Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke

Pairing: Takao/Midorima

Rating: M

Word Count: 1,065

Warnings: yaoi, swearing, Takao being his usual annoying self

Disclaimer: Midorima belongs to Takao and Kurobasu to Fujimaki Tadatoshi

Description: During Shuutoku's summer training camp Takao pushes his luck with Shin-chan.

A/N: One of my favorite pairings in Kurobasu (seeing as I'm generally not a big fan of cannon). Shin-chan is just too fun to tease and Takao is probably the only human on Earth who can get away with it.

As Luck Would Have It


Midorima Shintarou gets up at 5.30 a.m. sharp. His alarm barely makes a few desperate squeaks before he opens his eyes like a robot, whose switch had been activated and turns it off without even looking. He gets his glasses and puts them on – always with his rights hand. Next he goes on to wash his face and finally shoves himself into his neatly folded gym clothes. Then he goes for a run.

Every day without fait. Even during the summer training camp.

It never fails to wake Takao up either.

"How the hell are you so energetic in the mornings?" Takao grumbles as he tears his face away from the pillow. His eyelids feel heavy, his hair is definitely a disarrayed disorder.

Midorima spares his a disapproving glance while swiftly combing his own hair. "It's because you are such a lazy ass that your improvement is so slow." Green locks fall obediently in even strands, damn them.

Takao winces, but recovers right away.

"Don't be so cold to me, Shin-chan. You were so passionate last night," he offers probing himself on the elbows and flashing a grin at Midorima's reflection.

"What are you spouting?"

"The practice obviously, the evening practice. Heh, what are you imagining Shin-chan?"

Midorima grunts and fumbles with his bandages. Takao watches him with a yawn, amused. A little revenge for waking him up at this ungodly hour.

"Why do you even bother, if you're gonna take those things off before the shower anyway?"

Apparently that doesn't even deserve an answer. Midorima wraps the last finger in the protective strip and heads for the door with a 'hmpf!'.

"Don't get mad, Shin-chan. You'll get wrinkles in early age."

"Moron. I'm off."

"Right, I'll be right where you left me when you get back, darling."

The other boy pauses at the door, a soft shade of pink touching his cheeks rights under the glasses. "You are such a fool."

"And you are such a tsundere."



Takao watches the door close before throwing himself back onto the pillow. Midorima won't be back for another hour and a half, just when the rest of the members of the Shuutoku team actually start waking up. He could still get some rest, but all sleep is gone. Instead Takao stares vacantly into the ceiling. The ceiling stares back at him, unfamiliar and uninviting expanse of white at the rundown hot springs resort where Shuutoku holds their annual training camp of death.

The room is small and the air smells vaguely of mint toothpaste and Midorima. Takao inhales deeply, trying to separate those two scents and to absorb the latter one.

He doesn't know when exactly it started. And honestly he doesn't really care. All he knows is – he isn't gay. He's chased enough skirts in the middle school to know that much. He doesn't want to go out with a guy either. He doesn't want to kiss another guy.

He wants to kiss Midorima.

To kiss him, push him down and tease him out of his skin.

It would be so much fun, Takao could probably die peacefully afterwards. (Because let's face it, what are the chances of surviving after pushing down that guy.)

Takao drags himself out of the bed before his mind can wonder off into more detail. His clothes are a wrinkled bundle at the foot of his bed. He couldn't be bothered yesterday after that hellish training. A crying shame, his muscles feel even more painful this morning. Still stiff from sleep Takao's whole body groans with every move, pleading for mercy.

The original plan was the bathroom, but Takao gives up halfway through and instead lands on the bed. Only this time on Midorima's. It's still warm from Midorima's body heat. Not much surprise there. It's the middle of August, the temperature is rising through the roof and everyone is going crazy with heat. They sleep in their underwear but the humid air still feels like a stuffy woolen blanket.

Right now though, Takao doesn't think he minds the fact. The sheet is still warm and just a tad damp from sweat. Shin-chan slept here all night in just his boxers and a whimsical sleeveless shirt. With those long languid limbs of his. Seriously, he's like a model. Could easily give that golden-haired clown of their former genius team a run for his money.

Takao feels a familiar twist in the pit of his stomach and bites his lip. He'll be spent before the practice even starts, but who cares. Shin-chan…. he murmurs into the pillow. His mind is racing 'can't make a mess…. this is freaking embarrassing..'. But who cares, the want is already too great. Forget teasing, he'd strip Shin-chan off his clothes and kiss him all over. That guy is so stubborn, he probably wouldn't moan, maybe just breath rapidly. Maybe Takao would make him whisper his name. He'd spread his legs and stroke down there until it would be too much, and then.. and then….

The images somehow become muffled, confused. They intervene and twist with each other like a couple of snakes. Midorima's flushed face, his own excitement, limbs groping and pushing. At one point Shin-chan somehow ended up on top, licking and tugging suggestively at his ear. Ouch,.. too much! "Shin-chan!.."

"What the hell are you doing?"

Takao cracks his eyes open, feeling disoriented. The image of Midorima's flustered face refuses to budge, overlapping with another image of a very angry Midorima.

"The hell…" Takao mumbles, stupefied.

"That should be my line. What the hell are you doing in my bed?"

Midorima pushes up his glasses and finally releases Takao's ear. Takao falls back into the bed, finally awake. His ear is burning – Midorima practically tugged him out of bed by it. But that's hardly a problem. He knows he needs to say something, but it feels like his mouth is effectively turning into a jelly. His brain a short circuit of 'Shin-chan saw me, oh no, Shin-chan saw me'.

"Shin-chan… what are you doing here?" he blurts intelligently.

"It's half past seven, idiot. I'm back from my jog," Midorima narrows his eyes at him suspiciously until Takao wishes the ground would just split open and swallow him whole together with the damned bed. "You. You were meowing in your sleep. Something about riding. Explain yourself."

Well, fuck!..