Chapter 1:The Portal To A New World

In a world of creatures called pokemon there lives a young boy named Paul who is coldhearted and only cares about power. Paul is on his way to go ask the Pyramid King Brandon for a rematch when he suddenly see's a man that come's up to him and ask him for a battle, before he accepts the battle he thinks of what his rival Ash has been telling all these years.

(flashback) Paul you'll never win your way if you don't support your pokemon and also you got to know winning a battle is to be one with your pokemon! Ash shouted" (end of flashback)

I accept your challenge but who are you? Paul asked

The stranger just shook his head saying " my name is none of your concern."

Few minutes later Paul suggested they have a 3-3 battle.

First round

Froslass stand by for battle! Paul called.

The stranger look down for a second and threw his pokeball Kingler go! The stranger called.

You have the first attack Paul. The stranger said.

Okay Froslass ice beam let's go! He ordered the Snow creature, Froslass aimed the ice beam right at Kingler. Kingler use harden! The stranger ordered the giant crab, Kingler used harden and didn't feel any pain from the ice attack when ice attacks don't do that much on water types

In that case use Hail Froslass! Paul shouted.

Froslass then created a bunch ice to fall right on top of Kingler. But Kingler barely felt a thing.

Kingler use Crabhammer now! The stranger called Kingler big claw started glowing and hit frolass really hard which knocked Froslass out cold

Froslass return you did good I guess but you need to battle hard. He said in disappointed voice.

Looks like I win this round Paul. The stranger said soon they called out their second pokemon.

Drapion stand by for battle! Paul called out.

I choose Fearow! The stranger called out .

Fearow use Aerial Ace now! The stranger ordered Fearow started flying at Drapion really fast.

Drapion prepare to catch Fearow! Paul shouted Drapion put it's pincers out and dodged the Aerial Ace.

What! The stranger shouted in confusing tone voice realizing that Drapion was able to dodge Fearow's Aerial Ace. Drapion then grabbed Fearow with it's pincers just like Ash's pokemon in Sinnoh league.

Now use Cross poison Drapion! Paul called out the his pokemon. Drapion's Cross poison hit Fearow really hard that Fearow couldn't handle the strong attack and Fearow Fainted.

Hmm that Drapion of yours is strong Paul , it seems your stronger that I thought The stranger said

"Well my Drapion is a Strong Poison and Dark Pokemon " Paul said as he returned Drapion to it's pokeball. Let's see if your strong enough to beat my third pokemon. The stranger said in confident voice,

Suddenly they heard a big noise , at first they thought a pokemon was coming towards them but they were wrong

A big portal door suddenly opened , then Paul turned around where the stranger was but he was gone .And then the portal sucked Paul in, and then he vanished along with his pokemon.

End Of Chapter