Chapter 6: Shopping and Noticing

Paul and Chihaya made their out of the school area and came to a big city with tall buildings. Chihaya looked around the buildings surrounding them. "Hey Chihaya are we going to go shopping or what?" Paul said impatiently. "Ok ok Paul no need to get so impatient." She said.

Paul and Chihaya came into a store called Shopping Goodies. "Hey Paul you look for some fruit and vegetables that we can use make food for your Pokemon. And I'll look for some clothes for you to wear okay." Chihaya said and she handed him a list of fruit and vegetables that he must find. The list: Grapes, Apples, Peaches, Carrots, Green Peas, and Corn.

Paul and Chihaya made their way to find their shopping supplies.

Meanwhile out in the city.

Kuriko and Elizabeth looked around. "Kuriko do you think that Shopping Goodies will have the right food for the Valentine Dance." The ghost girl said to her mother.

"Don't worry Elizabeth we just need some Fruit Punch, Potato Chips, Chicken Nuggets, and Vanilla Ice Cream, Cheese Crackers, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Salad. The blond magician girl said handing her ghost daughter the shopping list.

"So here's the list for the food Elizabeth and I'll look for forks, spoons, napkins and knives." Kuriko said and walked away.

"Wait Kuriko did you hear that Kazuki loves Yuna now and he rejected Chihaya." Elizabeth said. Kuriko sighed. "Yes I know that but sadly I wonder how Chihaya doing I mean she must be very heartbroken." The Blond said with a sad look on her face. "But we have to do our shopping so lets get right to it." Kuriko said.

Elizabeth nodded.

Elizabeth looked for the food but soon noticed Chihaya looking at some clothes "(Hmm I wonder what Chihaya's doing here?)" The ghost girl thought.

Chihaya looked at mens clothes and went to buy the exact same clothes that Paul wears.

Paul looked for the fruit and vegetables but then he noticed a beautiful blond haired woman. "(Oh she's beautiful.)" He thought. But he shook his head and went on to find the fruit and vegetables.

1 hour later:

Paul and Chihaya met at the exit doors. Kuirko and Elizabeth went to the cashier and paid for their shopping supplies. "Hey Elizabeth take these bags of spoons, forks, napkins, and knives please." Kuriko said to the ghost girl.

"Okay Kuriko." The ghost girl said as Kuriko handed her the bags. Kuriko picked up the food supplies. As Elizabeth turned she saw Chihaya again but with a boy. "Hey Hey Kuriko." Elizabeth whispered. Kuriko turned around as soon she got the food supplies. "What is it," The Blond woman asked. Elizabeth pointed. Kuriko looked straight and saw Chihaya but noticed she wasn't alone. Kuriko and Elizabeth hid and looked behind some big boxes.

"Who's that boy that Chihaya's with Kuriko?" Elizabeth asked her mother. "I don't know Elizabeth." The blond woman said.

"Do you think we should follow them Kuriko?" Elizabeth asked her mother. Kuriko thought for a minute. "maybe we should but for now we should get these supplies back to Aoi Academy. Kuriko said.

"Alright then lets get this supplies back to Aoi Academy first." Elizabeth said.

Paul and Chihaya made their back to the Dorm but soon their stomachs growled. "Oh I guess we should eat first." Chihaya said. "I guess we should." Paul said with embarrassing look on his face.

End of Chapter