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The Night tore on, as an awe-struck, Southern mechanic, Ellis looked over at his beautiful, Pregnant wife , Zoey. 'How did I get this lucky?'Thought Ellis as he continued to day dream about his life and family.

It hadn't been but two years since they had reached rescue, were paired up and told to reproduce. After five months Zoey and Ellis began sleeping in the same bed, after seven, they were hopelessly in love with each other, and began to start a family. After eleven months they had their own little baby boy. He had

Ellis' brown thick hair and his crystal blue eyes, while he had Zoey's nose, mouth and face. They were the two happiest people in the world.

Zoey decided to name it William after Bill, while Ellis Thought it should be named Hotrod, but loved the name his wife picked out even more so they stuck with William. Then as if right on que,

William began to cry from his room down the hall. Zoey began to stir and rubbed her eyes groggily. "What time is it…?" ,She asked, while instinctively rubbing her swollen stomach. "It's around 3 am, don' worry I'll go comfort him." Replied Ellis willingly. "Ok…Tell me if you need any help…" Zoey breathed as she fell back on too her pillows.

Ellis slowly opened the door to their son's room only to be met by a crying William, sitting in the middle of the floor. "Hey, Will, don't cry!" Soothed Ellis.

This act proved to be useless as William began too sob. "Aw, hey, Will , your alright!" Ellis pulled William into his arms and began to cradle him. "Ya know…there was this one time, yer uncle Keith tried ta build a boat…He ended up getting out inta the lake, then the boat sank, an' he had to swim all duh way back ta shore!" William's cries turned into tiny little sniffles as Ellis was talking.

Ellis spent the next few hours telling stories about his crazy

Buddy Keith and Laughing with his son, that he forgot all about the time.

About two hours later Zoey walked in too check on William,

And too check why Ellis had not returned to bed the night before, when she saw the cutest thing in the world that filled her with absolute joy.

In the middle of the floor, in William's room, lay Ellis with little Bill on his chest, both in a deep peaceful sleep. Zoey chuckled and thought to herself, 'That's my boys…' as she slowly shut the door, happy to be living in this world out of harms way and the constant fear of the infection. Her life had never been better.

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