Characters: Tahno and Korra Summary: Since all the other Tahorra stories are of Korra helping Tahno, i decided i would turn the tables. Rating: slight T for mild language Category: Friendship


A pile of sparkling glasses sat in front of a woman dressed in blue. She looked disheveled, with her hair coming loose from its ponytail and a sullen expression. You would have to be blind to not see she was drowning her sorrows.

"One more," she told the bartender. He obliged and slid a glass of brown liquid to her. She downed it in one gulp.

One patron of the bar noticed her. His first instinct was to saunter over there and get under her skin, just because he wanted to. But something stopped him. It was the look in her eyes as she sulked in the darkest corner of the pub.

"Lovely coincidence seeing you here," he said as he approached her. Korra didn't even look at him before she responded.

"Come for a reason, Pretty Boy, of are you just going to say something sleazy?" she asked. Tahno was surprised by her forwardness. Nonetheless, he felt a strange urge to help the drunken Avatar.

"I was seriously considering it," he said, crossing his arms. When he saw her half-hearted smirk, his expression softened. "What are you doing?"

"Isn't it obvious?" She slammed the shot glass onto the table. "I'm celebrating. Yours truly is now of drinking age." The ex-Wolfbat stepped closer to her, resting a hand on her shoulder.

"It's your birthday," he said, putting two and two together. "And you're all alone?" Korra chuckled in a self-deprecating sort of way.

"I'm not alone. I have 18 of my closest friends right here." She gestured to the glasses in front of her.

Tahno sighed, reaching into his pocket, pulling out a wad of Yuan. He left it on the table and grabbed Korra's arm. She only barely registered the movement.

"What are you doing?" she asked, trying feebly to pull free.

"Taking you home. You've had enough for one day." He slung her arm across his shoulders and his hand found her waist.

"Why?" Korra asked. She sounded so defeated. "Why bother?"

"Becauseā€¦" Tahno searched his brain for a motive, to no avail. "Because I don't know. Just let me help you." Together they slowly made their way back to the air temple. After a while of silent walking, Korra spoke up.

"He forgot it was my eighteenth birthday, you know." Her words were slurred almost beyond comprehension. Deciding not to pry, Tahno remained silent.

"Bolin remembered," Korra went on with a goofy grin on her face. "He had work today, so he left me a little hand-made card and everything, but at least he remembered. Mako could've said something, but his girlfriend claimed all his attention, just like always. Forgetting my birthday is forgivable, but spirits forbid he forget the anniversary of Asami's first self-defense class. Which is today, do you know that?" With a dramatic huff and a sloppy rolling of the eyes, Korra ended her speech.

Eventually they made it to the island. The Avatar was sober enough to tell Tahno where her room was, and he guided her there without a word.

In the hallway that contained Korra's room, Tahno was stopped by a tall silhouette.

"And just what do you think you're doing with her?" It was the firebending weasel. Tahno straightened as much as he could with Korra a dead weight in his grip.

"What you have failed to do, street rat. I'm taking care of her." Mako's eyes flared. He opened his mouth to retort, but Tahno beat him there.

"Before you say anything, I'll let you know that she's pretty pissed at you right now. You're in no position to pretend to care about her, or kick me out. She wants me here." Mako glared.

"Why do you care all of the sudden?" he spat. Good question. Even I don't know.

Ignoring him, Tahno said, "Give me five minutes. Just to make sure she doesn't need anything else.

"Five minutes," Mako said through his teeth.

As gently as he could, Tahno lay an incoherent Korra down on her bed. Her eyes were shut, but she wasn't asleep yet. The former waterbender searched her room for some sleepwear. Turning his back to give Korra privacy as she changed, Tahno noticed all the little trinkets she had from the Southern Water Tribe. It was endearing to think she was so sentimental.

Hearing the bed springs squeak, he turned to find her settling down. He smiled and walked over to her bed. He pulled the sheet up to her chin like he was tucking in a child. He placed a hand on her cheek. Her face was flushed and warm; no doubt she'll have a bad headache in the morning.

"Thanks, Tahno." Her voice was so quiet he almost didn't hear it. But he did.

"Did I do alright?" he asked. Korra yawned.

"For a pretty boy." He chuckled slightly at this.

"I guess I'll see you around," he said after a sigh. The ghost of a smile graced his lips.

It took all of two seconds for Korra to realize she wasn't comfortable in her bed.

"Wait," she called after Tahno. He looked at her. "Lay down." He furrowed his eyebrows at the demand. He glanced at her hand, what was patting the spot beside her on the mattress.

"Say again?"

"Just shut up and do it." A pleasantly surprised grin crept onto his features as he obeyed her commands. Slipping between the sheets, he felt Korra's leg drape loosely over his and her arm automatically went to his waist. From where her head rested on his shoulder, he could smell the scent of the sea in her hair. He slid his arm under her neck, and in an instant she was asleep.

The door opened as Mako stepped in. After the shock of seeing his teammate and enemy in the same bed had subsided, he whispered, "What the hell happened to five minutes?"

Korra stirred, hearing this, and woke up.

"Go away, Sparky," she groaned, tightening her grip and Tahno. "My pillow is comfy." Mako pursed his lips, causing Tahno's expression to turn into a triumphant one.

"You heard the lady, Sparky."

Mako grumbled in frustration and left.

Tahno pressed his lips to Korra's forehead.

"Hey," he said.


"Happy birthday."

AN: just a short something that busr out of me. i couldnt sleep on enight so a grabbed a pillow to cuddle against. it helped me and bam! oneshot idea! haha I know Tahno is a little OOC but that's the personality i like about him. who know, maybe he will turn out like that?