going to be more than delighted to learn the good news.

He offered to help with the dishes when they were all finished. His father and Oishi stayed behind at the table to chat, while he and his mother took their plates out to the sink to wash together.

"So..." She said, after a minute or two of silence. "You're turning thirty-three in five months. When am I going to get a little boy or girl out of you?"

He rolled his eyes, but smiled. He knew it was only a matter of time until she started nagging him about having a child. Whenever they were alone, or even with Oishi and his father standing right there, she constantly pressed him for an answer. And every time, he only replied with a shrug and a laugh.

"Well, to be honest, Syu-san and I have been talking about it..."

She dropped the plate she was holding, smashing it at their feet, but she was too focused on the fact that her little baby had practically told her he was going to be pregnant soon enough... if he wasn't already.

"So?" She grabbed his shoulders anxiously. "Are you going to? When? Are you pregnant now? Does Syuuichiro-san know yet? Was it planned? Come on, just tell me, Eiji!"

He calmly took her hand in response, and led her back into the dining room with the other two. Then he forced her to sit down in her usual seat beside his father, before he rummaged around in his pocket for the ultrasound photo. "This..." He explained, laying it out on the table. "This is our baby."

The two of them froze for only a moment, lost in utter shock, before they lit up happily and rushed to grab the photo to get a better look. His father beat his mother to it, so she instead turned to her son to examine him carefully.

"You don't look pregnant." She commented, tilting her head curiously. "Are you eating enough?" She turned to Oishi, knowing he would tell her the absolute truth. "Is he eating enough?" She repeated. "Is he taking care of himself properly?"

Oishi merely chuckled. "I think you should let Eiji explain everything first. Our situation... well, it's a little unorthodox."

"Mm." Eiji nodded. "We came here today to tell the two of you about our baby, but..." He took a seat next to his boyfriend, and grabbed his hand. "We have to tell you everything, so you know."

"What is it?" His father asked nervously. "Is something wrong?"

Eiji shook his head in the negative. "We thought so at first. You know, we had been trying to have a baby for almost two years. We did everything we could think of to get pregnant, but nothing seemed to work." He took a deep breath to calm himself. "It was only after we went to get tests at the hospital that we found out... I'm infertile."

His mother looked confused. "Infertile... But, how? You were always a healthy boy, and you know how crazy our family is about having children."

"Right, but the doctor we met with said it had nothing to do with my health. Apparently, as I was growing up, I lost more eggs than I should have, which resulted in me having too little—or none at all—to conceive with."

Oishi took over from there, and with a kind smile as usual. "So when we found out, Fuji suggested we use a surrogate instead, so at least one of us could be a biological parent. And that was when Eiji asked that Fuji do it for us. He agreed."

"So Fuji is carrying..." Eiji's mother looked down to the ultrasound in her hands.

"Yes, and he's the mother." Replied Oishi. "He's had three—well, four children of his own, so we trusted him the most to do it for us."

"We would have asked him to join us in telling you, too." Eiji continued. "But he has a nine year-old, a soon-to-be seven year-old, and a five month-old to take care of. And with Tezuka at work all day, there was just no way we could ask him to come out with three young children at four months pregnant."

His father nodded. "We understand. It would best to just let him rest and take care of the child. Still, we're happy for the two of you. You know we've been wondering for years whether we were going to get a grandchild out of you. I guess we know now why we didn't. But the solution you two found was quite brilliant. Thank goodness Fuji-san decided to help out."

"Mm, we're very grateful to him." Oishi said. "Otherwise, we probably would have given up."

"Oh, I'm so excited now!" Eiji's mother clapped her hands together. "My baby is going to have a baby of his own! And with someone as great as Syuuichiro-san as the father! Really, we have to celebrate! Your father bought some wine the other day, and such a good kind, too! Let's have some in a toast!"

The younger couple exchanged a relieved look. They knew the Kikumaru family was very open and inviting, but to witness the reaction right before their eyes, instead of in their minds, was a great confidence booster. At least they knew that one family approved. That only left... the other ones.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Oishi watched his parents stare Eiji down disdainfully as he took a seat across from them at the table. He knew they wouldn't say anything as long as they behaved, but it hurt his heart to watch them act so coldly towards the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He only wished they could be a bit more accepting of them. Times had long changed—they needed to do so themselves.

"So, what warrants this little visit today?" His mother asked him callously. "Are you finally telling us that you're breaking up or something?"

"Mother!" He exclaimed, though he tried to remain respectful enough. "Please, Eiji and I have no intention of ever leaving each other! We're perfectly happy as we are! Can't you and Tou-san just let it be?"

"No relationship is ever perfect." His father shot back. "Least of all, one like yours."

He glanced over to see Eiji clenching his fists, and his teeth. He was clearly trying to hold back, but he knew well enough not to completely lose control. Oishi would be more than upset with him if he did.

"Listen, Eiji and I have some important news to tell you. Now, whether you agree with it or not, it won't affect our decision, so please, just sit there and listen until we're done." He inhaled deeply, then gave each of his parents an all-too-serious look. "Eiji and I are expecting a baby, but since he was deemed infertile when we went to see a doctor, Fuji volunteered to be our surrogate. He's the biological mother, and I'm the biological father, but the baby is ours. It will never know that it belongs to Fuji instead of Eiji."

He pulled out the unltrasound and practically slammed it on the table. "This is the baby—four months along. We're inviting to you to come to the baby shower, and if you so wish, the hospital when Fuji gives birth. But if you're only going to cause trouble, please stay away. This is meant to be a happy period in our lives, and we don't need you ruining it by being negative."

He sat back almost angrily, and realized he was panting. Eiji was looking at him in surprise, as were his parents, but he was far too upset to apologize. Sometimes, he just had to act outside of his usual character to get his point across.

"Whoa." The redhead murmured lowly. "I never knew you could be so... rude, Syu-san." He leaned in close, so only Oishi could hear. "I'm kinda turned-on right now. Can we leave, please?"

He stood up from the table with a huff. "Yes, we can. Goodbye, mother, father." And he left, with Eiji trailing behind loyally. They only barely heard the words of "disgusting" and "never return" as they rushed out through the door, and slammed it shut.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Fuji and Tezuka were sitting outside the school, waiting for the bell to ring so they could go get their sons from the front doors. All had been quiet for the most part, but Tezuka knew that Fuji was bound to start talking at some point. Ever since his decision to keep the baby, he had resorted to babbling about nonstop—and almost always, it was never a good topic to be discussed.

"Ne." He finally said, and Tezuka braced himself for their upcoming conversation. "I think the boys should be homeschooled."

Tezuka cast him a curious, worried look. "Why? They do perfectly well here. Tsukasa might get picked on every once in a while, but we both know Kunihiro will be there to protect him. And they're certainly excelling in their subjects. Think about it, Syuusuke. Taking them out of this school would do more harm than good."

"Hm, true." The tensai nodded. "But I don't want my boys being taken away from me. The only way to solve that is by having them at my side all the time, right? So we should homeschool them."

"No one is going to take the boys away from you." Tezuka replied coolly, though on the inside, he was starting to freak-out. "Nor are they going to take Hime. No one would dare, because I would be there to stop them... Why would you think of such a thing, anyways?"

"Well, because they're trying to take this one." Fuji rubbed his stomach. "You don't want them to take all four of our children, do you?"

Tezuka felt his stomach turn, and his heartbeat increased by tenfold. Something was just not right. What Fuji was saying... "Who is this 'they' you're talking about?" He asked, just to be sure that Fuji was the one acting crazy, and not him. Maybe they had secretly been threatened, and the kids were the blackmail. He certainly hoped not.

"Anyone, really." Shrugged Fuji. "Eiji and Oishi are currently trying to take the new baby, and seven years ago we lost Kiyoshi. But I won't let anyone else take them from me, from us. They're ours, ne? That's why we should protect them from everyone." He turned to face forward just as the end of the school day arrived, and groups of children filed outside. "I want the boys to be homeschooled." He finished boldly.

Tezuka shook his head as he got out of the car. Things had gone too far. First the tensai had dipped into a depression from thinking of Kiyoshi again, then he sunk back in again when he went through the miscarriage scare, then he made himself utterly sick at the thought of wanting to keep the baby for himself. Then, Eiji had told him about Fuji flirting with the doctor when they went to go get the ultrasound, and now, he was acting overprotective. Happy, and far too overprotective of their children, as if there was someone lurking in the shadows, preparing to pounce on them and steal them away for good.

No, something was definitely not right.

He gathered the boys as quickly as he could, then walked them back to the car to sit on either side of Himeko. Once they were all settled in, he turned the car over and made his way out of the parking lot... in the opposite direction to their apartment. Fuji looked to him curiously, but he stayed quiet. Finally, the silence broke.

"Where are we going exactly?" Asked Fuji.

"To the hospital." Tezuka responded. "You need to see a doctor as soon as possible."

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