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Danny and Tucker got a seat and Danny was near Sam.

"Well now that we all are here" the boy said "I can present myself to you. I am John"

Sam smiled and got up…

"Well thank you of having us as quests John" Sam said "but we should go to our homes, our parents maybe are worried about us"

John smiled and then looked at her.

"I am afraid that that's something I can't do my beautiful lady" John said "one of you seems to have a powerful power that I want…and since I doubt that you, my little young lady , have the power I will have to make some test on the two gentleman"

With that John shoot some kind of magic at them.

Danny tried to broke free, but he couldn't as same as Tucker.

"Now" John said "I will take you to my lab to start making horrible and painful tests on you two"

Danny and Tucker looked at each other in fear and then Sam got up.

"You won't harm Tucker or Danny!" she shouted

John then turned to her. Sam was really angry and he didn't like that…

"Fine my lady" John said "Have it your way"

With a malevolent grin John turned to face Sam and then he sent a power to the ground making it shake. In the ground a fissure started and grew bigger as the same time it traveled to where Sam was standing.

Sam who tried to avoid it failed and she fell to the dark and big abysm that was on her feet.

"SAM!" both guys shouted

Danny glared at John and then he looked at the fissure where Sam was standing a few moments ago.

"It's late" John said "nobody can save her now and no one can save you two"

Suddenly a big and bright light appeared from the fissure and it floated up.

John and the ogre tried to block some of the light that appeared with their hands.

When the light faded a little, they all blinked and then looked at what was floating infront of them…

Danny and Tucker couldn't believe their eyes…Sam was floating infront of them with a totally new style of clothes.

Sam was wearing a black dress with sparkles. In her left arm a long glove and in her right arm a short glove and both were grey. She was wearing some high heeled black boot and grey stockings.

Her hair was a little messed up but she was wearing her usual ponytail and now in her back she had two greenish wings, two in each side…(A/N: check this site: jackanddannysgirl . deviantart gallery / 838679# / d2wydf0 without the spaces of course)

"No one messes with my friends!" Sam shouts and then hits John with some fire balls that formed on her hands.

John dodge the first one, but the second one hit him right on the chest sending him up to the wall.

"I see that I underestimated you" John said "but I won't make that mistake again"

John tried to hit Sam, but she dodged everything he shot to her.

"Fine…" John said "if you don't want to give me your powers…I'll have to destroy your friends"

Sam then flew infront of them, free them and grabbed them.

"I don't think so" John said

The ogre attacked Sam and she almost let them fall when Danny turned into Danny Phantom and took Tucker.

Sam then flew a little more high and then hit the ogre with a giant ball of fire and knocked him out.

Danny grabbed Sam's had and he turned intangible and passed through the ceiling with his friends.

When they were far enough from the house of the evil wizard or magician…Danny looked at Sam and then asked…

"What are you Sam?"

Sam sighed and then looked at both of them.

"Guys…I'm a fairy…"


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