I give inspiration for this to oAlykinze0, for her idea of having them as food in The Ouran Bakery. The vegetable thing was me. I own nothing except the idea of vegetables and the salad bar.

Once upon a time there was a sweet little Tomato named Haruhi. One day while out walking, she stumbled upon a salad bar that only the most beautiful, most delicious, vegetables were allowed in. While there she accidentally knocked over a very important, expensive thing of salad dressing, spilling it.

From then on she was in debut to the Ouran Salad Club. She met Honey, an energetic olive who loved to eat croutons, and his silent and tall cousin Mori, who was a carrot. She also met a pair of red potatoes called Hikaru and Kaoru, who were very secluded. The other members were a slightly scary onion named Kyoya and an obnoxious head of Lettuce named Tamaki.

They shined Haruhi, making her plump and red, and delicious looking. When they found out Haruhi was actually a fruit, they didn't mind, they kept on making her pretend to be a veggie.

Over time in between entertaining adoring vegetarians, she began to learn about the club. Tamaki was actually a very good person. Once he helped a confused cook find his family, and when they were on a vending cart at the beach he saved Haruhi from some seagulls. Also not everybody approved of Honey's habits, and maybe Kyoya had a reason for being cold.

One day after a few years, a little five year old girl and her mom wandered into the shop. While her mom ordered a sandwich, the bored little girl wandered to the salad bar. She observed the vegetables, they way they acted. She noticed the tomato liked the lettuce, who liked her back. She saw the tomato was actually a fruit, and the potatoes looked exactly the same except for a small peel on opposite sides of their head.

When she left the shop, the little girl forgot completely about the salad bar. She grew up to be a successes anime and magna writer named Bisco Hatori. One day she wrote an amazing and popular show called Ouran High school Host Club. Though, she could never quite remember where she had gotten the idea from….

And so Ouran High school host club was born! Hope you enjoyed :)