Summary: Self Insert. Everyone had a purpose in life; for some, it takes their entire life before they find out what it is but for others, they know it the moment they appear in the world. What is my purpose? Why am I here? That is what Lata Aurelia wants to know. She is an amnesiac that appeared on Ephinea at the age of 13. Now, she has a feeling that something bad is going to happen to Orlen, the village that took her in 7 years ago. How can she discover her purpose in this world when she can't protect those closest to her?

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7 years ago

I don't know how I ended up here but I do know that I wouldn't be leaving here for a long time; where ever here was.

Row upon row of some green-leafed plant stretched out in front of me. For some reason, it seemed familiar. The small indent of the forest where I sat leaning against a tree was across the road from the field. My head throbbed slightly as I tried to figure out why this area seemed familiar when I knew I had never been here before.

Groaning slightly, I put my right hand up to my temple, reveling in the familiar coldness. It was strange, though I wasn't sure what was strange about it. Something was gone in my mind, something that was important… I did things by habit though I never remembered…. That's what it was! I didn't have any memories! They were simply gone, poof, vanished.

I let my hand move to lie across my forehead, not minding that it was warm. If you almost always have "frozen" hands, things have a tendency to feel warm to the touch… A smile tugged at my lips. For some reason – habit perhaps – I felt like pointing out to the world that, "no, my hands aren't cold; they're frozen!" It just felt like a natural thought to go along with noticing the difference in temperature between the different parts of my body.

After a few moments, my hand and my forehead had become the same temperature and I removed my hand to look up at my surroundings. There wasn't much worth mention other than the forest behind me and the field in front of me. Not to say the area was bleak, it was a very nice shade of green, but it just seemed usual to me, like I was used to being around a lot of green.

Off in the distance, I could hear the sounds of a fight, though it didn't sound very vicious, followed by the sound of a young boy boasting about his strength. With how loud that kid's voice was, I wasn't surprised when the sounds of another fight followed a few minutes later. I smiled. Kids would be kids. They always loved adventure and danger, didn't they?

I closed my eyes for a few seconds, trying to repress the headache that was demanding more attention. After those few seconds, I decided the headache would have to just deal until I could get to a safer place. I opened my eyes and carefully stood up, leaning against the supporting trunk of the tree behind me to ease the weight on my unsteady legs.

"Miss, are you alright?" A voice came from the right. I looked over and saw a person in armor with a strange mask covering part of his face. My mind automatically placed him as a 'Knight'.

"Mizz?" Another voice came from behind the knight. The owner of the voice was wearing a strange orange outfit with a brown turtle shell on his back. Behind him, a huge turtle-like creature with a caravan-like saddle on its back lumbered up.

"I – I think so…" I said, my voice coming out sort of cracked, like it hadn't been used for a while. Luckily, I was saved from having to talk more as the turtle-shell guy started explaining.

"I foundz ya just layingz there," he said. "Half scared mez out of my witz, ya didz."

I attempted to give an apologetic smile but my head throbbed yet again and I had to lean against the tree more. The pulsating seemed to get worse with every breath I took and my stomach also started to hurt as the pain in my head escalated. As my vision began to go hazy, I was partially aware of the knight and the turtle-guy asking again if I was okay. Then, my vision faded all together, throwing me back into the darkness I had woken up from not long ago.

After the initial black out, I drifted in and out of consciousness. The first time the world came into view again, I saw a tent-like covering above me that rocked back and forth in time with the rocking of the ground. I wondered for a split second why the ground was moving before the world faded around me again.

The second time, I awoke to see many, many trees and brick buildings passing by. It seemed I was being carried but that was all that registered before I drifted off yet again.

I can't say how many times I awoke only to fall back into unconsciousness a few seconds later, but when I was able to stay awake, I found myself on a bed with a wet cloth on my head. The ceiling above me was made out of simple wooden planks that I studied for a bit as the area around me registered as the real world. A floor board creaking drew my attention away from the ceiling as someone crossed the floor.

"She's awake!" A young girl's voice exclaimed. I tried to move my head so I could see who it was that was talking but my head protested the movement with a throb. A second later, I noticed the movement was unneeded as the girl's face appeared above me. Long, dark brown hair fell down to tickle my face as golden brown eyes peered down at me. The light contact of the hair started to make my face itch and it twitched in an attempt to remove the annoyance.

"Ah," the girl said as she moved back, looking slightly guilty. "Sorry about that, I just got so excited. Can you sit up?"

I shook my head slightly, trying not to agitate it too much. With my response, she moved forward again, carefully to keep her hair out of my face this time, and reached below my back. "Okay, let me prop you up then, 'kay?" She said softly before lifting my upper body up into a slightly sitting position and moved the pillows so they supported me when she moved away, taking the cloth that had been on my forehead along with her.

"Thanks," I said as I finally got a good look at her. She was wearing a simple white blouse and a medium length skirt with light weight pants underneath. Her honey-colored eyes showed every thought and emotion as I looked on.

"Oh," she said suddenly, her eyes shifting to look slightly surprised and slightly guilty. "I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Elfleda Aurelia, nice to meet you."

Her smile seemed to be contagious as I felt the edges of my own lips pulling back in a smile. "Nice to meet you, Elfleda," I replied, feeling my eyes soften into a smile.

"What's your name?" She asked, curiosity swimming in her eyes.

"Name?" I blinked in surprise at the word. "I don't remember..." I said after a moment of thought. My head had started to throb again with the moving around and it happily accepted the cold comfort of my hand as I brought it up against my temple yet again.

"That's not good," she said as sadness flickered across her eyes. "Do you remember anything? What about where you came from or anything like that?"

"No," I said after a second of thought. I would have shaken my head but I didn't want to risk making my current headache getting worse or anything so I simply shifted my hand to lay across my forehead in place of the cloth Elfleda had removed a few seconds ago.

"Aww," Elfleda said, disappointed, before noticing my hand on my forehead. "Oh, sorry. I'll be right back with another cloth, 'kay?"

"'Kay," I replied. The girl helped me lay back down on the bed before rushing out of the room and down the stairs. Her footsteps faded yet another heavier set took their place as someone else ascended the stairs and entered the room I was in.

"I see you've met Elfleda," the masculine voice said. The footsteps settled as the man took a seat beside my bed. My head's throbbing had calmed down so I was able to look over to see the man who was talking. I nodded in response to his statement before studying him. He was a large man but had a kind look to him that seemed somehow familiar. He had short brown hair and hazel eyes that seemed to be bluish in the light of the room. His face was weathered, making it obvious that he was used to hard work. He wore a long-sleeved gray shirt that seemed faded along with a pair of simple black pants and worn brown boots. "You sure gave everyone a scare when the Turtlez and a knight appeared with a mystery girl."

"Sorry," I said quietly.

The man smiled, making his face light up with a gentle glow. "It's fine," he said. "We don't get a lot of news around here anyways, being in the middle of monster-infested woods and all."

"Monsters?" I asked quietly. "Where am I?"

"We're in Orlen," he explained. "I'm Dacre Aurelia by the way. Elfleda is my daughter and it was my wife, Lorraine, who offered to take you in while you recovered."

"Orlen..." I tested the word on my tongue. It seemed familiar somehow but I couldn't remember how.

"Where do you come from anyways, miss?" Mr. Aurelia asked.

"I don't know," I replied honestly. "I... I don't remember anything, Mr. Aurelia."

Mr. Aurelia nodded. "Must be amnesia then. You get hit in the head or poisoned or something?" He asked.

I shook my head softly. "I don't think so," I replied.

"Well," Mr. Aurelia said, getting up just as Elfleda's footsteps started up the stairs. "I'm sure Lorraine and Elfleda will want to take you in if you don't remember anything in a few days' time. I have work to get back to but they'll be here to take care of you." He held out his hand. "It was a pleasure to meet you, miss."

I smiled, propped myself up on one arm and shook his hand with my other hand. "Same here, Mr. Aurelia." He smiled back before leaving just before Elfleda came back into the room.

"Did Dad try to scare you away?" She asked lightly as she walked over.

"No," I said with a smile. "He was pretty nice."

"That's good," Elfleda said with a smile before a joking look came over her eyes. "Apparently he scares little kids a lot."

I laughed slightly as Elfleda put the wet cloth on my forehead. My head started throbbing again and I closed my eyes to lessen the strain on it.

"You should get some rest," the golden-eyed girl said, patting my forehead and I opened my eyes. "Sleep well." I looked after her for a bit before allowing my eyes to close again and letting the world of darkness swallow me yet again.

The next time I woke, the curtains were pulled over the window on my right, only allowing a bit of light into the room. The door was closed and the cloth on my head was dry, apparently not having been replaced for some time. I sat up carefully in the bed, noticing that instead of throbbing, my head was very clear. Even though I didn't know how long I had been asleep, I knew that I needed to get out and go somewhere.

As I slipped the covers off of me and sat on the edge of the bed, I noticed there was a set of clothes laid on top of the dresser over by the window along with a hair brush. I got up and walked over to the dresser, looking at my reflection in the mirror that was set on top of the dresser. A slim girl with tangled blonde hair peered back at me with ivy green eyes. When I smiled at the mirror, the reflection smiled back at me.

With a sigh, I picked up the brush that had been provided and started to comb the tangles out of my hair. For how tangled my hair looked, it brushed out pretty well, only taking a few minutes to get it smooth, well, smoother. I put the brush back onto the dresser and picked up the shirt they had provided.

Holding it in front of me, I noticed it was a simple blouse like the one that Elfleda had been wearing when I first woke up in the Aurelias' house. With a half smile, I put the shirt on the dresser again and changed into it and the simple grey pants that were also there. There were a few clips arranged on the dresser in case I wanted to use them to put my hair back but I left them; it wasn't like my hair would be falling into my face too often given the length of it.

As I finished getting dressed, I took a look at the girl in the mirror again. The blonde hair sort of blended in with the pale skin but the green eyes contrasted with both, making them stand out more. I got the feeling that it was supposed to be a strange sight but I didn't give the feeling much thought before putting on a pair of boots I had been wearing earlier.

Carefully, I opened the door to the room I was in and walked out. No one seemed to be around as I walked over to the stairs and started down them. I was proven wrong as a woman with honey-colored hair and eyes stepped into view.

"You're up!" She exclaimed, picking up her long skirt to trot up the stairs to where I had stopped. "Shouldn't you be resting, miss?"

"I feel fine now but thank you," I said as I felt a smile plastered itself over my face.

"You sure?" The woman asked.

I nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine Ms… uh…"

"Lorraine," The woman supplied. "Lorraine Aurelia."

"It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Aurelia," I said.

"Just Lorraine is fine," Mrs. Aureli- uh, Lorraine said.

"Okay," I smiled. "I was thinking of going out for a bit to look around."

"Be careful out there and don't wander too far. I'll send Elfleda out when she wakes up."

"Thanks," I said with a smile before continuing down the stairs. As I reached the door leading outside, I hesitated for a second before opening it. The village was almost silent in the dove-grey light of pre-dawn but a few early risers where up and about, collecting what looked like… lumber equipment.

What was originally surprise faded as I saw all of the trees around. With this many trees around the village, of course they would have a booming lumber business. There was a track leading deeper into the forest where the workers would probably go to start their work for the day, leaving the trees around the houses as they were.

As I looked around, I noticed a tree at the edge of village with a branch within reaching distance. It was weird, but I had the sudden urge to climb up into the branches of the tree, feel the wind blowing through my hair and see all of Orlen at once. Giving in to the urge, I walked over to the tree and reached up to grab the lowest branch. The bark was rough against the skin of my hand, giving me a good grip. After grabbing on with my other hand, I leaped up, pushing my feet against the tree's trunk to get my legs up onto the branch as well. With both my hands on the branch and my knees hooked onto the branch, I pulled myself up until I was sitting on the branch.

A light wind blew through my loose hair as I stood up on the branch, using the branches above me for support. I took a moment to enjoy the wind before grabbing onto a branch above the one I wanted to go to and climbed up. One branch after another, I continued up the tree in the same fashion. When a branch was too far to step to, I would use a branch above it to swing over.

Eventually, I reached the highest stable branch and looked down at the village. The majority of the houses were simple two story brick houses with a single door out the front and a window on each side of it. More people were moving around the town since the sun had come over the horizon and it was starting to bustle with activity.

I spotted a stick leaning against the side of one of the houses. The stick seemed like a spear but it didn't have any sharp ends that I could see so it was probably a staff instead of a spear. Still, the strange bulge at the end of the staff made me curious.

As I watched, I spotted a figure with long dark brown hair come out of the Aurelia's house and look around. It occurred to me that it was Elfleda looking for me; her mother, uh Lorraine (I would need to get used to calling her that) had said that she would send Elfleda out when she woke up.

I climbed down the tree gracefully, finally coming to the lowest branch again. My movement had caught Elfleda's eye and she was waiting for me when I dropped down to the ground.

"Wow," she exclaimed as she reached over to remove pieces of bark and twigs from my hair. "You're a really good climber!"

I shrugged. "I just felt like climbing… I guess I've done it a lot before."

"It was still amazing," Elfleda pointed out. "You looked like you were part of the tree, like…" She searched for a word to describe what she was thinking. Suddenly, her eyes seemed to spot something in the trees behind me and she finished the sentence. "Like ivy!"

"Ivy?" I asked in surprise.

"It's a separate plant but when it grows up the tree, it looks like its part of the tree!"

I nodded though it barely made sense to me. Looking behind Elfleda, I spotted the strange staff thing yet again.

"What's that?" I asked, pointing it out. She turned around to figure out what I was talking about.

""Oh, that?" She said as she spotted my object of interest. "That's a Brandistock. We call it that because Brandi was the one to create it and she is the only one around here who can use it."

"Isn't it just a regular staff?" I asked. It shouldn't be that hard to learn how to use a staff so why could only this Brandy person use it?

"It's actually really cool," Elfleda pointed out. "When you press a button on the staff, a spearhead comes out of the tip, making it a spear."

I blinked in amazement. I had been right and wrong at the same time; it was a spear as well as a staff.

"That is really cool," I admitted. Something seemed to be calling me over to the Brandistock; it was like the weapon itself wanted me to wield it. After a second's thought, I asked the question that had been bubbling up in my mind: "Do you think Brandi would be interested in teaching me how to use it?"

Elfleda looked at me in surprise, her eyes sparkling with hope. "You're going to stay? And I'm sure she would love to; she's been trying to get a student for the longest time."

"I don't know of any other place I could stay," I pointed out. "Plus, I like this place; all of the trees seem familiar somehow."

Her eyes went from sparkling with hope to glittering with happiness. "That's great! Mom was just suggesting that we adopt you, since you don't have anywhere to go without your memory. We'll be sisters!" She thought for a little bit before continuing. "How old are you anyways? I'm 14."

"13," I said with a smile as she grabbed both of my hands in her excitement. 'Sister,' I thought. The word had a nostalgic feeling that came with it as it went through my mind.

"You'll be my younger sister then," Elfleda smiled, removing her hands as she thought for a bit. "You'll need a name though."

I nodded in agreement though no name ideas came to my head as I watched her think.



"Lata will be your name!"

"Lata," I tried it out the word. "I like it… Lata…"

"It means ivy or creeping plant so it fits," Elfleda pointed out with a smile, pressing her hands together near her chest. "From now on, you'll be Lata Aurelia, 'kay?"

I nodded. "Lata Aurelia," I repeated the full name, enjoying the feel of it on my tongue.

"Let's go see mom and dad then, Lata," she said excitedly, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the house.

"Yeah, Let's," I said as I grabbed her hand as well and followed her back into my new home.

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