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Jamie Scott sat on his bed after dialing the number he knew far too well, he listened to each individual ring not really knowing really why he was calling she had made herself perfectly clear each time they had spoken she made herself clear whenever she packed her bags and left him. But, Jamie loved her and love wasn't a mistake you could fix and it wasn't a disease that the doctors could slow down over time it was something pure, something that made your heart vulnerable.

"What do you want Jamie"? He heard the angel's sweet voice coming out of his cell phone. "This better be important it's three O'clock in the morning".

"I… I'm sorry I just needed to hear your voice" he admitted to her.

"Jamie we have been through this a hundred times you can't keep calling like this, it's not good for you or me we have to move on with our lives."

"We were married you don't just move past that Madison".

He wandered if the past ten years of his life had been a lie every kiss, every touch, and every time they made love? Had everything been a lie up until now? Jamie stood beneath an alter and promised to love her until the end of time and he was sticking by that promise but why couldn't she?

"Good bye Jamie" Madison said so quietly that Jamie barley heard her.

No sooner had she spoke the words and the line went dead, Jamie looked down at his phone to see the words Call Ended flashing on his screen. One day Jamie's life was perfect and on the right track to success with his supporting wife standing by his side the next day he Madison had left him for a drummer in an unsuccessful band and basketball had been taken from him forever.

"Jamie" he heard Logan's voice "who was that on the phone"?

"Madison" he answered his voice flat.

Logan stood at the door looking at his troubled cousin, ever since Jamie had returned to Tree Hill he hadn't been the same at all. In fact he had no personality it was as if he didn't have a soul just a body limping around and no one knew how to help him. Jamie and Logan had been close ever since Logan had become part of the family.

Jamie didn't need to look at Logan standing in his door way to feel his pity it was the same with everyone. Nobody knew what to say to Jamie who uses to be a free spirited and enthusiastic person to be around but now not even his parents wanted to be around him that much but then again they had their own problems without Jamie coming in and adding to their misery. Logan was the only one who tried to get through to him he was unsuccessful but at least he made an effort.

"Jamie you have to get over her" Logan said "You can't be calling at three in the morning just to hear her voice it was sweet when you were fifteen or even a year ago but now she is with another man and you have to accept that".

Logan was the tough love type and sometimes that is just what Jamie needed, someone to tell him the God honest truth rather he wanted it or not but other times like this very moment he wished that Logan would lie to him like his mother would. Haley would always say everything is going to be ok even though it really won't be.

"She is still my wife and I love her I can't help that Logan" Jamie said looking down at his feet.

"I know but she doesn't want you anymore she has moved on, look I don't expect you to get over a woman you have been with since you were fifteen or that you have known since you were what six or seven? It will take months but you can't keep doing this to yourself, calling her knowing that she doesn't want you is only hurting you it is just annoying the hell out of her".

"Thanks for sparing my feeling cuz".

Logan didn't want to hurt his feelings he loved Jamie in a way that all cousins should but Madison left him for another man the only thing Jamie can do is move on. It not only hurt Jamie in every way possible but it had bruised his ego pretty bad. After four years of marriage and a ten year relationship Madison had just left him no explanation as to why until one day she was one day seen out with another man as it turns out she had been sleeping with him months prior before walking out on Jamie.

Logan stood there looking at his broken down roommate he didn't know what to say or if he should even say anything at all. They weren't chicks after all they "bonded" but not over a tub of ice cream and talking their feelings, lately Jamie didn't really want to even talk about anything to anyone. Logan didn't say another word he decided Jamie needed to be alone and he left hoping that he would be ok.

Basketball was more than a sport to the residences at Tree Hill it was a way of life, it wasn't just a game to the pretty and popular, some didn't even consider it to be a game or even a sport most of the guys in Tree Hill called it their future occupation and everyone else called it their life. It was something that everyone knew rather you played on the basketball team or sat in the bleachers watching but everyone attended. It didn't matter if you were rich or poor, skinny or ugly because basketball didn't care as long as it found a way into the hoop.

It wasn't any normal day in Tree Hill it was game day and it wasn't just any game day it was the first game of the season for the Tree Hill Ravens. It was mandatory for the cheerleaders to wear their uniforms to school and the basketball players had to wear ties and button down shirts not that any of them minded. The rest of the school had an option what to wear but over ninety percent of the students wore blue to support their town.

"Nice legs what time do they open" Lydia Scott heard as she walked down the hall and turned around to see a group of guys including Jude Baker.

"Are your parents terrorist cause baby you da bomb" another of the guys said.

Everyone that seen her knew that Lydia Bob Scott was more beautiful than most girls but more importantly Lydia knew that she was beautiful and because of that some people called her conceited but she just called herself confident. She looked as though she was an adult sized porcelain doll with long auburn hair, eyes as blue as the ocean, and a body most girls would die for.

"If that's the best you got you'll be spending the next four years of your pathetic life alone those sorry ass pick-up lines is older than afro hair got it? Next time you think about opening your mouth you should go on to the bathroom considering the only thing that comes out is shi-"

"Hey Lydia" she heard and turned to see Breyton standing next to her. "I need to talk to you for a minuet can you come with me"?

Lydia knew that she might as well follow Breyton she didn't have enough middle fingers to give that she wanted to give the prick standing in front of her. So the two girls found their way to the bathroom where Lydia immediately began applying makeup even though she had just finished dressing her face only ten minutes ago.

"So what did you need to talk to me about"? Lydia ask searching through her purse for her eye liner.

"Ok here is the thing to be on the cheerleading squad you have to have at least a C average and the teachers are constantly checking if you are on any sports" Breyton began the dreaded conversation she really didn't want to have "the thing is you don't even have one C and we just started school only six weeks ago".

"What so that makes me stupid"?

As much as Breyton loved Lydia she was the most defensive smart ass that she knew and her best friend was Sawyer Scott for God's sake. When Breyton didn't answer Lydia right away she just ignored her and went back to applying makeup and looking in the mirror, Breyton hated to hurt people's feelings especially people she cared about. Not that she should care about this particular person Lydia doesn't care about anyone else but herself.

Breyton wished she could just end the conversation and leave the bathroom because she highly doubted this would get anywhere with Lydia. But, Breyton had just been made captain of the cheerleading team and she didn't want to lose that spot because she didn't tell some freshman she sucked in school.

"It doesn't make you stupid Lydia" Breyton began taking a deep breath "it just means that to stay on the cheerleading team you have to do better in school so the principal suggested tutoring".

"Tutoring" Lydia practically shouted even though Breyton was standing right in front of her "tutoring is for tard's and I may not be good in school but I am not a retard".

Breyton watched as Lydia stormed out of the bathroom and if it was any other cheerleader she wouldn't even worry about it. Unfortunately it wasn't any other cheerleader it was Lydia and she was one of the best damn cheerleaders in the state, Lydia had been cheering since she could speak and been going to the best cheerleading camp in the U.S.A since she was six. On top of being the most experienced she would never hear the end of it if she cut Lydia from the team.

Davis Baker was rushing down the hall to make sure he would be on time for his first class of the day when suddenly he was lying flat in the floor on his stomach looking up at Jude and about five or six other jocks with everyone laughing at him. Davis felt his cheeks begin to turn red as he sat up and began to pick all his books up.

"Why don't you watch where you are going next time fag" one of the seniors said laughing.

Jude, his own flesh blood instead of sticking up for him laughed along with everyone else, the two had never been really close but he had hoped that his brother wouldn't let him be made fun in front of everyone. Jude only laughed and Davis didn't know if what hurt more than being made fun of in front of the whole school or his brother turning on him in front of the whole school. As Davis had finally got all his books gathered they were only kicked out of his hands again by another of the seniors.

"Hey" a guy said rushing through the crowd and it turned out to be Keith Scott to his rescue. "What are you doing"?

Keith bent down and picked up his books for him before helping him up, he seemed to be the only jock in the school who didn't act like a jock. But, Keith looked at Jude in complete and total shock before asking "Jude don't you have something to say to your brother"?

"Yeah" Jude said nodding his head "nice eater clothes lard ass" and pushed the books back out of Davis' hands.

The group laughed and walked away after they had not only embarrassed Davis not once or twice but three different times in five minutes. It really angered Keith that had happened to his friend but it really pissed him off that his own brother went along with them. No, Keith and L.J got along all the time but they could never do that to each other in fact at one time or another they stuck up for each other.

"Go on nothing to see here" Keith said as everyone stood around laughing as Davis picked up his books yet again. "Here let me help you Davey".

"No, I got it but thanks" Davis said before rushing off.

Haley James Scott walked into the Tree Hill auditorium to witness students and parents and nearly every Tree Hill resident sitting in the stands but only one person stood out to her and that was Nathan who was walking towards the boys locker room. She felt her heart break a little just a little bit as he walked that way, she knew she would have to face him at the game part of her considered staying home and just avoiding it all together but she wasn't going to hold back on his account and her kids were the ones in high school now not her.

"Hey Hales" Lucas said as she approached where all her friends sat at.

"I think it's just pathetic that after twenty five years we are still hanging out with the same people we hung out with in high school" Brooke Baker said breaking the awkward silence and a laugh escaped from everyone's lips.

"Hey" Sawyer said walking over joining everyone with an unfamiliar girl " Ok Jenny this is… well everyone and everyone this is Jenny Jagielski my new roommate".

"Jagielski" Peyton ask in complete shock "As in Jake Jagielski, you don't remember me do you"?

"I'm sorry Mrs. Scott I can't say that I do" Jenny said.

Peyton narrowed her eyes at the young girl, every day Peyton loved being married to her husband more than anything. That marriage had brought her three wonderful children and a happy eighteen years but being called "Mrs. Scott" made her feel like Deb.

"Peyton please" she said as nicely as she could "come on and sit down".

Haley and Brooke laughed quietly to themselves as they knew Peyton far too well to know that she hates being called Mrs. Scott just as Brooke hated being called Mrs. Baker it made them feel old but then again their kids were in high school so that made them feel old too.

"Hey S.B. Scott" Breyton said walking over to the bleachers in her cheerleading uniform smiling at her best friend "I need to talk to you about something can we go over here for just a minuet"?

"Sure" Sawyer said and followed Breyton outside of the gymnasium.

"Remind you of anyone" Mouth ask Brooke and Peyton who only laughed.

It was true after Lucas, Peyton, and their three kids moved back to Tree Hill Breyton and Sawyer instantly clicked. Their friendship did remind everyone of Brooke and Peyton but that was all they was both completely crazy in their own way.

"What's up"? Sawyer ask as she and Breyton walked outside of the gymnasium.

"Ok I have a problem and I don't know how to handle it, so Lydia isn't doing to well in school and as you know to be in any sport you have to maintain a C average but she doesn't in fact her gpa is so low I should have already kicked her off the team"

"Why didn't you" Sawyer ask folding her arms.

"Because, she is the best and I need at least one good person on the team and half of the squad can't even do a one legged toe touch but anyways I offered that she go to tutoring and she flipped saying I was calling her stupid. I didn't want to be a bitch about it but I don't want to get in trouble with the school either".

"So you came to the biggest bitch you know"? Sawyer said smiling

Sawyer knew when the name Lydia came into the conversation it would be bad, she knew her cousin wasn't the "sweetest" person in the world or even close for that matter but she had hoped that somehow she would cut Breyton some slack. In fact she sometimes though that possibly Breyton and Lydia got the wrong parents because Lydia was no Haley James and Breyton certainly didn't act like a Brooke Davis.

"I know that it sucks, I have been cheer captain so I know exactly what you mean but Brey you have to let her know that you are in charge otherwise these girls will walk all over you and honestly would you rather kick her off the team or be off the team? I know it's selfish but sometimes it wouldn't hurt to put you first instead of everyone around you every now and then. I love that you are the kindest, nicest, and most good hearted person I have ever met but sometimes you have to put your foot down you can't get through life letting people walk all over you and that is a fifteen year old cheerleader who may be the best on the squad yes but is also only considers herself not you or if she would get you in trouble. I know that you aren't use to being mean or rude but sometimes you have to be" Sawyer told her " I love my cousin with all of my heart but you know as well as I do that but she doesn't care about anyone but Lydia".

Sawyer loved that she had the most sincere friend in the world who cared about anyone and everyone even if someone was cruel to her Breyton would take time out of her life to help that person but Sawyer also worried about her at the same time because Breyton never would stand up for herself, not that she needed to. She was never picked on in fact Breyton looked like a model she was so beautiful but whenever it came to authority that is where she had a problem she would never speak up for herself and just let everyone do whatever they wanted.

"The game's about to start but we are not done with this conversation" Sawyer said pointing her finger at Breyton.

As sawyer returned to the bleachers Breyton found her spot on the sidelines with the cheerleaders' pom poms in hand and unfortunately next to Lydia who was laughing with a few of her other friends. In Lydia's eyes she hadn't said or done anything wrong she just didn't want anyone know that she had to go to tutoring that could ruin her reputation well what one she was trying to build up.

"Let's go Raven's" the cheerleader's yelled as the basketball teams came out.

Each basketball team stood at different ends of gym doing their pre-game warm-up and to be honest the Ravens three coaches were quite nervous it was the first game of the season and who wants to lose a game in their own house? But Nathan Scott was more nervous because his wife was sitting fifteen feet away from him and every morning he wakes he misses her, a month has passed and he still hasn't got used to living life without her and tries to think of ways he couldn't have lost his wife.

He wasn't the only guy looking at a James girl every boy on the court was staring at Lydia and lucky for them Nathan didn't notice.

"Who is that red headed girl next to your sister? " Ryan Ferrell ask Jude Baker as they stood in line to shoot hoops.

"Lydia" Jude asks seeing Lydia standing there laughing with a couple of the girls.

"She is so hot".

With that very comment Jude looked at him and almost laughed he had always thought of Lydia more like another sister since he had grown up with her but looking at her in the cheerleading outfit he had to admit she was hot. But, he wouldn't allow himself to stare he had seen Nathan protect his daughter before and he wasn't going to purposely put himself in harm's way.

"Is she single' Ryan ask him.

"I would imagine so".

Truthfully Lydia was only single because she hadn't found anyone worth being with or who she thought was good enough to be with her anyways. When Jude heard Skill's blow on the whistle he walked over with the rest of his teammates to their coaches as Jamie Scott dreadfully walked into the gym, just because he was having a hard time doesn't mean he was going to miss his family playing. That was the one thing that kept him breathing every day and sat down with everyone.

"Hey J. Scott" Sawyer said as he sat down.

"What is with the whole last name thing" Jenny ask Sawyer who laughed.

"It's a Tree Hill thing, you two remember each other right"? Sawyer said laughing.

"You're the café dude" Jenny said recognizing him and Jamie nodded smiling a little.

"Speaking of is the café hiring" Sawyer ask "Jenny needs a job and I told her I would check with my connections".

"Connections? Who do you think you are Victoria Davis"? Brooke said.

After that was said Brooke received a deathly look from her God- daughter and it was the same look Peyton gave her father and brother's when they did something wrong. It certainly wans't a look anyone wanted to earn.

"They are about to do the tip off" Jamie said trying to break his cousin's deathly glare from Brooke.

"Ryan Ferrell and Lee Ingram find their positions in the middle of the floor for the tip off" a voice came though the intercom over the gym. "And the Ravens have it, Ryan Ferrell passes it to Lucas Scott who passes it to Keith Scott who shoots from the three point line and the ravens are in the lead by three".

"Way to go baby" Peyton yelled clapping and both of her sons instantly looked away not wanting to be noticed by the screaming manic on the bleachers even her husband refused to look at her.

"Jude Baker with fade away and… the ravens win" the voice yelled again in excitement.

The whole gymnasium jumped up in and yelled with enthusiasm, no they hadn't won a championship but they had won the first game of the season and that was just as great to everyone but it seemed to affect Jude the most. His first high school game and he took the winning the shot, he now had the respect of the whole basketball team even his dad who didn't really understand the sport looked proud.

"You coming" Jude all the sudden heard from behind him "I'm throwing a party back at my dad's old beach house you coming"?

"Yeah" Jude said smiling standing in complete shock.

"But, you got to bring Lydia" Ryan said starring at the beauty.

"I'm sure that will not be a problem".

After plenty of begging and promising Haley that she wouldn't drink Lydia managed to make her way to her very first high school party but within the first five minutes Lydia also managed to break every promise she had made. Breyton had told Haley that she would keep an eye on her daughter but she lost her like she was dog without an leash, however she found her younger brother Jude making out with some girl which made her sick to her stomach.

It wasn't just Lydia's first party it was Breyton's as well parties weren't really her type of thing but she promised Haley even though she would rather be at home studying for her exam the following Monday. She couldn't even find her way towards the door there were so many people and Breyton felt like she couldn't breathe she knew that she had to somehow find her way outside and to her car. After having made it outside she found her car blocked in with no way out and confetti sprinkled all over it. Breyton knew of only one person to call when she pulled her cell phone out crying.

"Hello" she heard through her cell phone.

"Can you come get me".

She sat as close as she could towards the road until she seen her mother's SUV driving around the corner and jumped in as quickly as possible. Brooke was proud of her daughter it was certainly something she never could have done as a teenager or ever wanted to do it showed Brooke that her daughter was mature more mature than her mother who allowed her to come to this which worried Brooke because her son was in there and no way to find him in a crowd like that.

The whole drive home Breyton didn't say a word and Brooke wouldn't make her she was just happy that her daughter was safe. Whenever Brooke parked her car Breyton hoped out and ran to her room before her mother could ask her any questions. It's embarrassing enough that the captain of the Cheerleading team called her mommy to come get her but she certainly wasn't going to make it more awful than it had to be.

"What happened" Julian ask as Brooke walked through the door and they heard a bedroom door shut.

"Well from the looks of it our daughter went to her first party she didn't drink, she didn't have sex, and she called me to come get her because she was scared I'd say. She will be fine I think it was just to much for her but on the bad side of the situation Jude is still there and so is Lydia" Brooke told him "I'm going to call Chase I want my son home".

"You can't call Chase" Julian told his wife "as much as I hate to say this it is their first party and they won. I remember being a teenager not getting invited to those types of things I couldn't imagine kids who finally fit in for even just one night and then getting arrested for it. Not to mention Davis is upstairs upset and I'm sure it's because he wasn't invited".

"What? Davis is cool" Brooke said looking at her husband who rolled his eyes. "have you talked to him"?

Lydia sat as close to Ryan as she could her ear pointed directly toward his mouth unable to hear anything he was saying and reading his lips didn't help much either. She wasn't sure if it was the alcohol but for some reason Lydia looked at Ryan and said "this is your house right? Why don't we finish this in your bedroom".

Ryan looked at the girl sitting next to him and smiled this would be something to tell the guys about on Monday. Ryan was the most popular guy in school but he had never been with someone so hot before and on top of that she was the most willing girl he had ever met. The two stood up and pushed their way through people across the house into the living room.

Lydia Scott threw back the rest of the liquid in her red plastic cup before Ryan took her hand and lead her up the staircase towards the bedrooms. She had never had sex before but he didn't have to know that sex couldn't be that hard to figure out once you get going was the way Lydia looked at it. She thought she seen Keith as she walked up the stairs but lucky for her he was far too drunk to notice.

"This is my bedroom" Ryan said pointing towards a door.

Ryan turned around to give Lydia one last chance to back out because normally he was the type of guy to take advantage of a girl and not even care but this was L.J's cousin. Lydia laughed before pushing him into the bedroom shutting the door behind them and shoving him on to the bed. Ryan laid back and watched as she climbed on top of him removing her shirt and bra.

"Wow" was the only words he could form from his mouth.

To Ryan she certainly didn't look fifteen she looked much older than even he was and he wasn't going to just lie there and watch anymore. He quickly got involved in his favorite sport.

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