Recovering the Losses

"Gather your strength for the last seconds."

Roland slowly dropped his brother's body to the ground. After putting Marcus down, the coyote looked over to where he had set down his brother's sword. He picked it up and looked into the blade to see his own reflection.

The hybrid watched as the last remaining tears he had left for his brother dropped down his cheeks. Roland stared at himself for a few minutes before lowering Overdrive. He looked down at the ground in sadness. He was the last one of his family left alive. To the boy, what else was there to lose? He still had two other people who he cared about and that cared about him. But still, Roland felt like there was nothing left. As if the only reason you would fight is gone.

What could he feel? Anger? Sadness? What does one feel when there's nothing to feel for anymore?

As he stood there, staring straight at the pavement below, Roland felt a surge of power running through him. It felt strangely familiar to him. He gazed down to look at himself, but there was nothing about the coyote that didn't change. However, upon looking at the hand that held his brother's sword, Roland was amazed to see a red aura surrounding the blade.

And if that weren't enough, the boy felt another surge of power run through his body. He reached for the weapon on his back and was a bit to see Conciliator in his hand. Roland then remembered that Eclipse was knocked away from him. Like Overdrive, the rapier had an aura surrounding the sword, but instead its aura was blue.

Both surges of power felt equal but different. Roland's grip on the weapons tightened as the feeling got stronger. The auras began to shine brighter, giving their respective colors a more vivid image. The coyote began to growl as the surge became even more stronger than before. As if it was too much for him, Roland shouted out a feeling of pain. With a flick of his wrists, the weapons shook off their blades to make a startling appearance.

The power was gone, but Roland could still feel it. He looked upon the swords and his eyes widened at the new design of the weapons. Overdrive had seem to have taken a more darker appearance while Conciliator had shown a holy appearance. By examining their new looks, Roland figured out what had caused their new designs. His heritage as the hybrid son of a Demon and an Angel was the main culprit.

Strangely enough, Roland didn't feel so alone as he held the blades in his hands. He felt as if his brother and best were there. Not in person, but just by having their weapons, the coyote felt as if they never left. Looking closer, he gave a small smile as he saw what the pommel of each sword held. At the bottom of Overdrive, Marcus' gold medallion was hanging from a chain, and Conciliator held Annabeth's locket from a similiar chain. Minutes after the weapons' change, they disappeared behind a fading glow that had the same color of their respective auras.

Roland closed his eyes as the swords left, but he was lucky enough to see that the swords' glow had faded into his hands. Roland clenched his hands into fists as he felt the power leaving him. Opening his eyes, he remembered that there was one more blade that he still needed. He moved his hand up and held an open palm. In a couple of seconds, Eclipse flew through the air and straight into his hand. He closed his hand around the hilt and rested the sword on his back.

Looking back down, Roland saw Marcus once more. He noticed that his older brother's hand was pointing towards something. The coyote looked in the direction his sibling was pointing. The coyote's eyes narrowed down to see Crescent Rock. He was a bit confused, but he walked over to the landmark. He studied and examined, but there seemed to be nothing important on the crescent stone. Getting an idea, Roland ran and quickly scaled up onto the top of the rock. Looking at Marcus' hand again, Roland turned to see the ruins of an abandoned building in the distance.

Roland leapt down from the rock and walked over to Marcus. He closed his sibling's hand into a fist and rested his arm on his chest. The coyote kissed the wolf's forehead and said, "I'll be back, brother." Getting up, Roland started walking in the direction towards the building to face the last enemy standing...

"It's time to finish it."

Overdrive (R) - Marcus' blade. The weapon has change its appearance to fit Roland's Demonic heritage.

Conciliator (R) - Annabeth's sword. The blade has changed its appearance as well, but instead to fit Roland's Angelic power.

Author's Note: I'm sorry that it's a really short chapter. We're really close to the end, so hang on a little longer.
Until then, see ya.