Exception to the Rule

A drabble by Haiju

"Mr. Lancer? Why did you lock the door?"

"Excellent question, Miss Manson," Lancer purred. "There have been too many tardies in my class. Now, anyone who is late," he gestured dramatically. "Is out of luck. The privilege of attending-."

Lancer paused at the sound of sneakers skidding on the linoleum behind him.

"Sorry I'm late!"

There stood Fenton, backpack askew, panting. Lancer walked to the door. Jiggled the handle. Still locked.

"Uh…can I sit down?"

Phantasties, this boy was beyond him. Lancer sighed. "Go ahead."


Phantasties is a classic fantasy novel by George McDonald.

100 words. I counted. And I'm going to keep this author's note short, too. Take that, excessive wordiness!

Many thanks to MsFrizzle for both inspiration and advice! Also for convincing me to play nice and make it a true drabble.