Chapter 5: Return of the Festival Crashers

Ash and his friends continued to heal the injured Pokemon Trainer and her Pokemon.

Nurse Joy and the Trainers starting see the Pokemon Trainer was waking up again.

The Pokemon Trainer woke up. Putting her hand on her head and rubbing it. "Are you feeling alright Lila, Dawn asked the girl.

"Yes I feel all better." She said. Everyone sighed in relief.

Lila got up on her feet, stretched her arms and legs out. "Are my Pokemon all better now?" She asked realizing that she been sleep for 3 hours.

"Brock went in the Medical Room. After 10 minutes Brock came out of the Medical Room with Bayleef and Cyndaquil. Lila ran over to give her Pokemon a hug. "Thank you all for healing my Pokemon and I." The girl said with smile.

"We'll just glad you and your Pokemon are okay." Nurse Joy answered.

Lila got her Pokemon Pokeballs out of her pockets and return them back. " Well I must be going now and once again thanks for your help." Lila said with grateful smile as she left the Pokemon Center Brock began to look around realizing someone was missing but remembered that they were traveling with a new Pokemon Trainer Akiza.

"Hey Ash and Dawn. "Have you noticed that Akiza hasn't come out of her room?" Brock asked his friends.

"Hey your right lets go see if she's still asleep." Ash replied. The Trainers ran back to room that Akiza was sleeping in.

Brock opened the door. The Trainers looked from behind the bedroom door. "She's gone." Ash answered.

Brock started to get worried. "Where do you she is?" Brock asked his friends. Ash and Dawn moved theirs shoulders up which meant that they don't know. But secretly Dawn saw Akiza leave the Pokemon Center but didn't say anything until she figured out why Akiza left late at night.

1 hour later:

Ash and his friends got their Pokemon and supplies and left the Pokemon Center. "Hey Brock I'm sure Akiza's okay wherever she is." Ash said to the Breeder. Dawn continued to think why did Akiza leave.

In a nearby forest three Trainers were walking. The Trainers were young men:

First one was a Muscle man with dirty blonde hair and standing next to him was a Machamp and a Medicham.

Second one was wearing a head band, his hair was light blue, and walking next to him was a Hitmonlee and Hitmontop.

Third one was skinny man wearing a black T-shirt, with orange spike hair and walking next to him was Primeape and Breloom.

The man with the head band was the first one to speak: "Well boys when we find a some Trainers we'll crash their party."

The muscle man then spoke next with a evil smirk on his face: "Right Tsuyoshi."

"Right, so Tsuyoshi do you think we'll run into those kids that tired to stop us back in that Wobbuffet village?" The Skinny man asked. "Yeah Hisashi do you remember that Team Rocket that we battled they beat us very badly."

"Yeah that weird gang wiped the floor with us Tetsuya!" The muscle man said turning his hand into fist shaking with anger.

"Who knows boys but we do we'll get revenge on them." The light blue haired man replied.

As they continued walking they soon noticed some people talking. Hisashi then spoke. "Look you guys our next challengers let's go-" He was stopped by Tsuyohsi.

"Shh it looks like they talking about something let's try to listen, quick get behind this big tree. The light blue haired boy whispered as he and his men hid behind the big tree and began to eavsdrop.

"Hey did you hear that Pokemon Witch stroke again." A man said in the group. "Yeah she' powerful." A girl said. Suddenly a boy with brown curly hair apporached them looking very tired and hurt.

The festival crasher were shocked but then they smirked along with their Pokemon. Tsuyoshi then spoke: "Interesting this Pokemon Witch must strong."

"Yeah but why does this trainer look so tired and hurt?" Hisashi said. "Hey you're not scared are you?" Tetsuya asked looking suspicous. "No of course not. The Skinny man replied.

"Nevermind let's go find this Pokemon Witch she'll be our next opponent." Tsuyoshi said with a smirk on his face.

The festival crashers began to search for the Pokemon Witch.

End of Chapter