Author: Lunschen
Rating: M for bondage smut
Genre: romance/drama
Title: Trust me.

A/N: Bondage smut and Chase bashing.

Trust me

You always knew that starting a relationship with Allison Cameron would be anything but easy but you had no idea how complicated it really was to sleep with an underling.

How did it even start? All you can remember was her fight with Chase one morning. You never knew she could yell that loud although you had no idea what she was yelling about and you didn´t even cared. All you did was taking your coffee and sit near Foreman who was too worried to leave one of his colleagues alone. It felt like sitting in a theatre and enjoying the show. It was almost funny until Chase opened his mouth and said the only words you could remember afterwards:

"No wonder that House is fucking everybody else just not you. Who wants to deal with such a whiny and frigid cow when you can have an attractive and horny hooker."

The room went silent afterwards. Foreman stood up and had enough. Reaching out for Cameron who was standing still (or was it shocked?), but she looked away embarrassed, just to meet your eyes – fucking timing. While Chase opened his mouth to apologize, she fled from you, him and it seems like the whole world. Good thing that Foreman knocked off Chase, less work for you.

You haven´t heard about Cameron the whole day long until it was time to go home and Wilson entered your office, looking worried.

"What have you done to Cameron this time? She spends the whole day at the clinic, working like mad and now she´s on the roof crying her eyes out. What the hell.."

You couldn´t stop rolling your eyes but deep inside you were relieved to know where she was now.

"Stop it Wilson. Why does everybody blame me whenever little Cam is crying? Just for you to know, this time it was Chase who made her look even more like a lost puppy, not me. I don´t even know why you care. She´s my lobby art, not yours. So don´t waste your time and take care of your wannabe arts or better said nurses."

Wilson shook his head and went out without saying anything. Not that it would have change anything.

You really should have been home by now but the scene from the morning just wouldn´t leave your mind. So you took the elevator and limped carefully to the roof where you saw the person that was invading your mind far too often, standing at the roof, lost in thoughts.

You have no idea why but you limped to her and just took her in your arms, leaving her cry at your chest until she was weak and half asleep. Knowing that she wasn´t able to drive home like this, you took her to your car and drove her home. Once she crashed on her couch and let sleep overtook her, you went to the kitchen and prepared a meal to strengthen the both of you.

In the end, you stayed by her side until the next morning. It wasn´t planned but it somehow happened and you loved to held her close the whole night long, soothing her and enjoying her body against you.

The both of you changed after this night. You stayed for breakfast and went to work afterwards. Chase had a very bad time back then. Yelling at him for being stupid, useless or wrong was your new hobby then. Most of the time you ordered him to make your clinic duty and have him get out of your eyes.

You found yourself spending time with Cameron more and more the next weeks. Watching movies, eating pizza or sitting in bars together were on daily basis. You never promised her anything and she was okay with it. Even when you found yourself in her bed and you were NOT sleeping.

Now you know that this was the breaking point in your whatever it was relationship. She got too close to you and you considered pushing her away but the moment she went home at night, was the moment you started missing her. It was idiotic and so much you.

All these feelings were too much for you back then and you´ve started to lose control. First you called her, she came with food and not even one hour later she got to close again and you´ve send her home. You never stayed for the night in her apartment and she gave up wanting to stay with you at night.

It got worse at work, too. Everybody knew by now that something happened between the two of you. Some days you brought her a salad when she did your mail and smiled at her when nobody was around. The next day, you pushed her to no end, being crueler than usually towards her.

The last time you saw her was three days ago. She came to you without any invitation (a brave move), holding food in her hands. Instead of being happy (and horny), you got angry and accused her to control you (which was more than stupid). Not even glancing at her food, you pushed her outside and told her that you´ll spend the evening with Wilson and football. You can still remember

the slamming of your door and the tears in her eyes. You didn´t hear anything from her since that night. Who would blame her?

Now you sit in front of your TV with Wilson again and these pictures are haunting you. Running a hand through your already messy hair, you notice Wilson watching you.

"What?" You can´t stop barking at him.

He knows you and takes your shit.

"Spit it out House. I know you and I know something or better said somebody is haunting your mind."

"You don´t know me otherwise you wouldn´t ask such stupid questions."

Wilson shakes his head and looks at you.

"Cameron. Do I need to say more?"

Damn, he really knows you.

"Cameron? You mean my slave? What´s wrong with her?" Playing stupid is never a good option but you just don´t care.

"You miss her and feel sorry but you´re too much of a coward to admit it and set things right again."

You hate to be called a coward and it makes you angry enough to explode.

"Yeah right. I really should run or better said limp to her, confess my undying love and beg her to come back. Is this what you want to hear? I bet it is! But I am so fucking tired to be called a coward all the time! I am not the coward here but she is! How can I have a relationship with somebody who doesn´t trust me? No matter what I do, she always seems to have doubts. Hell, she doesn´t even trust me while I fuck her! Who´s the coward here?"

The TV is silent now, switched off by Wilson who shakes his head again. You hate when he does it and you have to go away. You take your cane and limp to the kitchen, filling your glass with cold scotch. Of course Wilson comes, too.

"You blame her for not trusting you? You are the one who pushes her away, just to take her back whenever you want to. You are the one who yells at her like mad at work, just to cook for her in the evening. You are the one who throw her out of your bedroom every fucking night, no matter how late it is. You are the one who gives her no reason to trust you. You are the coward here."

You throw you empty glass against the next wall and when you turn around, you see Wilson leaving your apartment. Not in the mood to clean up the mess you made, you grab your leather jacket and the keys of your bike. It´s too much and you want to flee into the cold and stormy night.

At least now you know that you have another addiction beside vicodin and you´re standing in front of her door without really knowing how you got here. Not that you care. Blame it on the scotch. There´s just one problem: What to do now? Knock and have no idea what to do next (running away is not an option when you´re a cripple) or not knock but getting drunk in a cheap bar? You choose the first option and knock. Just then you wish that running away would have been an option but it´s too late now because she opens the door, looks at you and don´t even act surprised when you storm into her apartment.

Damn. Not knowing what to say, you just stand there and just realize that you missed her but the look on her face tells you that she wants to know what the fuck you´re doing here and so you sigh loudly.

"I want you to trust me."

Cameron looks more than puzzled now. "Excuse me? You´re kidding, right? How the hell should I trust you after all you did the last weeks? I need more than just some lame promises, House."

You nod because you know that she´s right.

"Give me one chance, one last chance to show you that you can trust me. I won´t hurt you, I promise. Please."

Damn, you´re already begging but she still eyes you without knowing what to do.


Instead of answering (you´re really bad with words and everybody knows it), you take her hand and lead her to her bedroom. Looking around, you spot her favorite scarfs on her chair. You take two and step behind her, swallowing two vicodin on your way. You´re sure you´ll need them for later on. It´s already dark but nonetheless you take her first scarf and tie it around her eyes. Her breathing becomes faster and you place wet kisses on her cheeks to calm her down before you whisper softly in her ears:

"Relax and trust me."

You start to strip her. Soon her pajama pants are on the floor, along with her simple white top and her slip. You barely touched her – yet and you know you´ll need all your patience tonight but you feel yourself getting harder each second. Damn, this will be a long night.

You take her hands again and help her lie down in the middle of her bed. Taking her second scarf, you tie her hands together and strap the scarf at the headboard of her bed. You see that she´s nervous. Her breathing is faster and harsher now but you claim her lips with yours and promise her to be back soon. Looking around for some items in her kitchen, you come back and look at her closely for the first time that night and you love the view: Her naked body covered with little sweat pearls on her white sheds. Her pink lips are slightly open and her legs are closed, for now. You would love to take her fast and hard immediately but you can´t lose control now. You want her to lose her fucking control and trust you. Tonight you want to hear her screaming for the first time in sheer pleasure. You´re sick of her muffled cries into pillows or her fists. You want her to scream and lose herself, for you.

You don´t trust yourself to get out of your jeans although they´re far too tight now. Instead you strip down your jacket, shoes, socks and t-shirt. Enough for now.

"Do you know what a safeword is?"

She nods.

"Good, choose one."


You chuckle. "Good choice, this will ruin my mood immediately but now shut up and let me have my way with you. Okay?"

Another nod.

You sit down at the edge of the bed and stare at the naked goddess before you. Thousand things you want to do to her are running through your head.

"Spread your legs"

It´s a demand and she knows it but her shy side is in her way again and you start to feel annoyed. Why can´t she just trust you?

Not waiting any longer, your hands are on her knees and you spread them for her, as far as possible. You feel her shiver but don´t really care since you´re too aroused by the view of her sex. She never let you go down on her – fucking shyness again – but tonight nothing (beside her safeword) can stop you and you lick your dry lips in anticipation. Not yet, you tell yourself.

You force yourself to look away and claim her lips. The kiss is hard and makes your head spin while your tongue demands entrance, battling with hers and leaving the both of you breathless. It stops as fast as it began and you grin smugly when you see her lips swollen and breathing heavier than before. Yep, she will definitely scream your name soon.

Reaching out your hand, you take the spoon you found in her kitchen and let the round and cold side caresses her breasts and her already hard nipples. She starts moaning a little bit but not loud enough for your liking. You play with her left and then right breast until you let the spoon wander down her belly and between her spread legs, making her cry out – still not loud enough. You caress her wet folds with the cold material and it annoys you that she´s biting her lips now to prevent herself from crying out loud. Well, you´re far away from finished you think while you lick her juices from the spoon.

You do that same with a fork now. The thin prongs of the fork are a nice contrast of her soft and delicate skin. They roam over her even harder nipples, tease her bellybutton until you let them touch her clit for a second, making her hiss and leaving yourself even harder, painful harder.

Her legs are trembling now but you spread her knees even wider, reminding her to leave them open for you. Only the moon is shining through the window but you can still see her pale and perfect body bathed in moonlight and she was never more beautiful than now. A deep blush is spreading on her chest, her teeth are biting her lips again and she´s having a hard time to stay in control. You have so many other things in your mind which you want to do to her but you have to take her soon. Your self-control is disappearing and your arousal is taking over.

You stop thinking and just act from now on, leaving your distinct take over. Your lips are on her nipple, biting, teasing and sucking like there´s no morning. Finally you hear her scream, in arousal and surprise and you love the noises she´s making. You need more screams and suck even harder. Without warning, two fingers are invading her and start pumping in and out without mercy. Her control is gone now. She tries to muffle her own screams of pleasure but she stands no chance. It´s too much and you feel her body trembling even more. You bite on her nipple and circle her clit with your thumb and she´s coming all over your hand, her body twisting and soft screams filling the room.

Giving her some time to recover you play with her breasts again, softer this time until she calmed down a little bit. You take away the scarf from her eyes and switch on the little lamp beside her bed. Just when her eyes adjusted to the small light, your fingers leave her and she sees you licking off the juices from them, moaning softly from the wonderful taste. You love the blush on her perfect body but her eyes never leave your mouth.

Your mouth leaves wet spots on her neck now until it reaches her ear and you softly whisper:

"I am gonna go down on you now and I want you to watch me eating you."

You look into her eyes and see wild arousal and some fear in them. You know that you´re the first one tasting her and you have to go slow to not shock her. You dip one finger into her warm and wet tunnel, pumping softly in and out until it´s coated with her juices. She gasps softly when you smear the juices on her lips and whisper

"Taste yourself. Taste how delicious you are."

Her tongue is on her lips now and she moans softly when she tastes herself for the first time.

"You like it?"

Her voice is breathless and soft when she answers. "Yes."

"Want more?"

She only nods and your still wet finger is in her mouth. You moan when you feel her tongue sucking your finger and twirling around it.

"Now it´s my turn to taste you and I want you to scream my name when you come. We both know that I can make you scream. Stop suppressing your screams. I want to hear you."

Not giving her time to think twice, you spread her legs and your head is immediately between them. Your tongue laps her soft and wet folds and she can´t stop the scream that just came out. Her head is thrown back in pleasure and her hips are shaking. Your strong arm is holding her upper body down now. Cameron can´t move them anymore and you start licking even more. She´s lost now and you reached your goal: Making her lose control. She´s moans, throws her head from one side to the other and tries to thrust against you. Your fingers are spreading her folds, giving your tongue even better access to thrust in and out. Her juices are flowing into your mouth and you drink every single drop she´s giving you. She´s more than delicious and you can´t get enough. Far too soon for your liking, you feel her body tighten and her entrance starts to get even tighter against your tongue. Cameron´s close and you both know it. Your tongue leaves her entrance and you push two fingers inside her, finding the right spot immediately while your lips suck at her clit, making her cum and scream your name immediately.

You watch her trying to regain control over her body again and you never see her looking sexier than now. Your body screams and you don´t waste any time to undress and search for a condom, putting it on.

You free her hands from the scarf and she looks at you with tears in her eyes but a satisfied smile on her face. Her arms are immediately around your neck, pulling your lips to her and you kiss her with all the passion and love you have for her. You really hope she can feel what she means to you. You kiss away the salty tears on her cheek and you hear her whimper softly.

She smiles at you and nods. Taking the hint, you enter her with one fast and deep thrust, making you both moan. You can´t stop kissing her lips over and over again while you thrust faster and harder inside her. You both moan from this sensation and you find her hidden pleasure point with each thrust, making her scream your name over and over again like a mantra until you both can´t take it anymore and climax hard together, screaming each other's name in ecstasy.

You roll over, trying not to crash her while you both try to regain your breaths. When the aftermath is gone, she looks so vulnerably beside you again when she tries to cover herself, expecting you to go back to your apartment, leaving Cameron behind you in the silent and dark night.

Instead of dressing again, you go to the bathroom, dispose the condom and switch off the lamp beside her bed. You lie beside her and cover you both with the blanket. Turning around, you see the shocked but happy expression on her face.

"You´re staying?"

You just nod and kiss her lips softly.

"I was an idiot the last weeks and I will be an idiot for the rest of my life but I know now that I want you beside me. I want you to trust me and I´ll try my best to make this work if you still want me."

She nods through her tears and kisses you softly. Soon Cameron is asleep in your arms and you feel like the luckiest bastard in this world.

TBC? No idea.