The Confrontation

"Take back control and face your fate."

Roland had walked up to the ruined building. He examined the ruins for a few minutes before heading inside. He pushed the doors open and walked in. His grey eyes gazed around whatever was left of the building. The coyote kept walking, wondering who was waiting for him. Roland had drawn Eclipse as he kept walking.

Soon, Roland had arrived in what he assumed in the main room. He looked around, trying to find the one who he figured was responsible for the deaths of his family. In a few seconds, his eyes settled down on a shadowy figure who stood in the middle of the room. He had his back facing Roland. The figure turned his head and said, "So, you've come?"

"Well, who else would," Roland questioned. The figure chuckled and turned around. "What brings you here, boy?" The coyote gave a threatening growl and said, "You know why I'm here." The figure gazed at the boy with a mocking look in his black eyes. Opening his mouth, he said, "You come to seek vengeance on me." Roland nodded his head and revealed Eclipse, in which the blade gave a small shimmer. "What's your name," the boy asked as he rested his weapon on his shoulder.

"The last name you'll ever know. My subjects call me Lord Isis. And after I take your blood, the whole world will as well," the jackal said. He took out a sword from his back and pointed it towards the coyote. Roland got in a battle stance and said, "I don't think so." Soon, both warriors began to circle around, their eyes never leaving the other.

Isis grinned and said, "Why do you insist on seeking revenge? It won't bring them back. There is no point in trying to fight me, foolish child." Roland shook his head and replied, "I know it won't. But knowing that you can't hurt anybody else when you're dead, that's enough for me." Isis laughed evilly and smirked. Readying his own blade, the jackal said, "Well, then. See if you can try to kill me."

Roland got ready as well. "I won't try. I will." Isis rushed forward and attacked with a powerful strike, but the coyote held his ground as he held up a strong guard. They had entered a lock and struggled to be the dominant one. Sparks flew from the swords grinding against each other and the hybrid's grey eyes stared into the black eyes of the jackal. In a matter of seconds, they broke the lock and threw another swing that sent the other a few feet away.

Roland saw a chance for long range and rested his sword on his back. He grabbed Dawn & Dusk and began firing at Isis. "Tsk tsk," Isis muttered as he raised his palm. The bullets suddenly turned to dust before they could have a chance of hitting the jackal. "Damn it," the hybrid cursed before rushing towards the jackal with his blade at the ready. Isis ran towards the boy with his sword and they both met in another clash of strikes and flurries before coming into a stalemate that was another lock.

"From what I know, you have gotten stronger. Yet, your emotions keep holding you back, only making yourself weaker," Isis growled. "What makes me strong is the determination to end your miserable life," Roland responded. The two warriors exited the clash with enough force to push each other away.

The jackal snarled and said, "Don't you see? The blood that runs through your veins is unique. You possess the abilities of Heaven and Hell, making you better than any Angel, any Demon, and even those pathetic mortals." Pointing at the boy, he continued, "Wake up to the possibilities there are! A world that shall be yours if only you are willing to make it yours! Join me, and together the world is ours and everything you ever lost can be replaced."

"Fuck you," Roland responded before engaging Isis in another lock. "Nothing can ever replaced what I've once had. I rather die against you than fight for you!" Forcefully breaking the lock, the coyote managed to attack with swift swings making a few slashes on Isis before knocking him away with a powerful kick. The jackal slammed into a wall, causing a cloud of dust to surround him. Through the cloud, a pair of bright, black eyes could be seen.

Isis walked a few feet away from the cloud as ripped his cloak open and tore off the sleeves, revealing a torso of armor as well as a pair of gauntlets on his arms and greaves on his legs. The jackal growled angrily and leapt at Roland. Very swiftly, Isis delivered multiple slashes and strikes at the hybrid. Unfortunately for the boy, he was not fast enough to block every attack and wasn't strong enough to defend himself from a devastating overhead swing. Luckily enough, Eclipse withstood the blow and protected its master.

The attack had enough force to send Roland flying backwards. He slammed into a wall before falling face down to the ground. Isis laughed and said, "Had enough, boy?" However, the coyote got back up and Shifted into his Demon form. His dark voice echoed, "Come on." The jackal grinned and rushed ahead to strike again. Entering another sword duel, they clashed for a bit before Roland got the upper hand. He kneed Isis in the stomach before launching him into the air with his sword's pummel and leapt with him. As both warriors were suspended in the air, the hybrid delivered a multitude of strikes before sending Isis away with a spin kick.

Not giving the jackal a chance to recover, Roland changed to his Angel form and dashed through the air before slamming his blade into the ground where the jackal was laying. However, Isis disappeared and reappeared a few feet away. "You just won't quit, won't you," he spat as he growled angrily. "Not until you die," the boy replied furiously. Roland dashed forward and prepared to attack, but he was stopped as Isis grabbed him by the throat. "Just give up. You stand no chance against me, fool. You will die just like the rest of your pathetic family..."

A black aura formed around the jackal, giving him an evil appearance as red, cracked veins began to show all over his body. His eyes turned pure jet black, and his voice changed. It sounded similar to a demon, but much worse. "Can you feel Death's cold hands taking you away, boy? Don't worry. Your life will end soon, and your blood will give me the strength I need to conquer everything. My legacy will live forever as Heaven and Hell tremble before me. You could've had the same glory, had you chosen to embrace what you are."

As he was being choked to death, Roland said in his gasps for air, " not...what you think of me to be!"

"Then what are you? Nothing but an excuse of a perfect life form!"

"No...I am not...I am no Demon...not even a hybrid...I am...what you once were...a mortal!"

A crimson blaze ignited in his right hand while an azure mist appeared in his left. They lasted for a few seconds before travelling through Roland's body like a surge of energy. In just mere moments, the energy sped like a pulse to his heart, where a bright light suddenly bursted from his chest. The light caused Isis to drop the boy. As the light died down, the hybrid floated down to the ground. His black coat turned white and the white markings on the sleeves turned black. Then, Roland's eyes opened to reveal that they had changed from their usual grey to a shining silver. Ivory, fire-like wings sprouted from his back and a white aura emitted from the boy.

Isis's eyes widened. He then grinned as he looked upon the coyote. "'ve achieved your potential...Think of what-"

"SILENCE! No more will you speak your wicked lies!" Roland growled, making the light shine brighter. The jackal growled back, angry at Roland's defiance. But before he could speak, the coyote spoke first. "You took everything away from me. Now, I take back what is mine. Come on, you son of a bitch. Let's end this."

Isis chuckled darkly and grabbed his blade. "Prepare to die." The flame and mist in Roland's hands turned into Overdrive and Conciliator. As soon as his hands gripped tightly around the swords, Roland disappeared within a flash and knocked the jackal over. Isis got up quickly and when Roland came back to attack, they entered another duel of strikes. In their superior states, they clashed faster than a blink of an eye and it ended with the steel of their weapons grinding against each other, sparks flying out of the blades as both fighters stared into each other's eyes with snarls of burning hatred.

With all his strength, the coyote pushed the jackal away. Grabbing Dawn & Dusk from their holsters, he let out a scream of rage as he pulled the triggers as fast as he could. The bullets soared through the air, leaving white streaks behind them as they collided with their target. Isis wasn't quick enough and felt the stings of the metal rounds hit his arms, legs, and sides. A surge of energy emitted from Roland's heart and went from his chest, through his arms, and into the guns. Charging up a shot, Roland aimed and fired. The shot sent the jackal flying through the air.

The coyote wasn't finished and in a few seconds, he rushed and leapt to deliver a blow to Isis. The attack sent him to the ground, to which the jackal recovered. Growling from the pain, his body became covered in a blanket of darkness. As soon as Roland landed, the shadow rushed past the hybrid, delivering slashes at blinding speed. However, Roland was quick to block each and every strike. Not a single attack Isis made hurt the boy.

Isis shook his head and his sword became embedded with energy. Swinging his blade, Isis launched a shockwave towards Roland. The coyote put up a guard and struggled against the wave of energy. It felt like another clash to Roland, and he put a stand to defend himself as the energy seemed to lock with his blade. Seeing an opportunity, the jackal launched a few more shockwaves. As they collided with the original wave, Roland struggled even harder and he could feel himself being pushed back by the beams. Isis grinned evilly and just as he was about to launch another, the coyote used his strength and parried the attack.

Roland sent the energy waves upwards, blowing a diagonal, slash-like hole through the roof. Isis's eyes widened. He trembled in awe of the boy's strength. Before even having a chance to speak, he felt a force connecting to him and was sent back towards a wall. After coughing as he stood up, he saw Roland holding Eclipse and saw a large crack from the boy leading away towards the jackal. The coyote unleashed a similar shockwave, but unlike Isis's attack which was meant to kill, the boy's attack was merely to knock Isis back.

The aura surrounding the jackal faded away, and Isis slowly started to panic. With Roland's state, he knew he didn't stand a chance and he tried to crawl away. "Where do you think you're going," the echoing voice of the hybrid asked. In a last minute effort, Isis used his last bit of strength and threw his sword at Roland. However, the boy caught the blade with his bare hands and snapped the weapon in two before tossing pieces aside. The jackal's eyes widened and he became a bit more afraid as his enemy got closer.

In a few seconds and in an attempt to crawl away, Isis found himself being turned onto his back and met Roland's fist. Then another punch struck him. Then another, and another. The boy landed a couple of more hits on Isis before pulling him quickly and headbutting the jackal back to the ground. Isis started coughing up blood and gasped for air as he looked into the silver eyes of Roland. His mouth open and he began to speak.

"It started with my parents. I know they're not innocent, based on what they did in the past, but they never did anything wrong. They tried to leave their violent lives behind them by trying to raise two sons. They did their best, and I'm proud of what they tried to do for my brother and me. And you took that away."

Despite his calm tone, his voice was frightening. Isis still tried to crawl away, but due to his weakened condition, his movements were slow. Only a quarter of a yard worth of moving, Isis stopped and shouted in pain as he felt a blade penetrate his leg. He looked to see Conciliator impaled into his shank. Roland spoke again, but his tone slowly turned to anger as he progressed his statement.

"Then, there was Annabeth. She...she doesn't even know you and she's dead. My best friend was innocent, she never got involved in any of this, but because of you, she's dead. What...the fuck... did she ever do to you?!"

Isis saw a tear fall down the boy's cheek. Then he screamed in pain again as Overdrive pierced his shoulder. Looking into Roland's eyes, he grew even more afraid as the silver eyes were filled with a divine hatred. His voice spoke again, this time in complete anger.

"And finally, you forced a man to kill his own brother. In the end, his brother was forced to kill him instead. Taking away what mattered to me most was enough, but forcing the only family I had left in this world to kill me? crossed the line, you pathetic excuse for a living being."

Now angry, Isis growled. Taking a breather to catch his breath, he said crossly, "If you had my would understand. Imagine...the power to conquer anything. The world would be yours...yet you choose the what you had, instead of what you could have. And do you think you will walk away from all of this? No, you arrogant boy, you will not. I have connections. When they hear of my death, Heaven, who thought I was a saint, and Hell, who thought I was a champion, will seek vengeance for their fallen ally. You will never rest. Demons and Angels will continue to hunt for you. They will not stop until your pulse has faded and your heart has stopped beating. Face it, you abomination. You. Will. Die."

They both stared into the eyes of one another. It was nothing but silence. Moments later, Roland took Isis's hand. The jackal was surprised and was being lifted slowly, only to feel a pain in his chest. He gasped and blood poured from his mouth. He looked down to see Eclipse, which was implanted through his chest. He coughed up blood and gasped for air again. Then, he saw Eclipse turning into a pure, white light. Conciliator and Overdrive faded into lights as well and became part of Eclipse. Directing his gaze up at Roland, he saw the boy with a stern look on his face.

Leaning forward, he whispered, "If they hunt for me, so be it. If there's anything you did for me, it's that you taught me something: Despite the pain and anguish you put me through, you only made me stronger. Despite the fear you embedded into my mind, I managed and pulled through. All you did was make me embrace the horrors of what has happened. Because of you, I will carry the burden that lingers within me. Not the deaths, not the nightmares, but the reminder of what I am. I am not a Demon. I am not an Angel. I am not even a hybrid."

With his last remaining anger, Isis asked, "Then what are you?!"

" the one...who survived!"

Standing up and lifting Isis with one hand, Roland used his other hand to get a grip on the shining light that was thrusted into the jackal. They looked into each other's eyes and Roland growled angrily one last time before speaking.

"Rest in peace."

With one swift move, Roland drove the sword deeper. As the blade impaled Isis, he turned completely black, and soon shattered into millions of pieces as Roland drove through. As the pieces fell and broke into smaller shards, eventually fading away, the battle was over. For the coyote, as he felt heavy within being lifted, it was over.

The victim won.

He stood there for what seemed like hours.

Roland stood until the sun's rays began to lit up the room through the hole in the roof. The coyote picked up his sword and shining sword, only to see the light died down and Eclipse returned to its normal form. He stared at his reflection in the blade. He wasn't sure what he was looking at. What did he see?

An abomination?

A killer?

A monster?

"Sometimes, you look in the mirror and you're not sure whether you see yourself or someone else." As he looked at his reflection, Roland exited his Shift and turned back to normal. His coat was black once again, his eyes regained their normal grey color, and the white mist slowly faded away. The coyote looked at the mirror in his sword once more before returning Eclipse onto his back.

He looked over at the room. He examined the ruins and what was left of the building. Before he left, he looked down to where one of the sun rays was hitting the floor. He saw a small flower, bent down, and picked it up. He wondered how it stayed perfectly fine during his battle with the jackal. Admiring its survival, Roland planted the flower back in the soil from where he took it.

Getting back up again, the coyote let out a breath of relief and started walking out of the building. Reaching the exit, he turned around and gazed at the ruins one more time before heading out the door. Roland covered his eyes as the rising sun had temporarily blinded him. As his eyes adjusted to the day, he put his hand down. He buried his hands in his pockets as he began walking back to the car.

After arriving home, Roland pulled out his key and unlocked the door. The coyote walked in and looked around. He saw Emilio asleep on a chair and Maria sleeping on the couch. He smiled a bit and walked over to his mentor. He grabbed the blanket Emilio was using to sleep and wrapped it around the old owl. The master stirred a bit, but he remained asleep. Roland then walked over to his aunt. She was fine, but the boy saw a few dried tear stains on the pillow beneath her head. Roland leaned down and kissed Maria's cheek.

Done with checking on his elders, Roland went upstairs to his room. He closed the door quietly and put down his equipment. He placed Eclipse near the door and put Dawn & Dusk on his desk. He took off his coat and placed it on a chair along with his hoodie. The coyote walked over and sat on his bed, where he took off his shoes and his gloves. After placing them in their proper places, Roland laid down on the bed and looked out the window. Staring at the sky being lit up the sun, Roland sighed. For the first time in a very long time, the boy felt as if he could finally get some peaceful sleep. His eyelids closed slowly, watching the light of the window fade as he fell asleep.


Eclipse Drive - The true form of the Hybrid. This is Roland's most powerful Shift and the only one of its kind. In this form, the coyote uses Overdrive and Conciliator, along with his own blade.

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