"Seth" I said before he knocked me down for the hundredth time today. I was Tired of losing to Seth because he did this little I'm the best appolyion dance and it just annoyed me. It made me want to put my foot where it doesn't belong and I was so tempted so I decided I would use his pull to me as a distraction. When he helped me back up I tried my best to sound sweet "Wow that's impressive, you can take me down so many times without being winded." I could tell he didn't buy it but when I leaned in and kissed him he didn't seem to care. I knocked him down and he seemed shocked. "Never get distracted" I said to him lamely. A smirk appeared on his lips and he pulled me down to the mats with him and flipped us over so he was on top. He ran his thumb over my bottom lip and said "But you're so distracting Alex" before pulling my lips to him and devouring me. I let him kiss me, taste me and I couldn't think of anything else because when I was with him the connection took over. I thought we would be there all day until I heard a pissed off Aiden say "So this is how you train her, this is this going to benefit her in battle Seth?" I stood up and dismissed myself but Seth couldn't resist making Aiden madder and called out "I'll see you later". I heard Seth get punched and a door slam and was positive I would hear about this later.