Hanna was feeling lonely. Mona was 'A'. Caleb and her were done and over with. She felt shocked that she wasn't hurting anymore over Caleb. He had decided to move in with his biological mom and started school there. Hanna was more upset over the fact that even though Mona was put away, the girls were still getting messages from 'A'. Which meant it wasn't over.

"Hey, I got your message and came home right away." Emily said walking through Hanna's bedroom door. Hanna smiled at how Emily referred to her house as "home".

"Yea, I'm just feeling blah. And I need you here. What are we going to do? Where do we even begin to look for Mona's partners in crime?" Hanna asked putting her head in her hands. Emily walked over to her and sat beside her on the bed. She put her hand on Hanna's back.

"I really don't know. I do know that we still need to keep an eye on Jenna. She is definitely in on this whole thing somehow. Honestly, I think Garrett was just a playing piece in this game of 'A'." Emily said with worry etched in her voice.

"I think you are right. I mean, really? Jenna can't be alone on this. The bitch is blind." Hanna retorted. Suddenly she looked at Emily. She had a weird feeling like she was seeing her for the first time. She was so beautiful, and Hanna felt the strangest urge to..

"Hanna? Are you okay?" Emily asked.

"Yea. Yea I'm fine. Just trying to figure out what to do." Hanna replied smiling at her friend. Suddenly their phones went off indicating that they had recieved texts. It was Spencer.

'S.O.S' it read. They jumped up quickly knowing what that meant. In a flash they were in Emily's car driving toward Spencer's house.

"I hate it when we send 'S.O.S' to each other!" Hanna said to Emily with her trademark annoyed/worried tone. "It makes me feel like one of us is about to die."

"I know. The way 'A' is, I can never feel too sure and safe when I get a text like that."

Once to Spencer's house they jumped out of the car and rushed inside. Spencer was in her kitchen, along with Aria who looked more confused that she was willing to admit. Before either of the girls could speak, Spencer practically pushed her laptop in Emily and Hanna's faces. It was another e-mail video, and of course, it was from 'A'.

Without saying a word, Hanna and Emily watched the video. They were shocked when Aria's dad popped up on the video. Then Meredith. They were in his office playfully chatting away. There was no sound, but the girls could tell by the flirting going on with Mr. Montgomery and Meredith, that their chatting wasn't innocent. The two got closer, shared a kiss, and the video went blank. Then it popped back on. It was Ezra and Aria in his office at Hollis. They were laughing and flirting, followed by a kiss. Then the video stopped for good. Underneath the attachment were the words: "Like father, like daughter... But what are you willing to do to keep this video unseen?"-A.

Hanna looked up at Aria, followed by Emily. Aria just stood there, looking worried as ever. She finally handed her cell phone to them. There was a message from the unknown sender that haunted them. It read:

"Tell Hollis about your naughty father, or else you and Ezra get hell."-A

"I don't know what to do." Aria started. "I threatened my mom that I would tell Hollis if they banned me from seeing Ezra. But it was an empty threat. I knew they wouldn't make me do that. Now 'A' wants me to do it for real."

"Fake it!" Hanna practically yelled. "Go to Hollis, and pretend to tell them."

"That will never work. 'A' keeps track on us like a GPS with a cam-recorder. Whoever else 'A' is, they'll know Aria didn't really tell." Spencer said.

"But why did they send it to you?" Emily asked Spencer.

"I don't know, Em. I think maybe now 'A' is out on an embarrassment streak. So just be ready for it. Don't be shocked if something you really don't want anyone to know gets out. And I have a feeling this is only the beginning. Mona was just a piece of the game. They needed her and she had the motive to go along with it." Spencer exclaimed feeling slight anger build up in her.

The girls agreed to try to get some sleep. Since Spencer's parents were out of town with Melissia for the week, the girls decided to stay the night there. It was nearly two o'clock in the morning when Hanna woke up. She looked over to see Emily sleeping beside her.

She was gorgeous. Eyes softly shut, lips curved up, almost in a smile. Despite the nightmare haunting them, maybe it was possible to have good dreams. Hanna gently touched Emily's arm. She jumped up and nearly head butted Hanna. Hanna giggled.

"What is it?" Emily asked groggily. She smiled at Hanna's giggle as she propped up on one arm.

"Let's go downstairs and get some coffee." Hanna offered, getting up and extending her hand to Emily.

"Really? Coffee... at two a.m.?" Emily looked at Hanna as if she were crazy. Which made Hanna giggle even more. Emily took her hand and Hanna helped her to her feet. They shuffled sleepily downstairs into the kitchen. Emily started on the coffee as Hanna watched her as she put the coffee in the coffee pot. Hanna seized the perfect opportunity, as Emily had her back turned.

Hanna walked up to Emily and said "Em," as she touched her arm. When Emily turned toward her, Hanna kissed her. Despite her fear, she went for it, and kissed Emily softly. She felt a mix of happiness and excitement as Emily kissed her back. Hanna put her arms around Emily's waist and pulled her closer to her own body, as the kiss heated up.

Hanna kissed her faster, and Emily retured the kiss passionately. Emily had her hands on Hanna's hips pulling her toward her. They were pulled as closed to each other as was possible, locked in a passionate kiss. Then Emily broke away.

"What?' Hanna asked looking a little disappointed.

"Well... I, uh... um I wasn't expecting that, Hanna." Emily said.

"Well it sure did look like you were enjoying it." Hanna replied moving in on Emily once more. Emily held out her arms as a barrier between them.

"Are you sure about this? Hanna you just broke-" Emily started.

"This has nothing to do with Caleb. Or stress. Or anything. This has to do with me, Hanna, hi. Wanting you, Emily." Hanna smiled despite Emily's arms blocking her away from the body she so badly wanted to be pressed against.

"And you're sure? You know this is going to change everything." Emily said back.

"Thank God!" Hanna threw Emily's arms down and continued to kiss her. Emily, despite being a little confused, kissed her back once again.