Three day pasted after Ash's gym battle with Fantina

Ash and his friends made their way through a forest. Hey Ash you got another badge and all you need 3 more to get in the Sinnoh league.

Ash and his friends found a place in the forest to have lunch. They let all their Pokemon out so they could have lunch also. Brock made carrot soup, cheese sandwiches, and for dessert blueberry pie. The drinks were orange juice and water. Their Pokemon ate Pokemon food.

"Hey Ash want Pokemon will you use in your next gym battle", Dawn asked. Ash told her. First I'll see who the gym leader is and what type of Pokemon the gym leader uses.

Their lunch was over. Dawn began to wash dishes in a river stream. Brock packed the forks, spoons, and knives. While Ash folded the picnic blanket.

Team Rocket watch from afar. "Meowth what kind of plan do we have to capture Pikachu". Jessie asked. Meowth told her that. James is working on robot with Carnivine. The robot's body will be made of Titanium that will able resist Pikachu's electric attacks. Also the robot will have mechanical arms made from iron so Ash's Grotle's Razor Leaf won't be able to scratch the arms. Finally the robot will launch nets that are made from a special steel that Pikachu's Iron Tail can't break through. Jessie laughed quietly and Meowth snickered.

James arrived with the robot that looked like a Aggron. "The Robot is ready now". James said.

Ash and his friends started to return the Pokemon back to their Pokeballs. But the Pokemon that stayed out was Pikachu and Piplup Brock returned his happiny, and Croagunk. Brock looked at Sudowoodo who looked like he wanted to stay out of his Pokeball for a while. "Sudowoodo do you want to stay out of your Pokeball for a while", Brock asked. Sudowoodo nodded.

Suddenly a Aggron came from behind the tree's. "Is that an Aggron?" Ash asked. "That Aggron looks like it's made of steel, titanium, and iron." Brock said to Ash. "It must be a robot." Dawn said as she looked closer at the Aggron.

On the Aggron belly was the letter R. "Hey Ash, Brock the robot must be Team Rocket's." Dawn said.

The Team Rocket trio laughed and said their motto.

"Listen, is that a voice I hear?" Jessie said.

"It's speaking to me loud and clear." James said.

"On the wind!"

"Past the Stars!"

"In your ear!" Meowth said.

"Bringing chaos at breakneck pace."

"Dashing hope, putting fear in its place."

"A rose by any other name is just as sweet."

"When everything's worse, our work is complete."


"And it's James!"

"And Meowth, now dat's a name!"

"Putting the do-gooders in their place.."

"we're Team Rocket…"

".in your face!"

"Wobbuffet!" said the Silent Pokemon.

"Team Rocket!" The group shouted.

"Meowth get Pikachu, Piplup, and Sudowoodo!" Jessie command the cat Pokemon.

"Right, activate the Robot Aggrons net launchers now James!" Meowth command James.

"Okay activating net launchers now!" James shouted.

The robot Aggron fired three missiles, came out three nets, trapping Piplup, Pikachu, and Sudowoodo.

Ash and his friends ran towards their Pokemon but Team Rocket had a plan up their sleeves.

"Meowth launch the metal hand and feet bracelets!" James said to Meowth.

"Launching the metal bracelets now!" Meowth shouted. The robot Aggron fired the metal bracelets from its forehead. The metal bracelets flew right towards Ash and his friends, attaching to their hands and feet.

"Now grab Pikachu, Piplup, and Sudowoodo Meowth." James and Jessie command Meowth.

"Right." Meowth said. The robot Aggron walked up to Piplup, Pikachu, and Sudowoodo and grabbed them with its mechanical hands.

Ash and his friends were looking hopeless.

Suddenly a Flamethrower, Flash cannon, and Magical Leaf came out of nowhere and hit the robots arms causing the hands to releasing Piplup, Pikachu, and Sudowoodo.

Ash and his friends turned around at where the attacks came from. Behind them was a teenage girl with fair skin, brown eyes, and dark, Burgurdy hair that was was chin-length with addition of long, elbow-length bangs that frame both sides of her face. On her top of her head was a hair curler.

She was wearing a wardrobe with a low-cut red corset with short, light green puffy sleeves and a high collar. She also had a sleeveless magenta trench coat that was shorter and pleated in the front and on her neck was a red neck choker and an emerald crested, golden cross-shaped medallion, as well as a pair of dark, elbow-length gloves with a pair of golden bracelets above them. On her feet was high heeled pumps/sandals with them.

Brock looked at her was about to go luvey duvey on her. But Dawn grabbed Brock's ear.

Who are you? James asked the mysterious girl. "My name is Akiza." The girl said. Infernape use Mach Punch on the legs. Infernape nodded and its hands started to glow. And Infernape punched legs which badly damaged the legs causing to robot to lose its balance. Roserade use magicial leaf on the robots arms. Roserade aimed a lot a leafs a the arms really fast that the arms of the robot Meowth broke off.

Medicham and Kirlia stand by for battle! Akiza called out. Dawn realized that the words she just said is like what Paul says when he calls out his Pokemon to battle. Dawn wondered if she can be trusted even though she was saving their Pokemon

Medicham aim Focus Blast at the robots belly. Medicham powered up Focus Blast and aimed right at the robots belly. The attack caused to make a hole in robots belly.

Kirlia use Hidden Power to blow the head off. Kir… Kirlia. The Psychic Pokemon said.

Kirlia's Hidden Power was so powerful that the head blew up showing Team Rocket.

Rhyperior use Flash Cannon to destroy the robot. Akiza commanded the rhino Pokemon. Rhyperior took aim at the Aggron robot with a powerful Flash Cannon which hit Team Rocket really hard. Team Rockets blasting off again! They screamed as they were send flying into the sky.

Hmmph those people are losers. Akiza said with a wicked smile. Akiza turned around and she looked at Ash and his friends soon she noticed Brock and winked at him with a smile. Brock started blush. And Akiza's Infernape then winked at Sudowoodo. Sudowoodo face started to glow red. Ash started to snicker a bit because he noticed that no girl has ever winked at his friend

Dawn started to think again why did she say: Stand by for battle but the smile she made was kinda creepy.

For some reason she didn't like or trust Akiza but she didn't say anything yet until she was sure that why Akiza was here and by the look on Akiza's face was like she knew Dawn was getting suspicious.

"Are you Ash, Brock, and Dawn", Akiza asked with a smile. Uhh yeah that's our names but how do you know our names", Ash asked with confusing voice. But Akiza didn't anwser that.

Instead she looked at Brock again. "Brock you look quite handsome.: Akiza giggled. Brock face went red really fast. Her Infernape looked at Sudowoodo and blew a kiss at him. Sudowoodo face with bright red too.

Ash laughed but Dawn still didn't trust her.

"Akiza was Infernape your first Pokemon", Ash asked the girl.

"Right Ash and my Infernape is a girl." Akiza answered him. Akiza introduced the rest of her Pokemon. Medicham, Rhyperior, Roserade, and Kirlia.

Pikachu and Piplup greeted the Akiza's Pokemon by smiling. Infernape, Medicham, Rhyperior, Roserade, and Kirlia smiled back at them.

End of chapter