United States of Hetalia Productions

I randomly wrote this at 5 in the morning. I don't know how it popped up. But it's based on that Romano strip during the Christmas event.

There once was an Italian from Rome.

With his brother, he called the place home.

But they were both poor

So he worked on the shore

Around the same time the Germans had come.

The Germans thought he was a joke.

Just the kid with cheeks Spaniards poked.

He'd give pretty girls daisies.

They thought he was lazy.

He didn't even have shoes, he was so broke!

They loaded boxes for sea boats that swam it.

A Prussian sighed, "You must have less than I am with."

The Italian paused from his work

And said with a smirk

"I have more important things to spend on than shoes, dammit."

Again, no idea where this came from, I usually don't write poems...