So sorry I haven't written in a longgggg while ! I decided to kind of put the last two episodes into this one chapter, and leaving things out that we already know about. And changing things up. More to come SOON !

~Kaila G

It was a beautiful, sunny morning. Hanna was in pajamas, which consisted of short shorts, and a tank. She was sitting in her kitchen, enjoying a bowl of cereal, and waiting for Emily to get downstairs. She was taking forever to wake up. Hanna jumped when she heard a knock on the kitchen door. She stood up to see Detective Wilden standing at the door. Hanna stood up, rolling her eyes, and opened the door.

"Morning, Hanna. Is your mom home?" He questioned, an evil smirk on his face.

"Why?" Hanna asked.

"Because I'm not supposed to talk to you without a guardian present." He replied bitterly.

"Like that's stopped you before." Hanna shot back, voice equally bitter.

"Do me a favor, tell your mom we need you to come in for a blood sample."

"Why do you need my blood?" Hanna asked, trying not to show concern.

"We have new evidence in the DiLaurentis case, and the family wants answers." He smirked. "And since the blood on that anklet doesn't match the guy who's locked up."

"What, so you think it's my blood?" Hanna asked in disbelief.

"O-negative. Same type as yours." He said.

"Yea, and probably a billion other people." Hanna shot back.

"A billion other people weren't slipping notes under a woman's hospital bracelet." He said.

"Ya know what? You have know proof that I did that." Hanna said back.

"Multiple witnesses saw you coming out of that room, Hanna."

"Well they're wrong." Hanna said surely. "My blood is not on your evidence."

"Then why do you look so scared." He stated it more than questioned. Just before he turned to leave, Emily came bounding into the kitchen.

"Hanna, baby, I just..." She trailed off when she saw Detective Wilden.

"Emily." He said, menacingly.

"Detective." Emily smirked back at him. He took one last look at Hanna, and walked away. "What was all that about?" Emily looked at Hanna as she shut the door.

"He wants me to come down to the police station to take a blood sample when my mom gets back into town." Hanna rolled her eyes.

"Why you?" Emily questioned.

"I don't know. Why does he do anything that he does? To put me away for life." Hanna plopped down in anger.

"He's not going to put you away." Emily smiled. "I'll call Spence." The girls met up at a coffee shop, and the girls noticed Hanna's worried expression.

"What's going on?" Spencer asked, looking from Emily to Hanna.

"Detective Wilden showed up at my back door today." Hanna faked a smile. "Wanting a blood sample."

"Why?" Aria asked.

"He says there's new evidence in Ali's murder and since the blood on that anklet doesn't match Garrett's, I'm next on his list." Hanna frowned.

"Hanna, I'm so sorry..." Spencer looked pained, knowing it had been her and Jason that turned in that bracelet to the police.

"Spence, don't." Hanna waved her hand. "Don't blame yourself. We all thought it was the right thing to do."

"But how could 'A' get your blood?" Aria asked.

"Em, here, has a whole night she doesn't remember." Hanna pointed out.

"True." Aria agreed. The girls went on talking about everything, but Spencer had to go talk to Toby. Aria, Emily, and Hanna went back to Hanna's house. They were babbling on about something, when they walked into the kitchen and noticed something on Hanna's ouija board.

"What is that?" Aria asked, looking at Hanna.

Hanna reached out to grab the pointer, but felt a sharp pain and dropped it. Blood on her finger. There was a peice of paper taped to the back of the pointer.

"See how easy it is for me to get your blood." Aria read it quietly. Hanna saw the small staples sticking up. Hanna began to panic, and she had a flash back of her and Mona, playing that stupid game. Mona asking what happened to Ali. Hanna seeing Ali outside of her kitchen. She sighed as she explained it to the girls.

"We have got to talk to Mona." Emily said with wide eyes. She looked at Hanna.

"Okay." Hanna shook her head in agreement.

"It's a website." Spencer said as she typed the letters in. A picture of Maya popped up on her laptop. Emily's face fell, and Hanna noticed. She felt a shudder of sadness run through her. "We have to have a password." Spencer's voice interrupted all thoughts.

"Here, let me see." Emily said, typing something into the password bar. Password invalid. "I thought I might know what it was. Guess I don't know her as well as I thought I did." The girls gave Emily knowing looks, as Spencer tried over and over to crack the password. After no success, she decided to call in the expert.

"Hanna, I know it probably isn't the best idea, but I'm going to get Caleb's help." Spencer said quietly.

"Okay, just be really careful. I don't like the idea, but it may be our only choice." Hanna sighed.

"I know... I'm sorry I couldn't break through it myself." Spencer said sadly.

"Don't worry about it. If Caleb does help you, it will be cracked." Hanna said. Spencer gave her a weak smile, before trying the password again. Hanna started to walk away but Spencer's voice stopped her.

"My mom's got you. She will fight this whole blood sample thing. Don't worry Hanna." Spencer said surely.

"Thanks Spence." Hanna forced a smile before leaving.

It had been nearly two days since the night they found Maya's website. Emily had been staying at her own house, and barely talking to Hanna. Hanna was frustrated, but didn't know what else to do but give Emily time. It had to hurt, knowing there were things about people you loved that you didn't know. Especially when they weren't here now to explain it all.

That night, Hanna decided to go over to Emily's house and confront her. She missed her girlfriend, and they needed to talk about all of this. She drove, lost in thought about everything that had been going wrong in their lives. She shook her head, shaking the thoughts away as she arrived at Emily's house.

Emily's mom greeted her at the door with a hug. "Emily's upstairs." She smiled, and Hanna thanked her before dashing up the stairs toward her girlfriend's room. She walked into her room slowly, and Emily's head popped up at the sight of her. She jumped up from her bed and stared at Hanna.

"Hey." Hanna said.

"Hey." Emily said back quietly.

"Look, I know all of this is hard for you," Hanna said touching Emily's face, "but don't hide."

"I wasn't..." Emily stopped and stared at Hanna. She had missed her so much. She leaned forward and started kissing her. Hanna broke the kiss, and quickly jogged toward the door. Emily was staring at her in confusion, until Hanna closed the door, locked it, and walked back to her.

"Now. Where were we?" Hanna asked, pulling Emily to her and kissing her again. Emily smiled against her lips, as they fell onto the bed.

Spencer had Aria with her, and the two were watching Maya's video blogs on her website. Just like Hanna said, Caleb cracked the password. Aria was trying to call Hanna and Emily, but neither of the girls would answer. Spencer clicked on a video and it showed Emily eating ice cream. Flirting with Maya, and laughing.

"I am way out of my comfort zone. You don't know what the video is until you click on it." Spencer said quietly. She decided to open one more, and the video was shocking. Maya was talking, about her fears and how scared she was. That she was a coward. Then there were police lights. Spencer stopped it. "We have to get Emily and Hanna here now." She said dialing Emily's number again.

"She answering?" Aria asked.

"No," Spencer said, shaking her head.

"Call her again." Aria said, already redialing Hanna's number.

Hanna was hovering over Emily, kissing her neck. Emily began to unbutton Hanna's jeans, both girls totally oblivious to their cell phones. Lighting up and vibrating like crazy.