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Elsword- Lord Knight

Aisha - Elemental Master

Rena - Grand Archer

Raven - Blade Master

Eve - Code Empress

Chung - Iron Paladin

Don't ask me why it's Iron Paladin, I'm just the type that likes[ male characters that are too pretty to be a boy] :D!

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Every night, I dream of her. Long, flaming red hair not unlike mine tied in a ponytail, flicking in the breeze stirred up by the swish of a sword. And her cold gaze, the one I see, every day, as I look up from a slashed-up

dummy made of dry grass. The one that she uses on no one but me, the one that tells me I have not yet been approved by her, the one that tells me I am not qualified.

Every day, I pick up my sword, in the hopes that I will one day see the carefree smile I had missed for so long, the one that she used to give me before she turned so cold, so unapproachable.

And the day she left.

I wake to the sound of birds twittering, a normal sound that I had grown accustomed to every morning. I dress and step out of my room, only to find the room across from me, empty, a cold, unfamiliar sight.

I dart inside. Her belongings are gone, the room as cold and frigid as ice. I shake my head, tears forming in my eyes. She could not have gone, not, not, not.

But I know, in that moment, that I will not see her for a long time, maybe even never again.


Why did you leave? Why had you suddenly grown apart from me, your brother? Why had you given me that silent, icy look, instead of the grin that I had loved so much?

Was I a failure?

Was I someone you just could not bear to be with, a over-energetic, easily distracted red-haired boy with a hot head that you had pretended to love? Did I do something wrong?

Every night, I dream of you, but not the cheerful, happy girl that everyone thought you were. That is just a hazy memory. My mind now processes the thought of you as someone who has not yet come back, someone

who has an uninterested, icy, crimson gaze, the one I saw in the few times you bothered to look at me.

Someone who left me there, alone, wounded,not physically, but emotionally, a hole in my heart that, as of yet, has not been healed.



Elsword opened his eyes to a girl's voice next to his bed.

" Wake up, sleepyhead! You slept for too long! It's nearly noon!"

Elsword sat up, rubbed the lethargy out of his eyes, and focused on the violet-haired girl in front of him.

" I always sleep in.. Why are you complaining now?"

"You're telling me you forgot we're going to Hamel today? You were the one who was all excited about going to 'the city of water' or something. Even more than Chung."Aisha huffed as Elsword stuck his head back

under the covers.

He said, in a voice that suggested he had not gotten a good night's sleep," Oh, yeah... Sorry."

Aisha frowned. Elsword was not the type to say sorry to anyone, especially to her. But then, she seemed to be the only one who noticed that Elsword seemed more tired and melancholy these days. Well, maybe

Chung had noticed, as he was the red-head's best friend.

She remembered the conversation a few days ago, when she had woken from her sleep and gone downstairs for a drink of water when she noticed a familiar silhouette outside, in the courtyard of their temporary

rented house. She'd gone outside, and stood next to Elsword, who had worn a face of such sadness and pain that Aisha hadn't known he was capable of making.

She'd asked," What happened?"

"Nothing... Just had a bad dream."

Inquisitive, she had asked," What kind?"

She saw him hesitate before reluctantly answering," About.. Well.. My sister."

"The one that left?"

When he did not reply, she'd hurriedly said, "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.. I mean.. I'd understand if-"

"No.. It's okay. It's about time I told someone why I came on an adventure with you guys," Elsword cut her off," I came here to look for my sister. She.. She was the head of the Crimson Knights. She used to be really

nice.. Then she..."

He had stopped with a faraway expression. After a rather long pause, Aisha had whispered," Uh, Elsword? You okay?"

He'd come out of his trance suddenly, apologized, and continued on with his story.

She remembered shedding thick tears at the words that came after the tale.

" I.. Don't know why she left, but.. I think.. I was just too much of a responsibility to her. I got in the way of her training because she needed to look after me, a overeager, hot-tempered little brother. Now, I'm not

sure if she even loved me."

" No!" She'd yelled, startling him, and whispered," She probably left because of another reason. It couldn't have been you.. Why would she leave because of you?"

"Lots of reasons." Elsword had muttered under his breath, tears slowly dripping down his, now that she'd seen him in a new light, rather good -looking, angular face. After a few moments of silence, he bade her,

barely audibly, good night, and he had gone back into the house and into the room the two shared. A few minutes later, Aisha had also headed back inside, and into the room, to find Elsword lying on his bed, his back

turned, apparently sleeping. But Aisha had known that he was wide awake, for fear the memory of his sister would once again worm inside his dreams and haunt him.

Aisha woke from her sudden flashback to see the redheaded boy staring back at her. And as she thougt of the story Elsword had told her, apparently Elsword remembered it too, because his expression darkened and

his eyes seemed to lose its luster, just for a second.

But immediately he replaced his arid expression with a slightly happier one, and said," Come on! Everyone must be waiting for us downstairs." He got up from he bed, stretched, and left the room, his light footsteps

vibrating on the stairs. Aisha followed, her mind still on the redhead.

Downstairs, the rest of the gang were making plans for defeating the Shadow demons that had been making moves on Hamel once more.

With a map spread out on the table before him, Chung was teaching others the roads, structures of the monsters' dwellings, and tactics for killing the monsters.

"This is the Resiam Outskirts," he said, pointing to a certain point on the map." The monsters here, Shadow Charg- oh, hey, Els. Kinda late for the morning today huh?"

"Yeah- I su-su-suppose so." Elsword stifled a yawn." Anyway, go on with what you were saying."

"Huh- oh, right... As I was saying," Chung continued, but not after throwing Elsword a concerned look that seemed lost on everyone except Aisha. So he had noticed, Aisha thought.

"The monsters here are mostly Shadow Chargers, Shadow Walkers, Shadow Defenders, Shadow Snipers, and Lagus. They charge you, grab at you, shoot beams of light, throw spikes, encase you in water bubbles..

Almost anything you can think of." Chung finished, making a face that suggested that his previous encounter with said demons had not been pleasant.

"Hamel seems pretty dangerous if you don't know what you're doing," Rena remarked as she was picking up dishes from the countertops and setting them down on the table." But we'll have to leave for Hamel soon,

so eat up!"

As everyone sat down to eat Rena's well-cooked( but vegetarian) meal, Eve asked,"Why is it that Hamel got invaded?"

Chung's expression darkened, and he chewed his food thoughtfully." The Shadows wanted to conquer the Senas Republic, and eventually the whole of Elrios. I guess they thought to invade the capital of it first-



Aisha noticed Elsword wasn't listening, but staring out at the window, at the crystal blue sky. She wanted to say, don't dwell on your past,look forward to the future, but she couldn't, not in front of the others.

The rest of the morning passed extremely quickly by, in Elsword's opinion. It was a flurry of activities, as each of them packed their belongings, fixed and polished their weapons, and restocked on potions. Then it was

time for them to leave the small inn-like house Vanessa had provided them with. Slowly, everyone had grown attached to it, and did not like the prospect of leaving, even if it was just for a few months.

After a few moments of silence, standing in front of the house, Rena whispered," Let's go."

They set off towards the docks where the boat that would carry them to Hamel was tied.

The deck was quiet except for the swish of the sea on the wooden planks, the cries of the gulls overhead, and silent footsteps on the floor of the boat.

Elsword rested his arms, tired from lifting up furniture and stacking them in a shed, on the railings. He looked down at the sea, its color the exact same hue as Chung's eyes, and reflecting the semi-cloudy sky.

He sighed. Elsword didn't know whether to want to go to Hamel or not. True, he'd always wanted to go to the city of water, and had envied Chung for being born there, but a few days ago, he'd heard that the

Crimson Knights had come back to Hamel to assist it once more.

He did want to see his sister once more, albeit from a distance as someone she didn't recognize. But he wondered if Elesis shared those feelings of lonesome longing for her family. She'd left him once before, and

Elsword didn't see a reason why she wouldn't again.

The boat rocked, and Elsword shook himself out of his misery and tried to focus on a more cheerful thought.

Tried to.

She lingered in the back of her mind,and he couldn't let go. She was the reason he was on this journey, the anchor to his sanity, and was the center of his life. He'd always had a sister complex, and was teased a lot

because of it, but what were you supposed to do, when she's the only family you had left?

His train of thoughts were interrupted by a particularly rough rocking of the ship, as it pulled into Pluone's bay and was tied to the dock by crew mates who jumped quickly off the ship.

He walked over to the rest of the group, who were all chatty and excited about the city, especially one particular boy who'd had a home here. As they walked down the steps that led to solid ground( thank god,

Elsword thought. He hadn't known he was seasick, as he'd never been on a boat.)

As they properly took in their surroundings for the first time, Elsword forgot about his troubles for a moment and marveled in the beauty of the city of flowing waters.

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