Alright this is a glass house moment of where Shane, Michael, Claire and Eve are little kids… 4 to 6 lol.

Lets get started.

*Claire clutched on to her mom for dear life. Scared to death as she scanned the big kids.*

Claire: Mommy that boy looks scary…*she pointed at the boy who was chasing a dark haired girl around with little fangs in his mouth*

Cmom: Oh honey he's only playing. Now we will pick you up after school gets out.

Cdad: *kisses Claire's head then leaves with his wife.*

Claire:*sticks her thumb in her mouth as she stares at the door then at the kids**takes out her thumb to sit in a chair.*

Shane:*sees a little girl sucking her thumb, sitting alone**about 6**he sneaks up on her then scares her**he chuckles when she runs to hide behind a chair* You four year olds scare to easily!

Eve:*Bangs him on the head with plastic bat before running to Claire's side then hugging her* no hurting my friend you stupid!

Shane:*sticks out his tongue* Stupid girls!

Michael:*runs up to them then shows them his fake vamp teeth* im gonna suck your blood-

Shane: Not if I hit you first*he hits Michael in the face with the bat then runs off when Michael chases him*

Eve:*shakes her head, looks down at Claire**she strokes the scared girls head* don't mind them. Their born stupid. Im Eve.

Claire:*shaking* C-C-Claire.

Eve:*smiles then pulls her around the class room* This is my cubby! Your cubby is now by mine!*pulls Claire over to the play area* this is where we play house….the boys and I.

Claire: you mean your friends with-*she points over to Shane and Michael who are now rolling around on the floor like lion cubs*

Eve:*nods* somebody has to smartin them up. And we will be those somebodies.*giggles*

Claire:*smiles as she watched the two beaten boys come over*

Michael:*gawks at Claire* your pwetty!

Shane:*grabs on to Claire* Mine! You have missy witch there!

Michael:*glared then shrugged* Mine is better!

Shane: No mine is*sticks his tongue out*

Claire:*Looks as if she's scared out of her mind but calms when Eve gets her into her arms*

Eve: I found her first Collins! Back off!

Shane: No way! I did!

Michael:*laughs as Shane and Eve pull on one arm of Claire*

Claire:*Feels overwhelmed* These people are nuts… never coming back…..*breaks free then runs away and hides in a closet till class was over**runs to her mama* mama don't make me come here again! These people are scary!*her mom laughs as she picks up Claire* don't you ever leave me again!*Claire's dad laughs as they proceeded home*

The end!

Its short but cute lol. Was just a fun idea xD hoped you liked.