The Janitor. That was his name. No one knew him as anything else, and he always assumed that no one wanted to. He was just a janitor, he didn't have their fancy tools or their long words. He didn't have the knowledge or power that they did. They could ruin this hospital and no one would ever notice that he was the one who fixed it.

The one he called Scooter was just an intern when they met and although Janitor knew he hadn't put the penny in the door, it was just a small bit of conversation he could have with someone. Although that didn't mean he actually liked Scooter, oh no. He always had the suspicion that he was up to something, but Janitor could let it slide sometimes.

Blondie was one who sometimes paid attention to him. On the rare occasion she would say hello, thank him for letting her past or just use him to talk to someone when no one else was around to help her and Janitor liked that attention; he didn't have to pressure her to talk to him. For once, for Janitor, it was nice.

Janitor didn't like the fact that they didn't know him, he didn't like the idea that they didn't try. He knew that they cared for people - but sometimes he felt let down by the lack of respect they had. He did his best to interact, keep it clean and keep it hygienic. He was practically in charge of the hospital. Without him it would fall apart, but who was he?

He was just a janitor.