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Chapter 1 The First Vision

It is early 1919, maybe March or even April, and a young Mary Alice Brandon is sitting by the lake by her home in Biloxi, Mississippi, drawing a tree. She absolutely loved drawing outside. Especially in this beautiful weather they were having today. Drawing was one of her passions and it gave her great peace in her life. It was a great way for her to express herself. The lake at which she was at was about the only place her parents would allow her to go to alone. They were very protective of her even though they also had a younger daughter, Cynthia. She was about three or four years younger than Alice.

"There we are," Alice murmured under her breath, taking a step back and looking at her finished artwork with great satisfaction. "It's now perfect for her." This was going to make a great birthday gift for Cynthia. As Alice went to put her drawing pencils away in her bag, she began to get dizzy."Oh my…"

Alice placed a hand on her forehead and closed her eyes tight. When she opened them back up, she was standing inside the entrance of a church that was filled with all of her family members and family friends. They were all wearing black and crying over a coffin at the front of the pews.

"I am so sorry for your loss my dear," a woman says to Alice as she passes by to leave the church.

Alice gave the woman a curious look as she turned back inside the church. And then fear got the best of her about who was in that coffin. Her breathing started to pick up. Her heart rate was quickening.

"No," Alice gasped, walking up to the coffin, pushing people out of the way. She did not want it to be who she thought it was. She fell to her knees and started crying as she saw that it was her grandmother in it.

When Alice finally found herself back at the lake, she was kneeling on the grass. She grabbed her drawing tools and started running back home, hardly being able to breathe. She did not care how crazy she looked as she ran. Tears started to run down her face even more the closer she was to her destination.

"Mother," Alice gasped as she came running into the kitchen, wiping her eyes with her sleeve.

"What is it, darling?" her mother asked as Alice threw her drawing materials onto the table and sat down.

Alice took several deep breaths as she caught her breath, hand clutching her chest. It felt as if her heart would come out if she did not hold on to it for dear life. Her mother placed a glass of water on the table for her to drink.

"Grandmother is well?" Alice asked after finding her voice again and drinking half of the glass of water in one swallow.

"Of course she is," her mother replied, taking her daughter in her arms as Alice began to break down in tears once more.

"It's just… I had an awful vision about her. I was in church for her funeral," Alice said, tears still streaming down her face.

Alice's mother held her daughter by the shoulders and looked straight into her eyes.

"Oh, sweetheart, I think the sun got the best of you today I'm afraid," she said, trying but failing to laugh at the end of her sentence.

She then placed the back of her hand on Alice's forehead, checking for any signs of a fever.

"Possibly," Alice said, looking away because it was hard for her to accept that.

With that, Alice's mother sent her to take a bath and go to bed, but Alice could not sleep. The vision had felt so real.


Two days later, Alice's mother broke the news that her grandmother had passed away during the night in her sleep. Alice fell to the chair, not believing what she had just been told. It could not be true. Tears that wanted to come did not. It was like all of the tears had been cried already.

"It cannot be," she muttered to herself.

Alice looked away, staring out into space in shock. Her vision had come true. At first, Alice was freaked out, but her mother and father finally calmed her down by telling her it was just a coincidence.


It was weeks before Alice had another one of her visions, and this one was even more terrifying than the first. He was gorgeous and strange at the same time. His blond hair fell over his red eyes, which were staring straight at her. What was even scarier about it was that he was in her room.

"Alice, are you all right?" Alice's mother asked that morning as Alice walked down for breakfast.

"Yes," she answered, sitting down at the table without adding anything else.

"Please tell me you did not have another episode?" her mother asked.

That was the word she used for Alice's visions. She had even kept her younger daughter away from Alice. Alice's father then became interested in their conversation.

"It is not like I can control them," Alice said.

She knew her parents were getting concerned. There had even been talks of sending her away for help when Alice's mother had witnessed her having a vision for the fourth time a few months later. Alice did not dare mention the ones that her mother was not a witness to.

"Who are you," Alice asked out loud one day as she sat on the porch, reading a book.

There was something about the vision she had had of that mystery man. It was like she had already met this him before. Her mother walked out to find Alice in deep thought.

"Why don't you go to bed and get some rest?" her mother asked.

Alice nodded and went to bed where she dreamed of this man.


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