After much debate, I have decided to write a Lord of the Rings fic. This is my first one, go easy on me people. Unlike most fics, I will not be adding a tenth member to the Fellowship. Well, not an official one at least.

Solatiri watched with sad eyes as the soldiers of Gondor marched to the gates of Minas Tirith. They were on their way to Osgiliath. The city had been under attack and it was the soldiers' duty to go and reclaim their city.

"I wish you didn't have to go", Solatiri said.

"I have to. Father's orders."

There before her stood Boromir, captain of Gondor. The eldest son of Denethor, the steward of Gondor.

Solatiri and Boromir had been friends since childhood…since Solatiri first came to Minas Tirith from Rohan. Her father sent her from Rohan to Gondor for reasons she'd rather not discuss. Not even Boromir knew why.

Solatiri hugged Boromir once more.

"Stay safe", she said.

"And to you as well, my friend", he said. "I will return safely."

She nodded as Boromir placed his helmet on his head. Solatiri watched as he mounted his horse and rode off to join the rest of the soldiers. The women of the city tossed flowers into the roads bidding the men farewell. Solatiri didn't have the heart to do such a thing. She didn't want to think about the possibility of Boromir dying.

"Do not worry", she heard. "He will return."

"Must you go too, Faramir?" Solatiri asked knowing who it was.

"I have to. For my father."

"Denethor", she frowned. "Forgive me for saying, but he is a horrid man. He asks too much of Boromir. You're his son too. You deserve the same respect Boromir receives."

"Please Solatiri", Faramir said. "I wish to hear no more."

"I'm sorry", she said bowing her head. "It was not my place to speak of such things."

"I suppose you haven't told Boromir yet", he said.

Solatiri shook her head. She knew what he was talking about. He was asking if she had told Boromir her true feelings. Faramir could see it in her eyes. She was in love with Boromir. She had always been in love with him, ever since they were children growing up together.

"I will tell him", Solatiri said. "I will tell him once the time is right."

Faramir nodded as he put on his helmet.

"I must go", he said.

Solatiri hugged him.

"Stay safe. Come back safe and make sure Boromir comes back safe to me."

He nodded as he mounted his horse and rode off. Solatiri watched him join the rest of the soldiers as they marched to the gates. She turned away and walked into the building. She quickly walked to her room knowing what she had to do.

Boromir lead the soldiers to Osgiliath. He could see the Orcs of Mordor surrounding the city. Boromir looked to his left and right to see a line of soldiers on either side and knew there were more behind him.

"For Gondor!" he yelled pulling out his sword.

"Gondor!" the soldiers yelled.

"Gondor!" he heard a feminine voice yell out.

Boromir looked to his left to see a soldier smaller than most men. The soldier looked back at him. Boromir nearly fell off his horse as he looked into the brown eyes he knew all too well.


"Keep your eyes on the battlefield, Boromir", Solatiri said.

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