"Her excuse to come back was a commercial pen?" Alex thought as he took the pen from the girl sitting at the bar.

"Good lord, how desperate is this girl?" He thought as he watched her face suddenly became solemn, making him curious. He leaned in to hear her clearer.

"My name is Gigi, I went out with Connor last week. I just thought that if I ran into him, I-" A stab of pity hit him as he realized that his thoughts were right on the money. "...I don't know. I'm going to go now."

He felt compassion for her. "Wait, let me buy you a drink."

Her animation, her naivety was...a little refreshing to Alex. Comparing her to his experienced women, she seemed innocent. And her innocence stuck out like a sore thumb. Even though Alex usually ran from her type of aura, he couldn't help but be drawn in.

He wondered about that as he refilled customer's empty glasses, always coming back to her and talking. Finally, the bar was empty, and there was just her and him, still talking. Even though he only asked for two minutes of her time. Of his time, in actuality. But, he gave much more than he usually does, for this one girl. She intrigued him and made him think. She drew him in, for just being herself. And most of all, she made Alex want to give. And that, in itself, is an interesting situation all on its own.