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Summary: Eiji and Oishi had been trying to have a baby for a long time, but the doctor informs them that they are incapable of having children together. That's where Fuji comes in. How will he help them produce their first child?

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This Is My Baby

Chapter 17

(One Week Later)

Eiji looked down at his phone for what felt like the twentieth time in five minutes. Oishi's plane was perfectly on time, arriving at the airport at exactly one o'clock, just as he'd said, but Eiji found that was having more than enough trouble trying to stay patient, and wait for him to come out through the gate to greet him.

A message popped up on the screen just as he made to turn his eyes back up to the crowd passing through into the main lobby, looking for their own partners and families to take them home after their long trip there. He flipped the phone open upon noticing that it was, indeed, Oishi who had texted him, and when he skimmed over the message, he had to look up again, and scan the groups of people rushing, walking, milling by... but there was no one there. I'm herejust grabbing my bags first. See you at the lobby in a minute. He read the message a few more times, just to be sure that his brain was properly processing what he was seeing. And sure enough, the result was the same every time.

Oishi was there, in the airport with him, no more than a few hundred feet away, ready to search for him and announce his return home and hug him (and maybe kiss him); and Eiji was excited for that, more so than anything else at the moment. But he was also impatient, as Oishi wholly knew, and as he unconsciously began to bounce on the tips of his toes, he felt his irritation level rise ten times over, and he soon found himself about ready to just storm into the baggage claim area, grab an intercom, and yell out for his boyfriend until he came to get him purely out of embarrassment.

But then his eyes caught onto something familiar, bobbing up and down in amongst the strangers filing by him, and time almost seemed to stop. He shoved his way forward, making his way towards the head of oddly styled black hair making its own path to the airport entrance, where its owner expected him to be waiting. "Syu-san!" He called, when he was close enough for the two of them to hear each other over the din of the lobby. Oishi looked up, and only needed a short few seconds to realize who calling him, before he smiled and quickened his pace, moving up to the redhead in a fashion just as passionate as his own until they met and brought themselves into a tight, loving embrace. Eiji grabbed onto Oishi's shirt for dear life, tugging at the back of it to bring them closer, closer.

"I missed you." He breathed, burying his face in Oishi's shoulder. He didn't want anyone else to see his tears... though at this time of day in an airport, no one was really paying attention to the young couple hugging in the lobby.

"I missed you too, Eiji." He heard Oishi whisper back, before a kiss landed itself on his cheek. "Let's never do that again, ne? Not at a time such as this, when me being here with you is more important than work."

"Well, at least we agree on that." Eiji replied, sighing in relief and happiness. He pulled away after that though, and gave his boyfriend a good look over; not that he expected anything to be different, but he'd missed looking at him, and everything that he loved about him. "How was your flight?" He asked a moment later, as his hand began to fiddle with the tie hanging from Oishi's neck. "Did everything go okay?"

Oishi nodded, and brushed some of his hair back behind his ear; his bright, curly locks were looking especially bouncy and perfect today, meaning Eiji must have worked a little harder to do himself up upon his arrival back to the airport. And he was grateful for that, kind of, because that meant Eiji really had been looking forward to seeing him again... they'd been apart for nearly a month, after all.

"Wanna go home now?" The redhead asked, looking up at him with a faint, but no less satiated smile. "I can show you everything I got for the baby while you were gone, and maybe we can go out to get some more stuff later on, and get dinner too... We haven't done that for a long time."

Oishi nodded, leaning forward to plant another kiss on his face. "Sounds good to me. I can't wait to see how all the baby stuff looks in person." He picked his suitcase up from the floor and followed Eiji, their fingers tightly twined together, out of the airport, and down the street to the train station to get a ride back to their apartment.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Eiji encouraged him forward with a soft shove to his back, and he, smiling and chuckling, opened the bedroom door with a light push. "Wow, Eiji." He gazed around the room at all of the things that hadn't been there when he'd left for his flight, and turned back to the redhead only after he'd given everything a good, hard once over. "You sure did a lot, ne?"

"Of course I did." Eiji giggled, motioning for him to go in and get a better feel of everything. "I wanted to make sure that you didn't have to work too hard after working nonstop for a monthand without me there to take care of you tooso I tried to get all the hard and time-consuming things over with before you got back. Don't worry though, I left the crib and a few other things alone so we could do them together instead of individually."

Oishi nodded, walking over to the dresser and changing table near the far wall, just beside the window. He ran his fingers over the white-washed wood, feeling the sunlight filtering in from the window warm their surfaces in a calming, comforting way. Then he moved down, opening the drawers of the dresser and examining all of the outfits and blankets and stuff animals inside, neatly tucked away in their own separate spaces, and in that absolutely perfect way he knew Eiji would do it. "This is so great." He said, and Eiji appeared next to him, grinning proudly at his own handiwork, and the fact that his own boyfriend was more than amazed by it too.

"Do you like it?" He asked, moving back across the room to the bassinet set up beside the bed, where a blanket, a pacifier, and a stuffed cat lay inside. "I tried my best to make everything look perfect for her. And I picked these to be here for her to when she's sleeping. You know, so she has something to snuggle with, like I used to when I was little." He walked over to the closet after that, and opened it so he could pull out what looked to be a sling. "I got a papoose too, like Fuji has for Hime. That way if we have to take her anywhere, we don't have to worry about needing our hands free for holding things."

Oishi nodded in agreement, but then he held up a pair of pajamas that he'd found in the dresser that made Eiji turn sheepish and red; he hadn't tried hard enough to hide them away from him, he guessed. "I thought we had agreed on yellow." He said, and a pout quickly began to form on Eiji's face.

"Mou, I really wanted pink though." He protested. "And we can't have everything of hers yellow, right? So I just... got a few things that were pink. I didn't think you would mind too much... maybe."

Oishi placed the pajamas back down on top of the changing table, and walked over to the redhead looking a little too serious for his liking. But then he was smiling again, and laughing, and Eiji slapped his arm playfully before jumping forward and hugging him tight around the neck. "You're so mean." He whined, but he was smiling, and there were giggles threatening to come forth from his lungs. "But I love you, ne. You big jerk."

"I love you too." Oishi replied, wrapping his arms around him and lifting his feet from the floor. He moved forward then, towards the bed, and dropped Eiji down onto the middle of it before he himself climbed on, trapping the redhead beneath him in a position they knew all-too-well. "But next time you just decide to change our plans like that, please tell me. How are we ever going to raise a baby if we can't even talk about things like this?"

Eiji stuck out his bottom lip, looking about ready to pout again, but Oishi could tell that he was thinking hard instead, and that the face he was making was used just for that (and he had to admit that it was actually a little cuter than his pouting face). "Yeah, I guess having the baby around is gonna be a lot more different than it just being the two of us. And if we don't talk to each other about these things, and agree... that could cause a lot of fighting, and I don't like fighting with Syu."

"Mm, me neither." Oishi said, shaking his head. "Too many couples break up because of stuff like that, and I don't ever want to break up with you, Eiji." He leaned down and kissed the redhead square on the lips, lighting a fire in them that they hadn't been able to feel in nearly a month. And Eiji returned the action, draping his arms up over his shoulders and pulling him closer, until their bodies were pressed together into one, just as they were whenever they wanted to make love... the only problem left was their clothes.

"Mm, hold on." Eiji suddenly pulled away, then winced, before he pushed Oishi off of him so he could sit up. "I just feel... a little..."

"A little, what?" Oishi asked, looking worried. He pressed a hand to Eiji's back then, to comfort him, and better catch his attention, but the redhead just shook his head and crossed his arms over his stomach, looking pained. "Did something happen while I was away?" He furrowed his eyebrows. "Are you still sick?"

Eiji avoided his gaze, and instead began to rock back and forth on the bed, his face paling more than Oishi had ever seen before. "I'm just... a little nauseous, I guess. Don't worry though, I'm used to it by now."

"Eiji, I told you to go to see a doctor if this kept happening." Oishi stood up and walked over to his side of the bed, where he kept a spare water bottle to drink from if he got thirsty in the middle of the night. He moved back around to Eiji once he had it in his hand, and unscrewed the cap before holding it out for the redhead to sip from. "Go slow." He instructed. "And tomorrow, no matter what, I'm taking you to a doctor to get checked out. This kind of thing just isn't normal."

"I'm fine, I promise." Eiji insisted, but he took the water anyways, and swallowed a few small sips to help ease the nausea back into nothing. "Let's just worry about the hospital bills for the baby, and not for me, okay? I don't want us to waste the money you made on the trip over something as simple as me vomiting."

Oishi sighed. "I don't think this is really all that simple anymore, Eiji. You've been throwing-up for almost three weeks now, and neither of us can come up with a solution as to why. I'm actually starting to wonder if this is something more than just the flu, or even anything remotely benign. And in the case that it might not be, we want to get everything figured out and handled before it gets too bad."

"You make it sound like I'm dying or something." Eiji mumbled, twirling his fingers in his lap; Oishi could tell just from that gesture that he was nervous, even though he tried his hardest to sound amused. "But I already told you, I'm fine. Don't worry about itjust focus on the baby and your work. I can take care of myself for now."

Oishi knelt down in front of him then, and grabbed onto his hands, pulling them forward to him so Eiji would, hopefully, look up from his lap. "Look, Eiji, I understand that you don't want to worry about anything but the baby right now, but our health is just as important as hers. You can't be taking care of a newborn while you're sick like this, and since I work, I won't be here all the time to help." He leaned forward a little, coaxing Eiji to look him in the eye. "So please, for her, go with me to see a doctor tomorrow, and don't worry about the money and time that it's going to take to do so. I just want to make sure that you really are as fine as you say."

Eiji seemed about ready to pout again as he watched Oishi stand up from the floor, and head for the living room. But he lightened up a bit a moment later, and tapped his hand against the mattress a few times to regain his boyfriend's attention. "I guess I can go with you." He said, his gaze still aimed towards his knees. "But... if we have to do anything more..."

"Well, we're going to see whether or not that's the case when we get there, ne?" Oishi smiled and motioned for him to join him out in the main room. Eiji obeyed, and gave him a light kiss on the lips as he passed.

"Your mouth tastes like cigarettes, by the way." He added, plopping down onto the couch, and Oishi paled in response, before giving him a sheepish grin. "When did you have time to have one... or more, before I got to see you today?"

He watched Oishi turn away from him a little, and run a hand through his hair. "Well, the reason I was a little late getting to the airport lobby to see you, was"

"Because you decided to take a smoke break, even though you're supposed to be giving it up." Eiji finished, sounding less than pleased or amused by what he'd just been told. "Wow, you must have really missed me, ne." He continued from there, sarcasm laced into every word. "You even chose your addiction over me, because you just couldn't wait any longer to see me again."

Oishi shook his head. "I didn't choose my addiction over you, Eiji. Do you think we'd be where we are now if I had? Look, while I was waiting for my bag to come around, I went to the smoker's area and had one. Then I went to the lobby to see you as fast as I could." He sent the redhead a glare. "And don't be holding this against me when I'm really trying my hardest to stop. You know how much I've already cut down from before, when we agreed that I would. It's not like you're helping me out with this anyways, because all you want to do is complain about how I haven't given it up yet. And you wonder why I keep going back to it."

Eiji abruptly stood up. "Are you saying that I'm the cause of your smoking? That I'm the thing that stresses you out so much, you can't even be around me without feeling the need to light one up and burn it through to the end?" He moved forward, shoving passed Oishi in order to re-enter the bedroom. "Let me make the healing process easier then." He threw open the closet doors, and pulled out a spare backpack hidden away inside.

Oishi walked up behind him as he began rummaging through his dresser, pulling out clothes that he would be needing during his sudden absence from the apartment. But Oishi didn't want him to go, and he placed a hand on his shoulder to try to turn him around so they could talk face-to-face again; Eiji just shrugged him away and continued packing. "What's going on here?" He asked as his second attempt, sounding confused and worried and more upset than Eiji was used to. "Why are you acting like this? You're never this... emotional about my smoking, and you've certainly never done anything like this. You're packing a bag up as if you're planning to leave me. I just... I don't understand, Eiji. What happened to make you react like this?"

The redhead ignored him, and wiped away the tears streaming down his face as he threw the bag over his shoulder, and turned to face his shocked expression. "I don't... I don't know..." He whimpered. "But I just... I think I should go..." He sighed. "Now you're gonna know what it feels like, ne, to be left behind..." And he walked away from there, leaving Oishi behind, alone, in the bedroom.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Fuji cocked his head to the side curiously, but stepped back to allow his friend inside anyways. He'd never seen Eiji so distraught before, and he wasn't too sure whether to be angry or sympathetic about the whole situation he'd just heard about in one long, quick breath. He knew that Oishi and Eiji had been going on and on for years about Oishi's smoking, but never had it caused an argument... and in all the years they'd been dating, neither of them had even thought about walking out on the other.

And yet, there was Eiji, on his couch, crying his eyes out and being comforted by the ever-loving Tsukasa. And Fuji joined in too, rubbing at the redhead's back and telling him that everyone could overreact once in a while, and that he and Oishi would be back on good terms in a matter of hours... Eiji didn't seemed very convinced by that though, and only kept sobbing.

"Look, if you don't want to see him tonight, you don't have to." The tensai took hold of his hand and laced their fingers together. "You can just stay here with us until you feel comfortable enough to go back home, okay?"

Tezuka, who'd been standing a few feet away holding Himeko, turned to face them then, looking a little put-off by the fact that his boyfriend was inviting people to stay over without consulting him first... but then again, Eiji did look pretty upset, and he didn't want to have to go back to his and Oishi's apartment and risk having to break up a fight. No, he'd rather just stay home and play with his kids until they all went to bed for the night. He put Himeko on the floor and sat down beside her, holding out her favorite toy to play with.

"So... do you know why you acted like that?" He heard Fuji ask a moment later, and the silence that followed told him that Eiji had answered in a manner that solely required motion, and not sound. "And this was only about him smoking?" Fuji continued after that, and Tezuka just tuned them out from then on; playing with Hime was a lot more fun than solving relationship issues between his friends... no offence to them, of course, he just wasn't very good at dealing with things like that.

Eiji nodded his head in response to the tensai's question. "He was late to see me this morning at the airport because he decided to stop and smoke instead of getting his bags so we could meet up."

Fuji just shook his head, and relaxed back on the couch to get into a more comfortable position. "Wow, I never knew Oishi was like that... He basically chose his cigarettes over you..."

"That's exactly what I said!" Eiji exclaimed, squeezing his hands together in his lap. "But he said that he didn't, because if he really had, we wouldn't be together! Or something like that, anyways... Can you believe it? He actually tried to defend his habit! And then he went and told me that I'm not even helping him! That all I do is complain and tell him how bad a habit it is instead of being supportive!"

"How are you not being supportive?" Fuji questioned. "You're still with him, ne? After all theses years of telling him how much you disagree with his habit, you still chose to be there at his side, and now you're having a baby together. Seriously... how is that not supportive?"

Eiji sat back to rest beside him, throwing an arm over his eyes to shield them from the bright ceiling lights overhead. "I just... I don't know... But, Fuji, I'm tired, ne. Can I go to sleep, please? Can I stay here?"

"Of course." Fuji nodded. "Now come onyou can stay in our bed with us. We've got plenty of room now that the kids all stay in their own beds. And my tummy won't take up too much space, I promise."

"Mm, thank you." Eiji said, allowing himself to be pulled up by his friend, and led off into the larger of the two bedrooms to get ready for some nice, peaceful sleep. Though... how well could he really sleep when Oishi wasn't there beside him?

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