Summary: Sam has always loved the fairies…but what would happens when she discovers that she's one of them? But what would happen when her first transformation is infront of them and with her pixie "Thorn"?

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Sam was on her bed sleeping dreaming about how amazing it could be if she could have powers like some fairies…not like Tinkerbell…like Bloom, Stella or something like that.

She had fallen asleep with her favorite book about fairies on her stomach and was breathing heavily because she was having a very strange dream…


"Sam…Sammy…Samantha" her mother's voice was calling her and it sounded worried.

Sam was floating in darkness and suddenly the light started appearing.

Sam had to close her eyes and cover them because the light was too bright. When it ended she looked at the persons that where infront of her…

"Mom, dad? Is that really you?" Sam asked

Her parents were wearing some fancy clothes, but mot like their normal clothes, no…they were wearing clothes like those king and queens from the Middle ages, but more actual…a mix between the past and the present.

"Samantha Adelaide Ferrishyn Dara Manson" she heard her parents' speak "you're now a very young, strong, smart and beautiful woman…and we're sorry for not telling you this before…"

Sam was now confused

"You're a fairy…but not a single fairy…you're the princess of our real on Magix, and you have power of the Dragon's Flame, which is an ancient source of long-lost power. You are from the planet Domino and you already have learned how to use some basics from the magic without your knowledge…but you still have to learn more"

Sam was very confused at this point.

"also you're the one who can change the destiny of the earth from a terrible menace…it seems that a very ancient power has been awaken…Darkness, or that's how he calls himself. If he changes you into his side the earth will be doomed to a tragic and horrible fate and only the one your heart truly love will be able to reverse the process before it has passed 12 hours, if not…no one will be able to reverse the horrible destiny of the earth and the other dimensions"

Sam was starting to comprehend this, but she was very nervous…

"You'll be a great successor one day Samikings and you already are a great daughter…we love you"

Sam was in awe…her parents told her that they love her how she really was a very happy day for her…but, her parents disappeared and the darkness started growing.

Sam shouts as she felt someone shaking her by her shoulders and she now was seeing a purplish light…


"Sam! Time for school!" a familiar male voice said.

Sam was now awake and yawned.

"I'm up! I'm up!" she said "what's the matter Danny?"

Danny was there in ghost mode with a worried expression in his face.

"Sam, it's almost 8 in the morning!"

Sam stood and rushed up to her restroom and in less than five seconds with her make-up and a new outfit.

She was wearing some black jeans a lilac skirt that showed her stomach and her usual combat boots…but the most important thing is that she leaved her hair down without ponytail and it was up to her shoulder or her back.

When Danny saw her his jaw was practically touching the ground.

"Sam…y-you l-l-look b-b-beau-u-utifu-l-l" Danny manage to say

Sam blushed and decided to go with Danny Flying.

When they landed on school Danny changed himself into Danny Fenton.

Suddenly Jazz approached to her.

"Sam someone named Faragonda wants to talk to you" Jazz said

Sam nodded and walked up to the direction of the school…

"Sam" Mrs. Ishama said "please take seat"

Sam sit on a chair and then waited until a woman with white hair, purple dress and some little glasses appeared.

"Hello Sam, I'm Faragonda" the woman said "now I have to speak to you alone"

Mrs. Ishama nodded and leaved.

"Now Sam…it seems that you're the one who was chosen to charge with the power of the Dragon's Flame" Faragonda said "Please, you need to come this summer vacations to Alfea in the magic dimension of Magix"

Sam nodded, but then asked.

"Miss Faragonda, can I tell Danny about my powers?"

Faragonda shook her head.

"You can't" she explained "people in earth still not believe in magic, so they would think that you're a lunatic person"

Sam nodded and sighed very sad.

"But…" Faragonda said "if you are in a situation between death and life I guess you can use your powers infront of them"

Sam nodded her head and hugged Faragonda.


Sam leaved the direction, but she heard Faragonda told her something.

"Be careful Sam an evil power is rising…and it's very strong"

Sam nodded again and smiled at Faragonda as she leaved the school.

Sam walked up to her classroom and took seat before Mr. Lancer came in.

"Now class we will…" Mr. Lancer started the class.

It passed the first three periods when Paulina (A.K.A: baka, aho, dobe, aju girl in the whole world!) appeared.

"Get out of my way loser! You're ruining my manicure!" Paulina said

Sam started to notice how her anger increased and before she notice there was a fire aura surrounding her body and made the fire protection system turn on and spray water to the whole school.

Everyone leaved the school shouting and running or, like Sam, walking…

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