One of the ways that Regina clawed her way to power was that she would learn weaknesses of others and use them to her advantage. Most girls were easy, just starting one measly rumor about a teen pregnancy or an STD and some poor girl's high school career would be ruined, though there were a few unique exemptions and those special cases often went in the burn book. As for guys well all you had to really do was just play with that little head they think with and they'd be putty in your hands.

It was rare that Regina would allow anyone into her little army. The last one was Karen and that was because Regina needed a dumb servant who wouldn't ask too many questions. Until now, she stared at the girl across from her and smiled. She was wondering to herself what Cady had to offer.

She wasn't stupid, according to some poking around and bribing from Gretchen Cady was excellent at math and even wanted to join the mathletics. The unwritten social rules of their high school clearly stated that the mathletics were the lowest of the low on the social ladder; they were even lower than the anime club.

Of course it wasn't entirely her fault. Cady was new and homeschooled. Regina was surprised she didn't carry a tattered old bible around or was some sort of super genius. From afar she looked relatively normal, plain, but normal. Even though Cady's taste in fashion was much less superior compared to hers, there was a certain charm about it that Regina couldn't quite put her finger on.

"Hey, you've been staring at that table for like an hour, what gives"? Gretchen asked finally looking up from her mirror. Regina smiled sweetly at her, "how do you feel about adding a new member to our group"? She knew the answer to that question already; she could see a hint of anxiety in Gretchen's eyes.

"Who the girl from Africa, please I bet she doesn't even know what Gucci is. She probably eats like bugs or something; I also heard that she's a witch doctor." Regina smiled; she knew Gretchen was just protecting her position as Regina's second in command. It was almost sweet in a desperate, needy sort of way.

She saw Cady catch her eye and quickly look away, blushing. Regina grinned it was going to be very fun adding Cady to her collection. Her only concern now was what method she would use in obtaining her.