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-Examination room, two days after the attack-

"So am I stuck like this or not…?" I was getting impatient with Forge. Logically I knew that he was only being thorough, but I still hated all the tests he was running me through. I just want an answer.

I'd spent the last forty eight hours trying to revert back to my regular form, sleeping outside and I've had enough. Forge had his hands full with everyone else who had been hurt in the Sentinel attack, so I didn't want to pile on my problems; but I'm done waiting.

"It's not as simple as that Bobby…" Forge answers, obviously as exasperated with me as I am with him. "The chemical compound that Sentinel used on you was genetic specific; it was engineered to overload your mutation to the point of death. Had Kitty not thrown you in the lake…"

Kitty may have saved my life, but if I stay like this I'll never be able to repay her. Now that she and Peter were officially done I want to make my move; but not as Frosty the Snowman.

"So I am stuck like this then…"

Forge sighs as if he were talking to a child, before he finally gives me the answer. "Yes. And no."

Suddenly, I wish I had a pair of Adamantium claws. "What?"

"This form you're in, is merely a manifestation of a secondary mutation. Much like Hank's blue furred state…" Forge points to a screen detailing my power levels post and pre Sentinel attack. "In both cases an outside chemical agent forced the change, but in your case it's likely this would have occurred at some point anyway…"

"So the chemical agent forced my powers to mature faster than I was ready for them to?"

"Exactly." Forge nods turning back to me. "So it will simply be a matter of you adjusting to the new levels and then discovering the off switch…"

Great how long is that gonna take…?

-Picnic area, one week later-

In my Iceman form, my body converts sunlight and moisture into energy, which means I won't "starve" while stuck like this. Unfortunately my body also operates at a temperature below freezing so any attempt to eat would be pointless. Even though the steaks and burgers Logan and Scott were serving made my mouth water, all I could do was watch.

Working with Forge I have been able to raise my temperature a little each day, yet I'm still a walking ice block. People can at least be around me now for short periods of time, but I have had to move out of the mansion and into the guest cabin for now.

Peter's come to visit me everyday since, even Aaron's been by a couple times to hang out and play cards or watch the game. So it hasn't been all bad. Kitty has been by to see me too…

So far, I'm still stuck in the friendship zone with Kitty, but that's expected. After finding out about Peter and Tabitha, I figured she'd want to stay away from the boyfriend/girlfriend dynamic for awhile. And given my current condition it's not as if I could even qualify anyway.

Of course, Rogue and I had found a way around her powers when we'd been together. Now with Forge claiming to be close to a way of helping her, she could end up dating before me.

Ugh… first I fall for the girl that can't be touched… now I can't touch the girl I've fallen for!

I see Kitty run up to the recently recovered Ororo and hug her warmly, I'd give anything to be able to do the same. But all I can do is wave from a distance.

With everyone pretty much recovered, it's beginning to feel a little more like it was. There's still a sadness over the loss of Sean, Theresa and Amara but the healing, however slow has begun. Having Ororo back among us definitely helps and everyone takes their turn welcoming her back.

Especially Logan.

I have to admit I was a little surprised to find out about Wolverine and Storm, but watching the two of them interact; it was obvious how much they cared for each other. Their kiss causes some light-hearted teasing to erupt from those watching.

Once things settle down and Ororo takes her seat, a blue haired girl walks over to me smiling.

"Noriko, right?" She's one of the mutants we liberated from Welling's facility, I haven't seen her around much, but then I've been spending most of my time away from everyone else.

"Yes," she answers with a coy smile, she's very pretty. Something I hadn't really noticed before. "I never got the chance to thank you…"

"All part of the job, Ma'am." I smirk with a mock salute that causes her to giggle a bit. Cute laugh too, just like Kitty's. During the last few days I've taken up the habit of comparing every girl I meet to Kitty. She's taller than Kitty, shapelier, more confident and every bit as pretty.

I ask her how she's adjusting to being here and how often has Roberto hit on her. She laughs and mentions that he hasn't bothered her much since she fried him with an electric pulse and we both share a laugh. The conversation flows so smoothly I don't even notice that most of the picnic goers have returned inside.

I frown a bit because I know this means I'll be out here by myself again, but she surprises me by staying where she is. I have to admit; I don't mind the attention.

"So how come you were over here by yourself?" She asks.

I point to the grass beneath her feet which as a light frost on it. "Better if I keep my distance…"

She nods, holding up her wrists to reveal two identical silver bracelets. "I have to be careful too…" She admits, with a sad smile. "These things are all that keeps me from electrocuting everyone I touch. Not just horny Brazilians who think "no" is girl for "try harder"…" I smile and I realize that since she's come over here; all I've done is smile. "I'm getting better at controlling the charge, but…" She shrugs, putting on a brave smile.

"You'll get there, Noriko," I reassure her warmly. From the little I know about her powers she's basically always building a charge in her body, so she has to release it periodically. The bracelets allow her to control how much and how often she releases her energy. They also look pretty cool.

Leave it to Forge to make something both practical and stylish…

"We both will, Bobby…" She touches my shoulder and gives it a squeeze before turning to walk away.

I hope you're right…

-Off site cabin, Bobby's residence-

After spending most of my day straining to switch back, I wake up in the middle of the night; freezing.

I'm never cold, or at least I haven't been since the day my powers first manifested, so this is cause for alarm. When I get up from my bed, the first thing I notice is my hands; they're flesh and blood again. I flex them a few times to make sure.

The term, "jump for joy" always seemed silly to me, but that's exactly what I do. I jump on my bed which is now soaked through the mattress and yell.

I'm thankful that I'm here by myself so that no one can see what an idiot I'm being as I dance around my temporary residence. After my elation dies down though, I wonder if this means my powers are gone now, for good.

Do I dare try to use them? What if I end up stuck again like before? If I'm human now does that mean I'll have to leave?

"Quit being a coward, Drake and find out…" I concentrate on lowering my body temperature and just like before I'm in my ice form. "Okay so the on switch still works… let's try the off…" Seconds later I'm standing in a puddle and my skin is normal again.

I sprint full speed across the lawn to the mansion.

-Mansion, game room-

Seeing the light is on in the game room, I head there and see Scott and Aaron playing pool, while Logan watches. As I approach them I can hear their conversation.

"So when are you planning on telling Drake?" Logan asks as Aaron sinks a striped ball with ease.

"Tomorrow…" Scott answers wincing as Aaron sinks another ball. I hope Scott didn't bet any money on this game, because Aaron had taken to lightening our wallets after being here only a week. He claimed that his enhanced senses had nothing to do with his ability to play, but I imagine they didn't hurt.

"Well since he's here already…" Aaron responds not taking his eye off the eight ball which he drops in the side pocket before turning to me. "Nice to see you got a handle on your situation Drake. Professor Summers?" Aaron holds out his hand as Scott reaches for his wallet in disgust.

Logan watches the exchange with a bit of an amused look on his face.

"I feel like I was hustled…" Scott quips placing a twenty in Aaron's palm.

"I never told you I couldn't play…" Aaron laughs pocketing the bill and leans against his pool stick, his face turning serious. "I promise I won't let you down." He looks over at Logan who has a skeptical look on his face. "Either of you…"

If Aaron notices the confused look on my face, he doesn't respond to it. He leaves the room without another word.

-Danger Room, the next morning-

After breakfast everyone, except the underclassmen, are summoned to the Danger Room for a meeting. My heart is pounding in my chest so loud Aaron nudges me and tells me to calm down.

Easy for him to say…

Aaron and I are standing at the front of the room with Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm and Marvel Girl. Despite everything I've been through, I feel out of place; like I don't belong up here with the heavy hitters. Even Aaron has more combat experience then I do.

"Everyone," Scott announces in a clear voice that commands attention. "Take a seat." he waits for everyone to get situated and settled before continuing. "Given recent developments, the staff and I have decided to make some changes."

Whispers filter through the crowd and I can feel same tension. When Cyclops told me his plan I was surprised. I would have thought if anything Peter might be chosen for this job, this responsibility. Everyone likes Peter and he's the strongest one here.

"In the past we have only focused on control training for most of you; teaching you how to use your powers safely. But given the threats that exist out there, we need to adapt accordingly, so that the events of a few weeks ago are never repeated…" Everyone in the audience is agreement, a few wearing determined faces. I can tell a lot of them are hoping this means they get a chance to get even.

"Outside forces attacked us on. In. Our. Home. And this wasn't the first time." We all pause and remember how Stryker and his men broke into the mansion and kidnapped some of us. "Before we played a more passive role in fighting for mutant rights, only rising up when the need arose. That is going to change. It's now time to take things to another level and to do that we need to make some changes." Scott nods to Logan who is standing next to him and Logan steps forward.

"From this moment on, most of ya are going to be assigned to teams to receive advanced tactics and combat training." Another burst of excited chatter erupts briefly, but Logan silences it. "Scott will head up the X-men Gold unit and I'll be taking the X-men Black team." Logan looks over at Aaron and me next. "Iceman and Alpha will head up the New Mutants and X-Force respectively. These teams will have specific missions and goals they will accomplish outside of simply defense of the school. The four of us will be responsible for training you. . Rosters will be posted after lunch. If ya don't make the cut, take it as a personal challenge to get better. Yer dismissed."

"Alpha?" I ask Aaron as the crowd begins filing out.

"Siphon just wasn't doing it for me. Besides it's better than Badger, right?"

"Not by much…" I quip earning me a glare equal to Wolverine's.

-Bobby's room-

Cyclops wanted Aaron and I to work up a list of five people we wanted on our team and I am having trouble with mine. My two best friends; Colossus and Kitty were off limits because they were already X-men. Ditto for Rogue. So I had to figure out who I wanted and hope Aaron hadn't snatched up the same mutants for himself.

"Hey Popsicle, you done with your list yet?" Aaron asks from outside my door. If he's asking about mine that must mean he's already done his. I scribble four names down at random and go to answer the door.

"Quit hounding me, Alpo, I'm coming!"

-Professor X's study-

Scott has been staring at our two lists for five minutes without saying anything and the suspense is killing me. He finally looks up at the two of us and smiles, handing the list to Logan for him to review.

"Had to put yer girlfriend on yer team, eh?" Logan huffs around his unlit cigar.

Aaron leans back and chuckles. "Like you don't have Storm on your squad, or Cyclops doesn't have Marvel Girl on his…" The expressions on both their faces are priceless as Cyclops clears his throat.

"Well, you're an adult so I trust you not to take advantage of the situation… at least no more than Logan and I…" Cyclops laughs a bit himself. "All and all both of you have constructed a pretty solid group of mutants; but it will up to you to make them a team."

We both nod in agreement. Although my squad was kind of thrown together haphazardly, I like who I've got.

James Proudstar is almost as strong as Peter and has great tracking skills.

Sam Gunthrie is invulnerable when surrounded by his kinetic field and can punch through almost anything when he's blasting.

Rahne Sinclair is a fierce fighter in her wolf form and an additional tracker. Surge has electric charges that can be used in a variety of ways and Jubilee is well she's Jubilee.

I still can't believe that Aaron put the shape-shifter on his team though.

"Man, are you sure about her?" I ask as we leave the study and head down the hall to post the rosters.

"If you mean am I sure about her capabilities; yes. She'd skilled in using her powers, has already had some training and is familiar with tactics." Aaron answers stopping at the message board to pin our respective lists up.

"But…" I know a little about what happened and given the fact that he had nearly tried to kill her once I didn't understand his choice. Any of them.

He'd chosen an interesting group for his team; Sunspot, Sam's sister Paige, Vanessa, Tabitha and Rachel. I couldn't see any sort of logic in his choices, his team seemed even more randomly put together than mine.

"Drake…" Aaron sighs walking away. "If this place has taught me anything it's that redemption can only happen when you're actually given a chance to redeem yourself…"

Just when I think I've got that guy figured out…

"Hey… you didn't put me on your team!"

There's probably nothing more unnerving than when Kitty decides to phase through your body. First of all it itches; something you can do nothing about because the itch is on the inside. Secondly, it's weird as hell to see her head poking through your chest. Yet, no matter how many times I've told her this, it has not deterred her in the slightest.

"I couldn't put you on my team," I explain stepping away to allow her to disengage herself from me. "Because you are an X-man already, I would've if I could…"

"Looks like I made the squad though…"

Noriko joins us, leaning her head over my shoulder. From this distance I can smell her hair; some kind of berry scented shampoo I guess. It smells clean and sweet.

"Regained control of your powers and got your own squad in less than 24 hours; everything is coming up Bobby, huh?" Noriko asks smiling and I return it. Kitty seems like she's irritated as she storms off.

I guess she wanted to be on my team more than I thought…

"Seems like it…" I answer watching Kitty walk off. I move to follow, but Noriko steps in my path.

"So when do we start training together?" Her smile is warm and infectious and I find myself smiling with her.

"I have to work out a schedule with the other team leads… but I'll be letting you guys know soon." I glance over her shoulder and Kitty has disappeared from sight.

I guess I'll just catch up with her later.

Other mutants come up and read the board, each with their own reaction. And I wish Aaron had stayed around to see Vanessa's.

-Danger Room, four days later-

"Remember gang, this is a non-lethal exercise…" Cyclops warns from the control room. "Your objective is to capture the other teams' flag and get back to your side without being taken down…"

No matter how many variations of this exercise we've run through, Cyclops always treats it like it's our first.

"Just give the signal already…" Warpath groans at my side. For once I agree with the hot-tempered Native American. We'd run through several Sentinel attack scenarios these past few days in order to ramp up to working as a team. We always scored pretty high and I was looking forward to wiping the smug grin off of Aaron's face.

"Begin!" Scott announces and the environment instantly changes to a deserted city, complete with abandoned buildings and rubble.

"Okay guys just like we- wait!" Before I can give any orders both Cannonball and Warpath rush towards the opposing team. Despite the distance between us, I can make out Aaron or Alpha as I now have to call him in situations like these, with his team. Unlike my group his team waits for his orders.

"Phoenix; you're on the hick. Disorient and neutralize." Aaron orders. Rachel nods and begins to concentrate.

What is he going to have her do…?

"Sunspot, protection duty. Meltdown, you cut off the head, Husk you're with me. Copycat, take out Warpath." I watch as they move into action seamlessly and realize I haven't given any instructions of my own.

"Surge I want you on Sunspot and Phoenix, whatever she's planning on doing I need you to stop her…" I turn to Wolfsbane and Jubilee. The two of you engage Husk and I'll take on Alpha-"

"Are ye sure?" Rahne asks and I nod. Husk may be able to take the properties of any substance she touches, but she can only take one form at a time. The two them should be able to overwhelm her. Alpha is the real threat.

Being able to heal as fast as Wolverine with a set of claws to match, make him dangerous, but he's a close range fighter; I can take him out from a distance.

"Alright guys, let's get that flag!"


The whole exercise was a disaster.

Rachel had managed to use Cannonball's blasting ability against us; creating in his mind the image of him knocking over his foes when he was really knocking us over. Cannonball kept us from engaging them directly; a fact I'm sure Alpha had planned on exploiting.

Cannonball smashed into Warpath twice before James decided that Sam was more of a liability than an asset and knocked him out cold. Until that moment I didn't even know that Sam could be knocked out while blasting, but apparently if enough force was applied to his kinetic field the feedback took him out.

It was now; six against five.

With Cannonball out of play, Noriko was making her way Sunspot and Phoenix. I had hoped that she could at least neutralize Phoenix so that we couldn't be used against each other again.

It was a nice thought.

Husk leaped from behind a building and grabbed her. In the midst of dodging Cannonball, we all lost track of her and Alpha.

"Paige, you better let go of me!" Surge warned building a charge.

"Try me girl!" Paige challenged. As I approached I could see that some of Husk flesh had torn revealing a brown tint beneath. I had a guess at what substance lay beneath.

"Wait, Surge! Don't-"

My warning was too late though as Surge poured electricity from her body, Paige's grip didn't falter. The two of them completed a circuit; Husk was literally pulling the energy from Surge's body. Surge tried to cut off the flow but wasn't able to and copper being an excellent conductor, all of Surge's power passed harmlessly through her. Until her reserves were drained dry and she collapsed.

Alpha ends up by her side. "Take a breather Husk, before you rejoin the fight." Paige nods and Aaron leaps over the two of them and continues heading towards our flag.

It's now Five to four.

I move to cut him off, when an explosion throws me back several feet.

"Gotcha Popsicle!" I break my fall with a snow bank and face Meltdown. Her time bombs vary in destruction and her control over them has increased. Using a few previously staged time bombs she keeps me at bay for the moment.

Jubilee and Wofsbane intercept Alpha keeping him busy. It wasn't what I had planned but at least they were keeping him from being able to grab the flag.

Vanessa stands in front of Warpath and I think; this has gotta be a win for us. Even if she takes the form of someone like Colossus, she's still at just a little over half their strength. Warpath should be able to easily over power her.

You've outsmarted yourself now, Alpo… you should've sent Sunspot after Warpath… at least he'd have a shot.

I watch curiously as Vanessa shifts into Nightcrawler.

She plans on teleporting to the flag!

"Warpath! Fall back!" He's the only one not already occupied. I've got my hands full dealing with Tabitha, Rahne and Jubes are doing their best to keep Aaron busy; I don't know how far she can teleport but I do know that none of us have a chance of stopping her right now.

"Nonsense Drake, I'll take the imposter out!" Warpath swings his massive fists at her, but tags nothing but air. She leaps, dashes and flips out of every single one of his punches, never once having to teleport.

"Hold still you imp!" Warpath rages on still attempting to lay a hand on her. Not only is she staying one step ahead of him, she's keeping my biggest gun from the match.

I've gotta break this up…

I generate an ice slide and move over to their skirmish, but before I can get too far my slide explodes underneath me. Obviously I can't do anything until I'm able to get away from Meltdown.

I enclose her in an ice dome and asses the status of my team.

Cannonball, knocked out.

Surge taken out by Husk.

Warpath uselessly swings at air, Phoenix likely clouding his mind the way she did with Cannonball. He finally connects just as she assumes Colossus' form. The force of the blow actually carrying her right to where I've encased Tabitha. Almost as if she planned it.

Sunspot instantly engages Warpath, who after flailing about with Copycat all that time is obviously not at his peak.

Was that your plan all along Aaron?

I turn back to the last place that I remember seeing Aaron, only to find both Rahne and Jubilee lying on the ground. Aaron directs Vanessa to free Meltdown. She easily smashes the dome and the three of them begin running towards the flag. I'd have to be the Flash to catch up to them now.

We're outflanked and undone and Aaron didn't even break a sweat.

Two vs. Six and Aaron's team easily makes it back to their safe zone with our flag.

-Bobby's room, later that night-

"Bobby, how many times are you gonna watch that?"

I know Cyclops means well, but he is pissing me off.

After the session I asked him for a tape of the exercise and he kept telling me not to dwell on it. That it was our first exercise as a team and there were bound to be some bumps. Then when he finally gave me the video he followed me to my room, telling me that watching this now wouldn't do me any good. That I wasn't in the right frame of mind to analyze it objectively.

And although he stood quietly in my doorway for the first two viewings, he spoke up now and I exploded from my seat.

"As many times as it takes!" I answer slamming my laptop closed hard enough to crack the screen.

"Bobby, you won't learn anything from watching that video you don't already know…" Cyclops comes into the room and places both hands on my shoulders. I sigh, because I felt like I let him down. I wanted to tell him was a mistake and to make someone else the leader of the New Mutants.

"If this were a real fight…" If this were a real fight we'd likely be dead and it would have been my fault.

"But it wasn't," Cyclops interrupts. "And that's exactly why we have these sessions; so we can be prepared for when things are real. But for now…" He walks over to my laptop and ejects the disk, breaking it in his hands. "This is where you make your mistakes… and learn from them."

I nod, amazed that he still has confidence in me, that he still thinks I can do the job.

"Aaron's probably laughing his ass off about this…" I mutter bitterly.

Cyclops chuckles and walks out of the room. "If he is, then you have to make sure he's not laughing long…"

-Danger Room-

Despite Cyclops' pep talk I'm still restless, so I head down to the Danger Room to blow off some steam.

I punch in my code for the door and get a warning.

Aikido Program in progress… Interrupt?

I hit the override key and come into the room. Aaron is working out with Paige.

She's coming at him fast and furious, but he deflects everyone of her attacks. Finally he grabs her hands and twists her to the floor, pressing his knee to her back. She's obviously in pain, but she doesn't cry out.

"Yield." She states simply and he releases her and helps her to her feet. She flexes her shoulder and he smiles at her. "What am I doing wrong now?"

"Not so much that you're doing anything wrong; you're just telegraphing your moves…" He answers stepping behind her. "When you go for that right cross you love so much, you're shifting your weight here." He taps her left leg to show her. "And when you follow up, it's almost always with a roundhouse kick from that same leg. While from a technical standpoint, it's exactly what you're supposed to do, it also makes your moves easy to read… let's go again."

This time she attacks him and feints with the right cross, delivering a left to the side of his head instead. Stunned Aaron drops to a knee and Vanessa kneels next to him. "I'm sorry!"

"Don't be," he responds shaking his head. "That was perfection." Paige smiles at him radiantly before helping him to his feet. "That's enough for tonight, though, I think Drake wants to use the room…" He tosses Paige a towel. "You did good today, Paige."

Paige nods and says a meek hi to me before leaving.

"What's up Drake?" Aaron asks wrapping a towel around his neck. The smirk isn't there; that cocky "I beat you" smirk he wears when he knows he got the better of you. I don't whether to be mad or relieved he's being a graceful winner.

"… how did you do it?" The question leaves my mouth before I can stop it.

"Do what?"

"My team is clearly more powerful than yours and I've known these guys for years, but you beat us! Easily!" I admit. I can't understand how someone who's been here just a few months managed to turn a group of people he barely knows into a fighting unit in four days. Regardless of his training, it just shouldn't be possible.

"What makes you say your team is more powerful?" He challenges avoiding the question.

"Come on Aaron…"

He laughs and I feel like he's going to give me one of those annoying smart ass answers of his. "Drake, there's no secret to leadership. It's the same whether you're leading men into battle or onto a basketball court; you have to know your teammates…"

"I do know my team!" I argue. "Better than you know yours."

"In light of recent flag capturing events, I beg to differ. But in the interest of debate…" Aaron holds up his hand and begins counting down from five. "Paige, the darling southern belle who just left, wants to be the best X-man ever. Better than her brother sure, but better than all of us. She's driven and focused. Roberto is terribly insecure about his powers, always worrying about how much sunlight he's absorbed, what his upper limits are and what could happen if he runs out at the wrong time. Despite all that he presses on. Because he's determined not to be the failure his father believes him to be. Tabitha is independent to a fault, because she's afraid that the second she lets her guard down she'll be alone. She's every bit as determined as Paige, but driven by her need to be self reliant. Vanessa wants to fit in, but doesn't want anyone to know it. Being able to change into anyone she wants has left her without an identity of her own. And Rachel… Rachel just wants to make sure that no one else suffers, like her or because of her."

"And all of that proves what exactly?"

"That I not only know my team, more importantly I know what drives them. What motivates them. What about you? What did you do with your preparation time?" Aaron asks, stretching his neck against the towel.

I smile proudly. "We went through five level eight Sentinel drills and couple Magneto exercises. Smoked 'em all…" In fact we posted some of the highest overall scores on the drills.

"Was that really necessary? I mean you knew the people you picked up could fight…" I frown not catching what he means. "What's the point of having them prove it to you again?"

"What did you do?" I ask feeling a little uneasy. He did seem to know his team pretty well, but I couldn't figure out how he managed to learn all that while fighting in the Danger Room.

"Which night?" He asks walking past me. "One night we went to a movie, another time we played some three on three, night before this we had a Madden tournament and Paige blew us all out of the water with the St. Louis Rams of all teams… girls an Xbox natural…"

I catch up to him and grab his arm, turning him to me. I can tell he doesn't like it, but I don't care.

"Don't play games with me!"

He yanks his arm from my grip and glares at me. "Because I know you're frustrated, I'm gonna let this slide…" The anger melts from his face and he looks almost sympathetic. "You were picked for a reason Drake; not because you're like me, or Wolverine or even Cyclops. You were picked because of who you are. But instead of trying to lead this team like Iceman would, you tried to be like Cyclops. There is only one Cyclops and you can't be him. Anymore than I can be Wolverine…" He chuckles a bit and I relax. "But we can be better than them, Drake. If we stop trying to walk in their shoes…"

"Even when you're being helpful, you're annoying…" I chuckle lightly. Whether he means it or not, he has a way of making you feel like an idiot for not grasping the obvious. I was trying to be someone I'm not and my team suffered because of it.

"What can I say? It's part of my charm…"

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