A new fic for ya. I got to thinking about Twilight and then my other favorite books series came into mind, Secrets of my Hollywood Life. And then this was created. I hope you enjoy it. Edward comes in the next chapter, and he's a piece of work.

Note: Stephenie Meyer owns anything relating to her babies, Bella and Edward.

California, the place where anyone who aspires to be something, comes to achieve their dream. But, you came here, knowing that you had the one in a billion chance of making it. And somehow I, Isabella Marie Swan, made that journey and became that one in a billion.

I came from a small town in Washington called Forks. And when I say small town, I mean a whopping 1,320 people. This was a town where everyone knew everyone's business, whether you wanted them to or not. So, when I got my big break in Hollywood, everyone in Forks knew. Now, I've had the dream to act ever since I can remember. I grew up watching some of the greatest of the greats perform on stage, TV and in the movies. And I knew, the moment that I saw my live Broadway show when I was 7 that I wanted to act.

When I told my parents this, they were a little skeptical at first. Of course, I was 7 and they though that it was just a phase. But, I never changed my mind. So, when I was 15, I told my parents that I wanted to move to Los Angeles and pursue my dream. Charlie, my dad, was a little worried about a 15 year old going out alone into the city of LA. I told that I could move in with my Aunt Esme and Uncle Carlisle. Little did my parents know, I called my aunt and uncle ahead of time and they agreed to house me. Renee, my oh so scatter brained mother, was worried about my high school career, not that much concerned with my safety. It's not like I had friends any close friends in high school. And, my freshman year was almost over anyway.

After 2 months of pleading and a very well put together slide show presentation, they said yes! Two weeks later, the day after Valentine's Day, I had my bags all packed and my ticket in hand. I was ready to go to California. Of course, I didn't get away that easily. There was a very tearful goodbye from my mother. She told me not to let the fame get to my head and not to forget the little people. My dad on the other hand, had me make a deal with him. If I hadn't done something with myself by this time 2 years from now, I was to come straight home. I agreed, just to make him happy. He pulled me into a hug and wished me luck. I knew though, that it wouldn't take me 2 years to find fame. Fame would eventually find me in 6 months.

After a grueling, 2 hour flight from Seattle to LAX, I had finally made it. I looked out my window as the flight attendant on the intercom said, "Welcome to Los Angeles." and it was beautiful. Of course, there was a hint of smog in the air, but otherwise beautiful. There were the palm trees swaying in the wind, the Pacific Ocean laying on the horizon. It felt like I was finally home. Once I got off the plane, I pretended to be looking for my aunt and uncle, but really, I was looking for a famous face. Of course, I didn't know what I would do if I actually saw or ran into a celebrity. I'd probably stammer and trip over myself or squeal like the little fangirl I am. But, I never got the chance to find out cause there were no celebs in sight.

I found my aunt and uncle at baggage claim. My uncle was holding up a cardboard sign that said, "Miss Isabella Swan," I just giggled and ran to give them a hug. I haven't seen my Aunt Esme and Uncle Carlisle since Thanksgiving last year. So, after the "You need to stop growing," and "You look so grown up," bit, we filed out of the airport to my uncle's black Mercedes.

Carlisle and Esme live just outside of LA, in West Hollywood. That's where their 2 bedroom condo resides. And their condo is breathtaking. It is very spacious, with its open floor plan. The living room has a giant flat screen that my dad would kill for. An open kitchen with shining granite counter tops. Throughout the condo, there are dark, maple wood floors. It seemed to be something out of a movie, like one a billionaire would live in. And on the far wall, there were giant glass windows that looked out to the west. You can almost see all the way to Santa Monica. Now, the bedroom I had to stay in looked fit for a princess. It had a king size bed and a bathroom that had a shower that could fit at least 20 people! I know my aunt and uncle are movie producers, but I never knew they made this much to live this way!

It took me a couple days to settle in and Aunt Esme called a private tutor to come and teach me, so I'd still get to graduate on time. The schedule was less hectic then actual school, thank god. My tutor, Demetri, came over 4 times a week for 5 hours. And I never had to get up earlier then 8am! On the 3 days I had off, I was looking for auditions.

I had no luck the first 2 months. I managed to get two auditions for an Old Navy commercial and an X-box Kinect commercial. I had to start somewhere. But, those auditions ended up falling through because the shooting days were at "inconvenient times". Total bullshit, really because I had nobody to drive me to place they were shooting. In the 3rd month I did get into a commercial, finally. I was in one of those dumbass Sylvia Learning Center commercials. I had to yell at my "parents" about not caring if I failed school. It must have been good because it aired 2 weeks after the shoot. My parents called saying they saw me on their run down TV.

By the 4th month, I finally found a casting agency. I was smacking myself, mentally, for not thinking of this in the first place. After numerous calls and signing my name on papers, I finally had an agent, Irina Greene, one of the best out there supposedly. She did get me my first real audition though. It was for a new TV show airing on CW in the summer, Chasing Raine. I didn't have any idea what the show was about. For all I know, the main character could have webbed feet and purple hair. But, it was an audition and I wasn't going to turn it down.

It was the day of the audition and I was a nervous wreck. I had the shakes and I was biting my lip to point of drawing blood. And I had absolutely every negative thought imaginable running through my mind. What if I mess up during my audition? What if I walk in and trip? What if I get abducted by aliens before I walk into the room? What if a tornado blows through the building? I was basically psyching myself out. So when I got to the audition, I was a hot mess of nerves.

The room was quite full when I got there. It was filled with about 50 other girls. They all ranged from 14-20 and they all looked different from one another. No hair color or eye color seemed dominant. So, I knew that they didn't have specific look in mind. As soon as I plopped my butt in the last remaining chair, the process began. One girl went in, came out and another took her place. Time seemed to tick by ever so slowly. I think I now know that there are exactly 145 ceiling tiles in this room. The room started to slowly empty as girls trickled out. And then, when the last girl left before me came out, it was my turn.

Esme, who was here some much needed support, nodded at me and gave me a warm smile. I barely managed a nod back before I got up. My palms were sweating like mad. I tried to wipe them on my obnoxious red shorts, but no luck. Oh well, I just wouldn't shake their hands, if they were still in there. I took a nice deep breath before I walked into the room with as much confidence as I could. Sitting at a long white table sat three people, 2 men and one woman. They all looked bored, but as soon as I walked in they plastered on those fake smiles. I walked into the center of that room, one last deep breath and began.

I got a callback! They actually wanted me back! And they wanted me to read from the actual script! I was so excited. I called my parents as soon as I was called, which was about 5 days later. They were so excited for me. They wished me luck on my callback and told me to break a leg. And knowing me, that wasn't unlikely.

I ended up getting more than one callback, to be exact. I got 4 more after the first, and each time the group of girls got smaller and smaller. And it looked to be that they wanted someone older to play the part. But, that was the only change I could see. Still no specific look in mind. I was still in the running. By my fifth callback, it was just me and one girl. This would decide who made it and didn't. I expected Donald Trump to be in that room and say, "You're fired!"

This girl and I couldn't be any more opposite. While I had brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes, she had long straight blonde hair and blazing green eyes. I was also lacking in the boob department. Let's just say, she could back a truck up with those things. And her name just happened to be Lauren. She also had this sickly sweet voice. God, I wanted to barf.

When she was called back, she glanced at me like, "Not a chance in hell will I lose to you," look and sashayed into the room. I hated her so much, and I didn't even know her. After 10 minutes of pure torture, she walked out of the room, smirked at me and then left the room. I just bitchfaced the crap out of her. I wasn't going to let her intimidate me. I got up, straightened my jean skirt and headed into the room with confidence on my side.

It was 3 days, three torturous days of waiting for that phone to ring. I never let it out of ear shot if I could help it. I prayed every night that I got the part. Maybe by some miracle, that Lauren girl got hit by a bus, like Regina did in Mean Girls. But, that would be mean. I was just really hoping she didn't get the part. But, the more I waited, the more that seemed to be the reality of things. I was too boring. Too plain. Too brown eyed and brow haired. I almost gave up waiting, until the fifth day.

The sound of the ring shot throughout the silent condo. I raced to the phone, nearly killing myself in the process. I picked it up and the man on the other line asked if I was Isabella Swan. I said yes, and the next thing he said was Congratulations before an unrealistic animal noise came from my throat. I had gotten the part! I was going to be on TV! A million emotions went through me all at once. I was excited cause I got it, nervous cause I worried I'd mess up and freaking elated cause that bitch didn't get it! After an apology to the man on the other end for hearing my animalistic nature I hung up. And then Irina called telling me congratulations and saying she'd see me tomorrow for the details.

I then called my parents. My mom was in tears and saying she was proud of her baby, typical mom. And my dad was proud but kind of laid back in his response. He was still iffy about the whole Hollywood thing. My mom jerked the phone away from him and told him to stop being a sour puss and asked me for details. I didn't have any, so that conversation was short lived.

I then made my final call to my aunt and uncle. They took me out to dinner to celebrate. And I even got to have desert. That rarely ever happens.

Six months of trying to find myself. Six months of finding my breakout role. That was two years ago. And since then, my show has gone through the roof. Next to Vampire Diaries, ours is the most watched show on the CW. And we only had filmed one season. I had won a Teen Choice award for Best Break-out TV Actress. And, our show won Best Breakout TV Show at the TCAs. I don't think my life could get any better.

It's now September 13th. I turned 18 today. My show is one day away from starting season 2. And I'm just about to meet my new love interest. . .

Any guesses on the love interest? It's really not that hard lol Until next time. . .