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A few weeks before Danny turns 18 but after graduating high school…

Maddie yawned as she got out of bed, she walked in the bathroom where her cell phone was charging, though she normally didn't bother with them she wanted to know her kids were safe. She checked the messages as she started brushing her teeth, she sighed seeing Vlad had left a couple, she almost moved to listen to them when the phone buzzed again.

"Helop Flad…."

"Maddie, have you fallen ill?"

"Nof, I'm fushing ma teef."

At his confused response she spit and gargled.

"I said, I'm brushing my teeth, do you know what time it is?"

"Why yes, it is a quarter to 6."

She sighed and rubbed her forehead wanting to get back to bed already.

"Yes of course, how silly of me, what do you want?"

"I simply wanted to call and tell you that I have renounced my claim on you, realizing that you and Jack are more suited to each other."

She ran a brush through her hair and stared at the phone.

"Oh? And why did you give up so quickly?"

He chuckled at her question.

"Maddie, I'm too perfect as a man and you are too perfect as a woman, we wouldn't have been well together much too boring, but Jack….he needs all the help he can get."

She laughed slightly.

"Be nice."

"Oh I am."

"Very well, is that all?"

"Uh quite…."

"Oh listen, I'm having a little barbeque for Danny's birthday in a few weeks, would you like to come?"

He thought about it, and almost said no, with himself and Danny being enemies and what not, he looked up in the mirror at the reflection of the bed where his current lover (OC for you to hate :P) was still asleep. He shook his head.

"Sure Maddie, I'll bring the little badger a nice present."

"Great see you then."

They said their good byes and Maddie went back to getting ready for the day.

Morning of the party…

Maddie jumped as her son ran in her room while she fixed her hair.

"There's my big little man, come give me a hug!"

He sighed as she hugged the half life out of him, then let go.

"Happy birthday sweetie."

"Thanks…but we…"

He coughed as his father hugged him from behind.

"My son, just remember that when you turn twenty one all this will be yours, and your mother and I will only interfere until we're dead."

He sighed.

"Right….mom, why did Vlad call and say he would be here today?"

Jack stared at her.

"Maddie, you didn't…"

"Oh relax Jack, I invited him he sounded like he needed a break, besides he said he'd bring you a present."

"Yeah he needs a break from ruling the city and being evil."

"Danny come on, it'll be nice."



"Jack don't be jealous, he said he wasn't interested in me anymore."

Jack crossed his arms and pouted.

"But Maddie, you have two young adults and have the body of a twenty year old virgin, not to mention you're karate skills are impressive, how could he not still be interested?"

She laughed and kissed him, immediately grossed out Danny backed out of the room and walked downstairs, he looked up as his sister walked in, she was attending a small college close by, she said it was because she was still needed. They all knew she was just nervous when it came to leaving the family, and going far away all on her own.


"Hey sis."

He hugged her and she smiled.

"Look who's nice and tall, can't call you squirt anymore…how about big squirt?"

He rolled his eyes, she pulled a box out of her purse and handed it to him.

"Happy birthday Danny."

"Thanks Jazz."

She patted his back and walked upstairs, he looked at his watch, he was meeting Sam and Tucker at the mall for a bit and then they would come back for lunch and birthday fun. He shook his head as he sat the present on the dining table knowing his mother would have a fit if she didn't get to take a picture of every gift he opened. As embarrassing as it was, when he turned thirteen he compromised she could do that until now and not one more year after. He walked outside and made his way to the mall, he smiled seeing Sam and Tucker arguing, he blinked ever since they got together they had been so close it was weird when they fought.

He walked over.

"Hey birthday boy!"

He smiled as Valerie hugged him from behind, his two other friends looked up and waved, the four of them walked into the mall and made their way to the food court.

"So what were you two fighting about?"

"Well, Tucker wants to get you a PDA but I said you would do better with a nice violent movie featuring ghosts so your parents don't take it, then he said we should get you a present together, and then we couldn't agree."

He only laughed, guess they weren't having issues afterall, he looked down and smiled as Valerie walked with them and hugged his arm.

"Well how about a movie, it will be over and done before we have to go to Danny's house, Danny picks the movie, Tucker can pay for it, and me and Sam will get the snacks deal?"

They nodded, Danny smiled they let him pick the movie without bickering it was really rare, they could never agree otherwise, he planned to enjoy it. He picked some action movie, and they moved to get stuff and into the theatre. Valerie looked over and sighed seeing Sam and Tucker make-out like they were, then looked up at Danny. When the movie got out, she pulled him aside.

"Danny can I talk to you?"

"Sure what about?"

"I don't think….we should….have had our individual large drinks you know how slushies get to me."

He laughed and they separated to go to the bathroom, Sam walked in and looked at Valerie she sighed.

"You were not."


"Tell me you weren't trying to dump Danny on his birthday."

"I wasn't….I wouldn't do….ok yes I was."


"I know I know, we've been off and on forever, but this time, I'm really done."

"Why, what did he do?"

"I'm just bored."

Sam sighed, they finished and walked outside, making their way to his house, before he let them in Danny turned to them and sighed.

"I don't know why, but my mom, she invited Masters here."

They gasped.


"He's probably already here…so on your best behavior."

"Why worried that we want to wring his neck?"

"No, I need someone to hold me back."

He opened the door and fell backwards as Dani jumped on him.

"Hey Danny!"

He smiled at her.

"Hey Dani, where did you come from?"

"My 'mom' dropped me off, said she misses you."

"You don't…"

"Ssh, just go with it, she's on her way to Hawaii, and that's why she isn't returning calls."

He only shook his head as she said hello to his friends, he walked outside and frowned seeing Vlad talk to his mom and dad, he noted his dad kept giving him a dirty look. He walked over and Vlad gave him a smile, though it didn't look cocky, it looked tired and forced, not a look he was use to, maybe he did need a break.

"Daniel, happy birthday, and hello young Valerie, Samantha and Tucker."

They gave him a look, his mother poked him with her elbow and dragged his father over to the grill that was one of the most normal things in the house. His friends walked over to Jazz, taking Dani with them.

"Yeah thanks, what are you doing here Plasmius?"

"I was invited, look I'm not here to be an enemy, I want to have a truce."

"A truce? What kind of plot is this?"

"It's not a plot, I realize I'm not getting any younger, while I am very good looking, and my ghost powers have drastically slowed my aging process, I need to focus on different things."

Danny glared at him.

"Jack is my father."

"I know that, I'm not even talking about that, though you look more like a mix between Maddie and I, however I don't want to be the bad guy, you are getting to a point where you'll want pleasure or a career or both, and having a powerful friend can make it better."

Danny crossed his arms.

"No amount of bribery will make me be your friend, business partner, buddy, neighbor, hell I don't even want to be the same gender as you."

He glared but backed down when instead of receiving that famous glare he saw a look of pain in Vlad's eyes instead, he sighed and cursed his mother's genes for making him irrational and caring at the worst moments.

"I'm sorry, I just don't see why we should suddenly have a truce."

"Everyone is safer that way, don't you think?"

He only nodded looking at his other guests.

"So what do you say?"

"Fine, but this better not be a trick to get my mom."

"It isn't, I really am no longer interested in your mother, we are just so perfect and everything and of course the biggest reason."

"Which is?"

"I find myself a fan of baseball currently, mainly in the catcher and pitcher category."

Danny blushed.

"Can't you just say you prefer men like a normal person?"

"I'm half ghost Daniel, normal is not something I have access to."

"But I thought your overly needy want of a family and desperate attempt to make people part of it would keep you straight."

Vlad sighed.

"I'll have you know Daniel, modern science, my ghost abilities, and of course a bit of cash have made it possible for me to impregnate anyone."

Danny blushed again.

"Well ok, have fun with that."

Vlad crossed his arms.

"Ok, so where is my 'present' then?"

"In due time." Vlad said with a smile.

They ate and played a little girl vs boy football, as they finished cake Sam leaned over.

"Danny what were you talking about?"

"He said he wants a truce, and that he isn't interested in my mom anymore."

"Woah heavy, think you can trust him?"

"I doubt it, but it would be nice to get a break from his constant attacking we'll just see how good his word is."

Maddie walked in the center of the room with her camera.

"Alright everyone time for presents."

Danny received a solar powered music player from Dani, a beeper with calling functions from Tucker, apparently they had decided a gift ahead of time, some tee-shirts and Cds from Sam, a pair of shoes from Valerie, a ghost stun gun from his father, who insisted it would work for any type of ghost, a green and black hazmat suit from his mother, and a watch from Jazz. Maddie walked to the door when it rang, she called Danny, he looked at her when he stopped in front of her.

"I think Vlad really has changed."

"What makes you think that?"

She pushed open the door and he saw a truck setting down a brand new black and white sportscar, he swallowed as Vlad walked over.

"I uh…don't have a license."

"Oh please Daniel the mayor is giving you a car, you have permission to drive it personally from me, your license and registration is in the gloved compartment and Maddie said I could give you safer lessons than Jack, trust me I have thought of everything with this, consider it a birthday/ late graduation gift."

Danny smiled and took the keys.

"Thank you Vlad."

He nodded as he and the others went to check it out Jack glared at him.

"What, when did this happen?"


"When did you become his father? I thought I was giving him a car?"

"Oh Jack, Vlad asked if it was ok days ago, besides that unsafe ghost jeep is not suitable for the high way."

Danny looked up just as his father punched Vlad hard enough, to send him hard on the pavement, being half ghost sure Vlad was stronger but he tend to let his guard down at the worst moments. He looked surprised, Maddie looked at him.


"I…I'm sorry, I thought Daniel needed his own transportation."

Danny and his friends stared at Vlad more than shocked, he had changed, Vlad never apologized to anyone, Maddie bent and helped him stand, Vlad sighed.

"Well it was fun, thanks for the invitation, I must be off."

He went around back and got into his own car and was gone, Jazz sighed.

"Danny you should go talk to dad."

"What, why me?"

"The same man who was in love with his wife, is an inspiration to his only daughter, and just gave his son his first car."

"Since whe…."

"Vlad is very intelligent Danny, and rich and successful with science, not to mention Psychology I can learn a lot from books he's written."

Danny looked at her and nodded, it was kind of a punch in the gut, though he didn't think that Vlad thought Jack would slug him. He went to talk to his father, and Dani and Jazz went inside, his mother took the car into the garage and waved good bye to his friends, she hadn't wanted the party to end on a sour note. She walked upstairs and grabbed her phone, she waited then listened as Vlad picked up.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes I'm fine Maddie."

She blinked at the tone in his voice, as if he was more upset than he would admit.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course."

He thanked her and hung up, on his end though he wasn't even in a long distance relationship with 'fine', Danny yawned when he was done trying to talk to his father who pretended like he didn't know what Danny was talking about. He walked out the bathroom freshly showered and Dani flagged him down.


"I went all through the car, no traps, or problems it's a legitimate gift, he even left insurance papers."

Danny had to admit that surprised him, he thanked her and she smiled.

"No problem, it would suck to go for a drive and have the car explode."

He laughed and went to his room, he saw a birthday card on his bed, he picked up and smiled seeing it was from Valerie, he wondered when she had time to drop it off. He read the note and his smile faded.

Hey Danny hope you had a good birthday, I know this is a sucky way to do this but I think we have hit the end and this time there isn't a fork in the road, bye Danny.


He swallowed and tore the card, she hadn't been acting like she was done, she had been great no signs she was ending it, he looked at the floor feeling frustrated, but it didn't last long, she had a point. She had slipped in as a friend so easily, maybe it was better that way, he got up and took the photo of them and put it in his closet. He figured he was more frustrated she did it on his birthday. He went to sleep, and had different dreams than he was use to, featuring one tall silver haired man.

The next morning…

Danny came downstairs and his mother stopped him.

"Oh Danny, I need a few things from the store."

"Aww mom, right now?"

"No later today, Jazz will go with you."

"What do you need."

"Milk, eggs, cheese, candied fruit, toilet paper, laundry detergent, cookies, and I need some dry cleaning."

"You want all of that on my…"

She smirked as he remembered Vlad's gift.

"Your right, you do need those things, anything else?"

She laughed.

"Have fun."

He turned and then looked at her.

"You don't need anything do you?"


She smiled and walked into the kitchen, Jazz walked out and Danny expected her to take his keys but she got in the passenger seat.

"No fighting for the keys?"

"It's your car Danny, I'm just here as the needed adult."

He smiled, he looked as he saw Dani faze through the walls she waved and flew off, he waved back, and pulled out Jazz looked around.

"Who are you waving at?"

"Oh no one, fly in the way."

He smirked, well Dani had been translucent, he pulled out and proved he could drive rather well, Jazz played with the radio.

"This has to be the best present you have ever received."

"It is nice, but I liked all my presents."

She smiled at him then looked down seeing the watch on his wrist, they stopped at Sam's house and picked up the couple. Tucker felt the seats.

"Velvety fresh he must have known better than to get leather seats."

"Yeah, no kidding, so where to?"

"The mall of course."

"You three are always at the mall."

"But Jazz, this time we are going in a car paid for by the mayor that is way cooler."

"Sam don't you have a car now?"

"Yes but it wasn't bought by the mayor." Tucker argued.

She rolled her eyes and smiled as she looked out the window, they got there a lot faster than they were use to, Jazz looked up.

"Danny, is Valerie meeting us?"

"Uh no, she dumped me."

They stared at him.

"What this morning?"

"No she left me a birthday card."

"I'm sorry Danny I knew she was going to dump you…."

"It's ok Sam you didn't want to spoil the party."

"Like your dad?"

They laughed as the tension went out the window and they walked inside, Jazz went to look in the bookstore and Danny and his friends walked to the food court.

"So did you talk to Vlad?"

"No why?"

"He got you a really expensive gift like he really wanted to make things right and since you drove it, I can only assume it's safe."

"I should, maybe I'll give him a call or something."

He took out his cell phone, and dialed.

"My dad is still spitting acid though."

"Yeah Vlad is still competition in man ville." Tucker said over a mouth of burger.

Danny shook his head and waited until he had the office of the mayor, he asked for Vlad by first name so the secretary would think it was more important.

"Hello, this is Vlad."

"Hey Vlad."

"Why Daniel what a surprise, what can I do for you?"

"Just wanted to thank you again, for taking care of everything."

"Not a problem, I'm sure Danielle checked it for bugs."

"She did, we were surprised, but I appreciate an honest truce."

"Excellent, how about having a nice dinner with me?"

"I don't know that car was really…."

Tucker threw fries at him.

"Where's your manhood Danny, if he is offering money or free food you take it!"

Danny rolled his eyes.

"I guess so, mom would want me to be more grateful anyways."

"Great then you can meet me at the Italian restaurant near the park, since I'm assuming you want to drive."

"I don't know about that, I need an adult."

"I'll drop by and sit in the passenger seat, it will be fun."

"Ok see you then."

He hung up and spent the rest of the time talking to his friends, relaxing a bit more at having Vlad as a more trusted friend than enemy.

End Chapter

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