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Prologue, Part 1: Birth of a New Hero

Every hero starts somewhere...

In a large plain, there is a large wooden house. As we get closer, screams of pain are being heard. Moving through the front door, the screams appear to get louder. As we follow the sounds, we progress to the nearby stairs, leading to the second floor of the household. As we reach the next floor, we move down the hallway, only to hear another scream of pain, except it is louder than before. This time, it sounds like we're getting closer. We continue down the hallway, and we see the third door on the right completely open. We enter, only to find five figures. The figures appear to be Anthros, animal-like creatures who share human characteristics. There are three males and two females in the room. Two of the males are standing on the left and right side of the bed, which contains one of the females who appears to be giving birth. The other female is at the end of the bed, helping to deliver the newborn as the third male stands by. We now focus on the female laying on the bed, who lets out another painful scream. She appears to look like a coyote. Sweat drips from her forehead, and she looks at the male on her left. The male appears to be a wolf, as well as the coyote's mate, as on both their left ring fingers, there is a wedding band. Suffering in pain, the coyote grabs the wolf's hand, gripping tightly.

"Aaron, I'm scared. What if-"

"Sofia, don't worry, love. Nothing will happen to our child."

"Don't forget you have another kid, Dad."

Aaron, the wolf, looked at his son, who stood on the right side of Sofia. His son gave him a smile, signaling that he was just kidding. Sofia looked at her son, who looked similiar to his father, as well and gave him a weak smile and said in between her panting, "Do not worry Marcus. I love you and your sibling with an equal amount of love." As Sofia finished her sentence, she gripped Aaron's hand tighter as another scream escaped her. Aaron could not stand to see his wife in much pain. He looked at the female who was helping to deliver the baby, and said, "Maria, how are we looking over there?" The female ocelot who was Maria responded, "Everything's fine. Sofia, you're doing great, dear. Just a little-Nevermind, I can see the baby coming out!" Immediately, Aaron, Marcus, and the third unknown male, looked and shouted, "WHAT?"

"Ok. Everybody needs to help me on this one. Aaron, find a blanket to wrap the baby in. Emilio, find something I can use to cut the cord. Marcus...stay with your mother and don't come over here!" Aaron ran off before saying, "Hold on, Sofia. I'll be back in a bit." As for the Emilio, the third male who appeared to be an owl, took out a sword and said, "Just say when I can cut the cord." As for Marcus, he was confused by what Maria meant when she told him not to move. Being only 3 years old and always curious, he left to see why Maria didn't want him over where she was. Unfortunately, he did. "Aunt Mary, why don't-OH, MONKEY ON A STICK!" Marcus saw something that he probably shouldn't have saw for another 20 years to come. Immediately, seeing his mother giving birth to his little brother or sister made the oldest child's stomach sick. He ran back to his mother, who made a small laugh as her son came back. "That's why you should've stayed." Looking straight up at his mother, Marcus said quickly and nervously, "Ohhh, I'm staying here alright!"

Aaron came back with a blanket and gave it to Maria. The wolf walked back to his wife and held her hand again once more. Maria looked up and said, "Just a couple more pushes Sofia! The baby's almost here!" Aaron smiled and said to his wife, "A couple more and the baby here's, love. This is wonderful, this is amazing, this is-" Sofia grabbed her husband's collar and said with anger rising, "Aaron. Child birth is a miracle, but when it happens, it is a nightmare!" Letting go of her mate's shirt, Sofia let out another scream, this one causing Emilio, Marcus, and Aaron to cover their ears with their hands. But as the scream died down, another scream was heard, except it did not come from Sofia. The eyes of everybody in the room, except for Maria, looked to see the ocelot stand up. "Emilio, cut it." With a swift swing, the owl cut the cord connecting the child to the mother. As Maria stood up, she held a bundled blanket. Aaron walked over and Maria handed him the small bundle of joy as she said, "It's a boy." Taking his child into his arms, the wolf saw that his newborn son looked like his mother. Grey fur and black hair, the baby seemed to resemble his mother the most. With a smile, Aaron spoke to his child, "Hey there. I'm your father." Walking back to his wife, who looked tired out, the wolf showed the child to his mother while saying, "And this, this is your mother." Tears began to pour from Sofia, as well as Aaron and Maria. The coyote said to her husband, "Let me hold him." Aaron handed his son to Sofia, who cradled the new child as soon as he laid in her arms. Sofia could not help but smile as she looked at the new life she gave birth to. Looking up to Marcus, she said, "Marcus, come here. Meet your little brother." Marcus did what he was told, and he sat on the bed to look at his new sibling. Just by looking at his younger brother, Marcus felt an instant connection with the bundled baby.

"Mom, he looks just like you. I don't see any of Dad in him though."

Looking back at her child, she smiled as she saw the color of the youngest child's eyes. "Aaron, look. He has your eyes." The father looked at the newborn to see that his son did inherit his father's grey eyes. He smiled, and looked to see his two friends walk closer. Maria had tears in her eyes as she helped Sofia with the delivery of the baby. Emilio was smiling, something only Aaron had seen rarely. In the silence, Emilio broke it as he asked, "So, what is his name?" Sofia and Aaron looked at each other. The husband smiled at his wife and said, "You name him. I named our first, so it's your turn." Sofia looked back at her son, who looked back at his mother. He raised his arms to reach for his mother. The coyote brought her little cub to her face, and everyone looked surprised as the baby hugged his mother. "This child seems to connect very well with his family. It's like he knows who his mother, father, and brother are." The baby let out a coo and nuzzled against his mother who nuzzled back. Aaron raised his hand to rub his mate's shoulder as a way of saying, "Good job." Holding the baby with one arm, she touched her husband's hand with her free palm. Marcus sat closer and asked his mother, "So, what's his name gonna be, Mom?" With a smile, Sofia knew what she was going to name her child. Looking at her child again, she whispered, "Welcome to the world..."


Character Files & Notes

Aaron-A wolf who comes from a history of demons. A soldier from Hell, Aaron fought against the forces of Heaven, before falling in love with an angel who would be his wife and mother of his children. After their marriage, both the demon and the angel sought to seek out a new life for themselves while trying to keep their forbidden love a secret.

Sofia-A coyote who was born an angel. A warrior of Heaven, Sofia battled against the demons before finding herself in love with one. Aaron and Sofia dated for a few years before getting married. As they began to settle down, they continued their lives before deciding to give up their arms and begin a new life.

Emilio-A mortal from earth, Emilio is an owl who helped wed Sofia and Aaron. He is Aaron's comrade, and is a former warrior who fought in a war a long time ago.

Maria-Another mortal, Maria is a ocelot who is Sofia's mortal contact as well as her best friend. She tends to wounded soldiers at a hospital and helped Sofia in the delivery of both Marcus and Roland.

Marcus and Roland-The children of both Aaron and Sofia. Marcus is the eldest and Roland is the youngest. Both sons have the mixed bloods of Heaven and Hell, making them the only ones of their kind.

Basically, this story is focused on Roland, my OC character, and it tells of his origins. The story tells of how Roland will grow into the guy he is today. My bio does tell a bit of who he is, but I guess you can say this fills you on how he began. This will tell of his training to be a warrior, discovering his heritages and powers, and how his past shaped him up to be who he is. If you haven't read my bio, I advise you not to read it because it will deliver spoilers.

So, here is a new story of you guys to read. I hope you like it so far, but there is more to come. As of now, this is the first part of the prologue which covers Roland's birth and will cover his early childhood before getting into the real story when he is older. Questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to leave them in the review section. Other than that, I take my leave and I'll keep you guys posted. Bye!