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6 years later

Clint laughed as he chased his four year old son around the house, laughing as the high pitched giggles reached him. He stealthily dropped behind the sofa, grinning as he crept up behind the giggling boy, grabbing him and spinning him around.

"Gotcha!" He said, as he spun the two of them around, the little boy laughing hysterically in his arms as he clutched onto his arms in support. He could sense Natasha in the room, watching them as he continued to spin them around.

"Clint stop that, you'll make him sick!" She said, trying to act stern but she couldn't keep the amusement out of her voice at seeing them both acting as they did, at seeing Clint acting so much like a child.

"C'mon Nat," Clint stopped spinning, turning to face her standing in the doorway, "He's okay aren't you buddy?" He smiled down at his son, who grinned a toothy grin back at him and tried to get back his little bow and arrow.

"Yeah Daddy, it fun!" He giggled again, as Clint set him down and made his way over to Natasha, fondly watching the little boy take aim with his bow and arrow towards a stack of cuddly toys. He leant forward and kissed her tenderly on the forehead, feeling her lean into his embrace as they watched their son.


Natasha smiled, the use of the word 'mommy' still making her smile to this day. She sometimes couldn't quite believe that the little boy standing in front of her, smiling whilst clutching that ridiculous bow and arrow was her son. Their son. Alex was a Daddy's boy, that much was true, but she didn't mind - as long as he lived, she would love her little Alex more than anything in the world.

"Yes honey?"

"Can Daddy play shooting with me now with his grown up toys?" She smiled, bending down to his small height, Clint's hand resting lightly on her back.

"Alex sweetie, Daddy can play with you tomorrow, it's your bedtime," She said, almost laughing at the pout Alex made – she was pretty sure he had learnt that from Uncle Tony.

"Mommy! I wanna play," He whined slightly, relenting when Clint knelt down beside Natasha.

"We can play tomorrow kiddo. Mommy's right, it's time for your bedtime," He said, smiling as Alex nodded slightly and mumbled what sounded like "'kay." He scooped him up, suggesting to Natasha that he would put Alex to bed, which was met with a grateful smile from his wife.

"Night sweetheart."

"Good night Mommy," Alex said quietly, yawning slightly as he rested his head on Clint's shoulder as Natasha placed a gentle kiss on his forehead, smiling as Alex threw his arms briefly around her neck before Clint carried the tiring child off to his room.

Within a few minutes, Alex was being placed into his bed, clad in his Captain American nightwear (courtesy of Uncle Steve himself) and was snuggling up with his plush Iron Man toy. Clint would often roll his eyes at how spoilt Alex was by the rest of the team but he was also glad – it really did feel like these superheroes were Alex's family. Even Fury was like a grandfather to him, going as far as allowing Alex onto the Helicarrier; he did draw the line when Alex began clambering up his eye and began pinging his eye patch elastic. The very thought of a disgruntled Fury holding a giggling Alex at bay still made Clint and Natasha laugh to this day.

"Daddy?" Alex mumbled, fidgeting slightly as his little eyes began to droop. Clint sat down on the edge of his bed, smiling down at his son.

"Yeah kiddo?"

"Can you tell me a story pwease?" Clint smiled as he scooted closer to his son, tucking him under his arm as he felt Alex lean into his stomach.

"Sure," He racked his brains to tell a story before finding one. Grinning to himself, he began.

"Once upon a time, a long time ago, they were two people – a man and a woman. Both of them met one day, and they were spies," He paused, looking down at his son, who was dozing slightly, "do you know what a spy is Alex?"

"Um…" Alex paused, pouting as he thought, "is it…someone who don't use their real name?" He asked, looking hopefully up at Clint.

"Close enough," Clint smiled, hugging Alex closer to him, "Now they worked for different people and they were supposed to not like each other. One day, the man was sent to find this woman and hurt her…"

"Why would he hurt her?" Alex asked, looking up puzzled at his father who chuckled slightly at his son's confused expression.

"Because he was to told buddy. That is what a spy does."

"Oh…" Alex said, his eyes drooping a little bit more as Clint resumed the story.

"When the man found the woman, he didn't want to hurt her. She was very pretty and nice so he didn't hurt her. He ended up helping her from the baddies." He looked down at Alex again, who now had his thumb in his mouth with one of his petite hands wrapped around the Iron Man toy, staring up tiredly at him.

"So he asked her to come back with him and to his country. She did in the end, and they soon became really good friends," He watched as Alex fell slowly into a sleep, looking incredibly peaceful. Clint could only watch in awe of his son sleeping in his arms – Alex to him was the most precious thing in his life. He sometimes couldn't believe that this was his son sometimes, his own son.

"They ended up getting married and having a baby. And they all lived happily ever after." He finished softly, still holding Alex gently in his arms, just happy to sit there and watch him sleep. He don't know how long had passed before he decided to leave him to sleep, and after giving a gentle kiss to his forehead, he tiptoed out of the room.

He found Natasha sitting in their bed, curled up in the duvet watching television. Her expression instantly brightened as he walked into the room, smiling at him. He felt himself smiling back, quickly stripping down to his bedtime clothes before slipping into bed beside her, wrapping his arms around her petite frame. He felt her snuggled into his side as he kissed the top of her head gently. He would always think back to before he met Natasha – having a family never occurred to him, being married and having a little boy. But she had changed all of that – meeting the Black Widow that night in Budapest had changed everything and perhaps that's what made him not kill her; perhaps he knew she would be a game changer in their future somehow.

"Alex get to sleep okay?" He heard her softly answer, drawing him away from his thoughts. He smiled down at her, rubbing his hand along her arm gently.

"Yeah he was out like a light. I told him a story again."

"Which one was that?" She said, looking up intently at him as he held their gaze. She always had a habitat of knocking him for six with her beauty – from the moment he had seen her, he had always thought how beautiful she was. How effortlessly beautiful.

"The story of how we met in Budapest."

Both of them grinned, chuckling a little as he moved to gently press his lips to hers, hugging her even closer to him. He laced their fingers together, loving the feel of their wedding bands pressing against one another's hands. It had been nearly five years ago since him and Natasha had finally wedded – it had been a small ceremony (despite what Tony had planned) but it had been just right for them. They had continued to work for SHIELD until Alex came around – now they were just consultants, not willing to undertake field work now they had a child. He knows that Natasha misses it at times and he does too; he does miss the adrenaline rush of a mission, continuously firing arrows into targets. But he just has to remember the elated feeling he had when he heard his son enter the world, a high pitched wail and he just remembers breaking down. Hawkeye never cries but he did then as he held his new born son for the very first time. He remembers thinking nothing would ever top this feeling, nothing could beat it.

Feeling himself dozing off, he looked down to see Natasha was nearly asleep herself and he smiled, wrapping his arms around her waist as he settled down next to her. She burrowed her face in his chest, smiling as he caught the end of a mumble from her before she fell asleep.

"I love you."

Grinning, he kissed her temple gently before closing his eyes to succumb to sleep but not before he mumbled sleepily back, subconsciously tightening his grip around her.

"I love you too honey."