Sahari stomped towards the fortune teller's tent like a woman on a mission, grinding her teeth together. She wasn't exactly sure what the hell happened, but she had a hunch that this fortune teller woman was behind her boyfriend suddenly inexplicably falling for Eddie!

"Hey, you have to wait in line like the rest of us!" a dark-skinned guy with dreadlocks at the front of the line shouted. "I've been waiting for hours, and I'm not letting you cut me off!"

"Too bad, douchebag!" Sahari flipped Dreadlocks Guy the bird and shoved the curtains aside. The fortune teller's last customer had just left, and she was shaking her jar of chocolate coins with a smile on her face. When she felt Sahari's presence, she looked up, a frown on her purple painted lips.

"You're angry with me…" the fortune teller barely suppressed the urge to stand up and back away. Sahari might have been small, but the anger radiating off of her body was great. She was glaring daggers, spears, and various other pointy objects at the fortune teller, her tiny bosom heaving with her anger. "Did something happen in your love life…? But I've never seen you before… I couldn't have given you a fortune. I'd remember someone with your aura."

"Don't give me any of your fortune telling shit!" Sahari darted forward and stood on the cushioned chair in front of the fortune teller's table, subconsciously hoping the additional height would make her look more intimidating. "My boyfriend just fell in love with one of my best friends because they both drank something that Eddie got from you!" Sahari stabbed an accusing finger at the fortune teller, who covered her mouth.

Much to Sahari's immense annoyance, the fortune teller started to chuckle.

"Don't you laugh at me!" Sahari shouted, tears pricking the corners of her eyes. Seeing her boyfriend fall right into the arms of someone she thought she trusted was hard on her, and she didn't appreciate this bitch laughing it off!

"I see my plans backfired…" The fortune teller shook her head, her earrings jangling with the motion. "Eddie was meant to share that drink with someone he had strong romantic feelings for. I have no idea why he chose to share it with that boyfriend of yours, but those drinks were laced with romance candy…" Sighing, the fortune teller rested a cheek on her gloved hand, looking up at Sahari with her heavily lashed eyes. "My condolences about what happened, but the spell won't break until the two of them share a kiss. If they both drank it and fell for one another, though, it shouldn't be long. You have no need to worry, my dear."

Sahari was still pissed and she felt her cheeks burning. "Why would you even do something like that? That's messing with peoples' minds! How have you not gotten your ass sued yet?" Sahari folded her arms and glared at the fortune teller again.

"Please step down from that chair," The fortune teller scolded. "You're making me nervous."

"I'm not stepping down from anywhere until you give me some answers, lady!" Sahari demanded, leaning forward and looming over the fortune teller.

"That trick has never backfired, to my knowledge…" The fortune teller reached under her turban to massage her temples. "I warned Eddie; I told him to give the other drink to someone he cares deeply about, and something bad would happen if he didn't heed that advice. He brought this on himself; I think you should be cross with him rather than me."

"He had no way of knowing!" Sahari jumped off the chair and landed with a little thud right in front of the fortune teller's table. "You need to stop being so cryptic! I just lost my boyfriend!"

"Temporarily," The fortune teller held up a finger. "As soon as he kisses Eddie, he'll be back to his senses."

"I'm not letting him live this one down," Sahari shook her head, her shaggy hair flying everywhere. "We… we need to take a break. If he can fall so easily because of a stupid piece of candy… he must not really care about me…"

"You're talking foolishness, when he's back to normal he-" The fortune teller tried to interject, but Sahari slammed her palms on the table.

"No, no, I'm not listening to you! All you did was cause problems for me!" Sahari spat. "I'm leaving. I hope you're happy about the mess you caused!" With that, Sahari stormed out of the tent, parting the curtains with as much force as a person could and making a point to tear one of them.

Sighing, Farrah Shadowing rested her head on the table. She felt bad about what she did to that poor girl, it's true, but this might have been fate…

"If only she let me read her future…" Farrah thought aloud to herself. "I'm sure she has an interesting one in store…"


Sahari found Sparcticus and Eddie not far from where she left them. They had moved to a wall and sat down with their backs against it, exchanging playful banter and obviously flirting with one another, their cheeks bright pink. People passing by were marveling at what a cute couple they were, which made Sahari even angrier. People on Piñata Island were in love with love, so they would always compliment cute couples. With their height difference and opposing climates, Sahari and Sparcticus were absolutely showered with compliments about how cute they were. Sahari used to pretend to find it annoying, but secretly she loved hearing that she looked good with Sparcticus. They had made their relationship work for so long despite all odds, and then that fortune teller bitch came along with her magical drinks and now her boyfriend dropped her on a dime to become half of a homosexual couple.

Sahari felt her stomach tie into knots. Why was she nervous? She almost never got nervous! She was going to waltz over there and let Sparcticus know exactly how she felt about all this, and hopefully it would snap him out of his stupid fog!

"Hey, what's going on with those two?" a voice broke Sahari out of her raged warpath. Sahari whipped towards the source of the voice and saw Maxime, an enormous Limeocerous behind her. Maxime wore an immense look of amusement, her eyes glimmering with mischief. Sahari barely suppressed the urge to punch that look right off of Maxime's face.

"They both drank Romance Candy laced drinks, and they're head over heels for each other now!" Sahari threw her hands in the air in frustration. "Eddie stole my boyfriend right out from under my nose because of those stupid drinks! I can't believe Sparty just dropped me on a dime like that…" Sahari felt her rage turn into sadness and she swallowed a lump in her throat. She wasn't going to cry, especially not in front of Maxime!

"Oh man, don't worry, Sahari," Maxime patted Sahari on one of her skinny shoulders. "I'll make sure the two of them never live this down! Sparcticus and Eddie will never forget about this incident!" Maxime laughed, almost maniacally, and Sahari pointedly took a few steps away from her.

"Oh, God, Maxime, don't tell me-" Sahari looked at Maxime with dread.

"Mm-hmm," Maxime looked over at Sparty and Eddie, who were still all caught up in making goo goo eyes at each other. Maxime whipped out her Alert System and took a picture in the blink of an eye. "I'm showing this to everyone!"

"Maxime, if you do that, I'll kill you!" Sahari warned, lunging for Maxime's Alert System. Sahari was the only person in the world who was shorter than Maxime, and Maxime held the Alert System well out of the tiny desert dweller's reach. "I might be mad at Sparty, but I don't want his reputation to be ruined!"

"It won't be ruined; he'll just be a laughing stock for a little bit!" Laughing triumphantly, Maxime climbed up onto the back of her Limeocerous. "Come on, Killer, giddy up!" She smacked her Limeo in the back and it began stampeding through the convention hall, knocking people aside and sending crowds running away screaming.

"God damn it, Maxime!" Sahari clenched her hands into fists. That girl was a piece of work…

Speaking of pieces of work, she had to snap stupid Sparty out of this spell! She wasn't going to spread it around town, but she certainly wasn't going to let Sparty get off easy…

Walking over to the new spellbound couple, Sahari folded her arms and stuck out her lower lip, glaring at her (ex)boyfriend and Eddie.

"Sparcticus…" Sahari hissed through clenched teeth.

"No, Eddie, I really do think your eyes are your best feature…" Sparcticus was talking in the low, love filled voice that he usually reserved for Sahari. Sahari felt like someone punched her in the stomach –and hard! – but she did her best not to show it.

"Oh, don't be silly! I think that purple is so passé…" Eddie flicked a limp wrist at Sparcticus. "Maybe I should switch to blue… what do you think? Should I switch to blue?"

"You'd look great whatever color your eyes were…" Sparcticus purred and Eddie blushed bright red.

"Aww, stop…" Eddie gently hit Sparcticus on one of his broad shoulders.

"SPARCTICUS," Sahari raised her voice, feeling a headache begin to pound behind her eyes. They were completely ignoring her!

"I can't believe I never noticed your feelings before…" Sparcticus put a hand underneath Eddie's chin and brought him closer. "I'm sorry, Eddie."

"Don't apologize…" Eddie caressed Sparcticus' masked cheek. "We're finally together, and that's what matters."

"Oh, Eddie…" Sparcticus leaned in.

"Oh, Sparcticus…" Eddie leaned in too, and his lips connected with the mouth of Sparcticus' mask. He fell into Sparcticus' arms passionately, closing his eyes and running his fingers through Sparcticus' long hair.

"SPARCTICUS FROSTMOURNE!" Sahari yelled loud enough to wake an entire city street, her voice straining with her sheer anger.

Sparcticus leapt away from Eddie as if he had suddenly caught on fire, looking at his girlfriend like a Doenut in headlights. "Sahari? What… why was I acting like that? Why did I kiss you, Eddie?!"

"I… oh no…" Eddie stood up and looked ready to take flight as soon as he set eyes on the steaming Sahari. "I'm gonna go." He attempted to run off, but Sahari grabbed him by the hem of his pants.

"Sahari, careful! These are designer!" Eddie squeaked, looking at Sahari with sheer terror in his violet eyes.

"I don't give a Mousemallow's ass about your pants!" Sahari tugged on them again and heard the seams crack. "I'm never speaking to you again for what you did! You're an idiot, Eddie! How could you not think a bright pink drink didn't have romance candy in it?!"

"What?!" Eddie squeaked, his cheeks turning a color to match the drinks the fortune teller had given him. "That fortune teller gave me spiked beverages?! Isn't that illegal?"

"It's probably all kinds of illegal!" Sahari shoved Eddie away and he held up his now falling pants, his lower lip quivering. "Get out of my sight! I'm sick of your stupid face!"

"Sahari, I'm so-" Eddie sounded like he was about to burst into tears. He reached down to put a hand on Sahari's shoulder but she smacked his hand away like it was an annoying Taffly. Eddie pulled his hand back, tears freely flowing down his face now.

"Get. Out. Of. My. Sight," Sahari's scowl became more intense with every word she spat in Eddie's direction.

Eddie stiffly nodded and ran off, obviously crying in his shame. Sahari didn't care.

"As for you," Sahari whipped to face Sparcticus, who was attempting to quietly sneak away. He completely froze as soon as Sahari looked at him, all of the color draining from his mask.

Sahari strolled up to Sparcticus and raised her head, looking right into his dark eyes.

"You are not allowed to sleep in my room anymore. Take all your stuff and go somewhere else. If you see me at the convention, don't talk to me. Don't sit with me on the bus. Don't even approach me after you dropped me like that," Sahari's voice cracked just a little bit, but she kept her gaze steely and strong.

"Wh-what?" Sparcticus had never seen Sahari this angry in his life… he couldn't blame her, though. If he had caught her making out with Maxime or something, he'd be mad too…

That mental image made his cheeks burn. Damn it, Sparcticus, now is not the time to be thinking of things like that!

"You heard me," Sahari folded her arms, doing her best to keep from bursting into tears.

"When can I talk to you again?" Sparcticus asked, debating on whether to attempt to touch Sahari or not. He was afraid he'd lose an arm if he did…

"I don't know…" Sahari shook her head, her shaggy bob becoming even wilder with the motion. "Just… leave me alone, Sparcticus." Sahari turned away from him, her arms intertwining together as tightly as possible.

Sparcticus almost tried to dissuade Sahari from dumping him again, but he shut his mouth when he realized he was speaking without thinking. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he sighed morosely and walked away. Eddie probably had advice on how to deal with a breakup…

Sahari took off in the other direction, not wanting to watch Sparcticus go. She had to drown her sorrows somehow… maybe buying something for her S'morepion would make her feel better.


Seedos rocked back and forth on his sandaled feet, feeling more than a bit restless. Was his brother not going to show up…? But he was so excited about finally being able to hang out with Dastardos in public! Even if Dastardos was wearing a silly disguise. Seedos only caught a glimpse of him on the day everyone came into town, but he looked awful. He was absolutely sure everyone would recognize him, but no one seemed to… his brotherly sixth sense might be to blame for that one. Hopefully everything would be okay today…

Someone horribly short with grey hair and sunglasses emerged from the crowd, looked around for a moment, and lit up when he saw Seedos. It took Seedos a few seconds to register it, but that person was his brother. He changed his disguise? This one's a lot better… did he put this together himself? How did he afford it?

All of the questions disappeared from Seedos' mind when Dastardos approached him, still wearing a surprisingly non-smirky smile. "Hey, kiddo, did you miss me?" he asked with a chuckle.

"Heck yeah I did!" Seedos pulled Dastardos into a hug that would crush the ribs of a normal human being. "What took you so long?! I've been waiting here forever!"

"Let me go, Seedos, if Pester saw us like this he'd explode…" Dastardos attempted to wriggle out of his brother's grasp, not wanting to phase through Seedos and make him uncomfortable.

"Pester's here?" Seedos dropped his brother, his eyes becoming impossibly wide.

Dastardos shrugged. "He might be. I ditched him early on. I've been hanging around with Ava-" Dastardos covered his mouth to keep from spilling his secret to Seedos, but it was too late. The first syllable of Avalon's name was enough, and Seedos' giant mask exploded into a humongous grin. Ugh, damn it! Dastardos mentally kicked himself repeatedly in the ass. I can't believe I just blurted it out like that! That was supposed to be a secret…!

"You've been hanging out with Avalon!?" Seedos exclaimed, his voice cracking quite a bit in his excitement.

The cheeks of Dastardos' mask turned a dark black with his embarrassment. "That's not important…" His eyes briefly flicked away from Seedos for a moment. "What's important is who you've been hanging out with," Leaning forward, Dastardos gave Seedos his best smirk, peeking at him over his sunglasses. "Heard you and Leena have been positively inseparable! Have you kissed her yet?" Dastardos waggled his eyebrows at Seedos.

It was Seedos' turn to blush. "No, I haven't! I've told you a billion times, big bro, we're just friends!" Seedos folded his arms, closing his eyes and nodding seriously. Dastardos rolled his eyes behind his sunglasses and leaned against the wall.

"You're leading her on, little bro, that's not good," Dastardos tsk-tsked, waving a finger in front of Seedos' face.

Seedos smacked Dastardos' hand away and smirked right at him. "What about you, huh? Mr. Denial. Have you kissed Avalon yet? There are some height issues there, huh?"

Dastardos barely resisted the urge to float and make himself taller. "Seedos… that's a low blow. And it's none of your business who I kiss and who I don't kiss." Dastardos stuck his nose up.

"Wow, you even picked up her mannerisms!" Seedos laughed heartily, one hand on his stomach. "You've got the snooty nose down pat! Why her, though? She's kind of scary… I can't see her ever hanging out with you…"

Dastardos gave his brother a Look over his sunglasses and Seedos quickly backpedaled. "Uh, heh heh… no offense!"

"It's a long story that's really hard to explain…" Dastardos rubbed his chin in thought. "…but I guess she owes me one. Or several. Something happened. Maybe I'll tell you one day…" Dastardos gave Seedos the most mysterious smile he could conjure up.

Seedos gave Dastardos a long, steady look. "Spill it, bro," Seedos was having none of his brother's crap today. "If you can't tell me stuff, then who can you tell?"

Dastardos huffed a tiny sigh. "Okay, but you're not allowed to repeat any of this stuff to anyone. If anyone asks who you hung out with today, say it was a guy called Niles Fishnchips."

"…why?" Seedos wrinkled his nose.

"That's a long story too," Dastardos snickered. "Anyway…"

Dastardos spun the tale of his heroism when Avalon was accosted by the thugs in the alleyway. He added a few extra thugs in for good measure. Stretching the truth to impress his little brother wasn't a crime, after all.

Seedos' eyes grew wide and began to shimmer in amazement. "Wow, bro! That's so cool! I'm… really surprised that you did that!" Seedos chuckled nervously and added: "Cuz you're evil and all… well, you're not all that evil to me, but-"

"Don't you start with your silly babbling, Seedos, we have some bonding to do!" Dastardos laughed, marching ahead. Seedos had to sprint a bit to catch up with him.

"What made you think Avalon was worthy of your attention?" Seedos asked, tilting his enormous head to the side. "Last time I checked, you thought she was a giant snoot."

Dastardos sidestepped a very mischievous looking Maxime and Seedos almost got stepped on by her leashed Limeocerous. Once they got past that obstacle, Dastardos glanced at his brother and said: "Come on, I have to keep some things a secret. We just get along really well."

"I'm glad you finally found a girl… friend," Seedos gave his brother one of his trademark huge grins, patting him on the shoulder. "You know… I just got an awesome idea! I think I know how to make her like you even more!"

"Oh God, what? Does it involve money?" Dastardos asked, his mask's expression filled with dread. "I don't have any money. What little money I have to my name I totally forgot back at home."

Seedos winked and said "Don't worry, big bro, it's on me," Grabbing his brother by the wrist, he spun around and began moving in the opposite direction. "I saw this booth a few minutes ago… you're going to just die. It's the prettiest thing in the universe!"

"I'm not too big on pretty, bro…" Dastardos eyed Seedos' hand, which still had quite a grip on Dastardos' sleeve. "I'm also not a Barkbark; please don't lead me like that. People are staring."

"Oops, sorry!" Seedos let his brother go. A sweet scent filled the air, completely drowning out the faint swamp smell that still clung to Seedos' hair despite the amount of time he spent away from his boggy home.

"Check it out; isn't it just divine?" Seedos bounced with excitement when they finally arrived at their destination.

"Don't use words like that; people will start saying that you're gay…" Dastardos wrinkled his nose at Seedos before looking over the booth.

Cut flowers of every variety were set up in ornate patterned vases and arranged with impeccable skill. The stall was manned by a young blonde lady in a flower mask with the most remarkable forehead Dastardos had ever seen. Dastardos could tell just by looking that the flowers were grown with loving care. He didn't really take the time to appreciate flowers when he was out reaping, and yet he still could recognize a well-grown flower with one glance. Some things never changed, he supposed.

"They look expensive…" Dastardos bit his lip, scratching his grey hair. "Are you sure about this, Seedos?"

"They're not that expensive!" Seedos shook his head. "Besides…" Reaching into his pocket, Seedos produced his wallet. He had woven it himself and had even made a little seed patch for it that matched the logo on his usual T-shirt. "Storkos gave me money earlier! She told me to use it to buy a present for my date…"

"I am not your date!" Dastardos took a step back, his eyebrows heading skyward.

"Eew, don't be gross!" Seedos stuck out his tongue at his brother. "I'm not talking about you! I'm talking about Leena! Even if it's just a friendship date, I wanna get her flowers… hmm, she mentioned liking daisies, but that seems really cheap…" Seedos folded his arms and leaned forward to examine the flowers.

"Can I help you, sweetheart?" the vendor asked, smiling warmly at Seedos.

"Yeah, I'm trying to pick out flowers for a friend of mine…" Seedos nodded and the shopkeeper lit up and began talking enthusiastically.

Dastardos' heart went out to poor Leena, who would probably be stuck in the friend zone for eternity. Just as well, though, he honestly didn't think his brother should breed with a mug like his.

Dastardos began examining the flowers himself. Avalon's garden didn't have too many plants in it, so he wasn't sure what she liked… growing up, he always liked tulips. Maybe he would get some of those for Avalon… she did wear purple, maybe that meant she liked purple?

"Hey, buddy, have you decided what you're going to get?" Seedos had to resist the pressing urge to call Dastardos "bro." The shopkeeper might know about him and his family tragedy, it was a big blot on Piñata Island's peaceful history, after all. Seedos didn't want to set off any alarm bells.

"Yeah," Dastardos turned away from the tulips and saw that his brother had a wrapped up bouquet of yellow roses. "I'll take some purple tulips, please."

"Good choice!" The flower lady gushed, taking some of the flowers out of the vase. "Are these a gift for someone as well?" she asked as she carefully arranged the tulips on the table in front of her.

"That's none of your business," Dastardos folded his arms, his cheeks burning. He still couldn't believe he was giving Avalon flowers… he didn't even feel any romantic feelings for her at all! They were just friends and Dastardos would prefer to keep it that way.

"O-oh…" the flower lady got really quiet as she finished up Dastardos' bouquet.

"Nelson, be nice," Seedos wagged a finger at his brother.

"Niles," Dastardos corrected him.

Once the shop's owner got the flowers for Avalon all wrapped up, she handed them to Dastardos and told Seedos the total. Both bouquets cost about one thousand chocolate coins, which was about half of what Storkos gave to Seedos.

"That much?!" Dastardos exclaimed, taking a step back and looking at his brother incredulously.

"It's gonna be worth it," Seedos said before paying. Once they were done, they started heading back to the girls. "Leena's probably ticked that I ran off with a crummy explanation. These will help take the edge off!" Seedos sighed a bit and added: "She had to pay for Taru to get his shell shined, too. I wonder when he'll be done… I miss that little Shellybean."

Dastardos knew that feeling very well. He wished he could have taken Magnar along…

"Guess our bro bonding time got cut short, huh…?" Blushing, Seedos looked at the flowers. "It's okay, though, we can hang out with Leena and Avalon! I wanna see how she acts around you!"

"Uh, are you sure that's a good idea? She doesn't really…" Dastardos trailed off. He figured Seedos' self-esteem was in the toilet as it was; he didn't need to make it worse by letting Seedos know that Avalon didn't really care for him. "…actually, you're right. It is a good idea."

"Score!" Seedos pumped a fist into the air. "I knew you'd see things my way, big bro! I hope the girls didn't go too far…"

With that, the brothers headed off in search of their female friends, both of them hoping they wouldn't be too mad at them for running off.


"Don't tell anyone Bear was here, ya dig?" Bear folded his thick arms, turning his eyes away from the fortune teller, his cheeks burning. "If anyone knew Bear came to get his fortune told, they'd think Bear was a pussy who was afraid of the future or somethin'."

"You don't have to speak that way, you know," Farrah Shadowing gave Bear a patient smile, steepling her fingers under her chin. "You sound like you're trying too hard. There's no need to act tough in here, Bear."

Bear rested his mittened hands against either side of his bear shaped headpiece. "…you can read me like a book, huh? Guess people weren't kiddin' about how good at this you are…" he grumbled.

"I can tell you want a future reading… you have a great worry weighing on your mind, don't you?" Farrah leaned forward, her voice so soft that her purple-painted lips were barely moving. Bear seemed like he had a hot temper… Farrah certainly didn't want to provoke him. She already had one person yell at her today, and it was an awful experience. "A sick relative, perhaps…?"

Bear suddenly started, as if he had been struck. "Huh-how did you know that, lady? You been spying on Bear or something?"

Farrah tapped the side of her turban. "I'm psychic, sweetheart. Ten thousand CC and your future will become clear," She extended her slender hand towards Bear and he eyed it with disdain.

"That's… ugh, fine, Bear will pay up…" Bear reached into his pocket and grabbed a handful of half-melted Chocolate Coins. His hand spilled them all over the table and Farrah sighed a bit before she started counting them up.

"You're short one hundred… but you know what? That's okay… this time," Farrah put the coins into one of her many, many jars. "Let's see what your future has in store for you, Bear…" Closing her eyes, Farrah took a deep breath and let it out.

She stayed like that for about two minutes and Bear got impatient. He began bouncing one of his legs, his mouth pointing downward in a giant frown.

"Bear isn't getting any younger over here!" Bear blurted, making Farrah jump.

Farrah cracked open one eye to look at Bear. "Please don't break my concentration; I'm starting to see it…"

Bear leaned back in his chair as far is it would go, groaning as quietly as possible.

"Ahh, here we are…" Farrah's eyes opened wide, wearing a smile. "Your future has its ups and downs, Bear."

"Downs…?" Bear asked, blinking. "Whaddaya mean, 'downs?'"

"Fret not, your little sister will grow up, getting stronger every day… as for your mother… her future is fuzzy and extremely unclear." Farrah sighed, resting a cheek against her hand. "I'm sorry, Bear, I can't get a reading on your mother at all…"

"Oh… no…" Bear's voice cracked and he felt the threat of tears behind his eyes. He fought them off as best as he could, though, tough guys didn't cry!

"Don't fret, that doesn't necessarily mean that your mother will perish or her condition will worsen," Farrah reached over the table to pat Bear on the head. He blushed and gritted his teeth at that; he hated being patronized by people who were older than him…

"There's one more thing you should know… I think you might like this piece of news," Farrah smiled at Bear, who still looked a little shaky from what Farrah said about his mother.

"What is it…?" Bear's voice had lost all of its roughness. His mind was running wild with visions about his mother dying, or having to leave the Village to go to a fancy hospital, or-

"There's a young lady in your future," Farrah chuckled good-naturedly. "And apparently, she's quite a looker!"

"A girl…?" Bear folded his arms, squinting at Farrah in disbelief. "Are you kiddin'? Girls ain't too big on Bear. They think Bear's a giant brute with no brain. They'd much go after those fluffy, girly guys, like that stupid Eddie." Bear stuck out his tongue childishly.

"I am not kidding," Farrah sounded completely serious. "It won't be for a while, but you're going to get involved with a girl. You have to shape up a bit though, Bear. You and this girl will get together in the strangest circumstances."

"Huh…" Bear blinked. "Who is she?"

"That is something I cannot tell you," Farrah shook her head. "You need to discover some things on your own. If I told you who she was, you would undoubtedly scare her away."

"Fine, then," Bear huffed a bit, leaning over to pick up his backpack. "Thanks, Bear is glad his little sis will be fine."

"I guarantee it," Farrah sagely nodded. "Now go and enjoy your time at the convention. You might discover a great gift for your sister."

"Bear already got Claire ten things, see?" Bear laughed as he slung his overstuffed backpack over his shoulders, patting it once it settled on his shoulders. "The more I get, the happier she'll be! Thanks, hot stuff." After winking at the fortune teller, Bear was on his way.

"Phew…" Farrah rested her head on her table for a moment. "His voice gave me quite the headache… here's hoping my next customer will be more soft-spoken…"