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Normal POV

Danny shook Vlad and Vlad looked up at him startled.

"Daniel….is something…wrong?" he bit his lip hearing his shake-y voice, he looked away.

"I don't know, you tell me."

"I don't….want to talk about it."

"Vlad please, I want to help."

Vlad shook his head, Danny sighed, he hadn't known a more stubborn person since he looked in the mirror yesterday.

"Vlad, you can't be happy and swallow all your pain at the same time."

Vlad swallowed.

"Come now, I'm an adult I don't have time to show emotions, now at dinner you said your friends wanted to work with you, call them and tell them it's fine."

He got up and walked to the bathroom, Danny sighed and texted his friends knowing they wouldn't be up this early, then he walked in the bathroom and saw Vlad staring blankly at the wall, slight tears running down his face, Danny sat down next to him.


Danny didn't say anything, he just leaned against him, Vlad looked at him and sighed.

"Maybe something….did happen."

"Ok, that's a start."

"I killed someone…"

"What, who?" he looked at him startled.


Danny looked at him.

"You killed him, why did you go see him?"

"I didn't, he paid someone to watch me, and he broke in…I panicked as soon as I got my powers back I dropped a tree on him…then went after the guy who had been watching me, so I killed two someones."

Danny looked at him, worried.

"What did Roger do you that you went after him with a tree?"

"He…..same old same old."

"He beat you….repeatedly."

Vlad just shook his head and hung it in shame, he wasn't sure why he felt bad, but then again maybe it was because he was confessing to Danny. He didn't want him to be afraid of him, and leave, but he didn't want see that face and be close against his body knowing what he did either.


Vlad held a hand up.

"If you are planning on leaving just go, don't say it."

Danny looked at him.

"Tell me exactly what he did to you."


"Tell me, or else I will leave."


"How can I help you if you wont talk to me?"

Vlad swallowed.


He looked away from Danny as he spoke to him, it took a few tries but finally swallowed the lump and came clean, he had expected Danny to run back to his parents house, away from the weird old man who couldn't protect himself. As he sat berating himself he didn't quite realize that Danny was holding him. He looked up and his eyes widened.

"Aren't you….leaving?"

"Why would I?"

"I'm weak."

"I'm sorry I didn't know that after being shocked so many times in one night that you were suppose to be a superhero, wow aren't you strong."

Vlad laughed.

"My skills at sarcasm are rubbing off on you."

Danny kissed him, and Vlad welcomed the touch, he pulled Danny against him, and sighed when they parted, having to breathe really sucked.

"Vlad, I told you, I love you, it was self defense, but that isn't my concern, don't be afraid to talk to me about your problems, how are we suppose to have anything if you keep me at arms length?"

Vlad smirked.

"Daniel I would love to have you against me always but PDA and having to breathe get in the way."

Danny wrapped his arms around his neck.

"There's the Vlad I know."

Vlad smiled and held him close, he was trying to let the pride fall a bit, but until he was able to, he was glad that Danny was willing to put up with him.


3 months later….just cause.

Danny, Sam and Tucker were sitting in the lunchroom, and Tucker was trying his best to get Danny to bend for him.

"Come on Danny, you're banging the boss, why can't you get me the job?"

Danny choked on his soda, and Sam laughed.

"I…am not."

Sam looked at him.


"I just haven't thought about it, I mean I'm going to be the bottom, which means it's only going to hurt the first fifteen times."

Tucker laughed.

"That's what lube is for, now hop in the sack, and get me that new paycheck."

Danny rolled his eyes, Sam just bit into her salad and stared into space, Danny looked up as his phone buzzed, he grabbed it and saw that Vlad had asked him to come to his office.

"Ok, how about just a blow job, that will get me a corner office."

"Tuck, you're a technician what do you need an office for?"

"Danny, Danny, Danny, I need a place to go and complain about the boss, it's in like all the movies I've ever seen with an office."

Danny laughed

"Bad idea."


"You want a raise, and the boss is my boyfriend."

He got up and waved then went to the elevator, as he walked toward the office he wondered what Vlad wanted. His brain went down the drain, and he stopped outside the door.

"Dammit Tucker…I do not need these images."

Vlad hung out the door.


Danny fell over, and stared at him.

"Uh no…not at all."

Vlad helped him up and pulled him in the office closing the door, he kissed Danny and Danny pulled away with a smirk.

"Boss, I think this is against protocol."

"So? I made the protocol."

Danny smiled and hugged his neck.

"Daniel, I know it's been busy, and we haven't done much outside except go to work, but now that my paranoia is under control I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date."

Danny looked at him.

"A date? Really?"

"Well yes, is that unusual for me to ask?"

"No, I just figured you didn't want to be public."

"What? Why wouldn't I?"

"I work here and all."

"Oh honestly, that doesn't matter."

"Wont that get you in trouble?"

"With myself?"

Danny crossed his arms and Vlad sighed.

"Well alright I'll take that as a no, keep up the good work."

Danny saw hurt in his eyes and walked over to remedy this situation.

"I didn't mean it like that."

"Oh? Perhaps you would prefer not to be with me in public."

"I didn't mean it like that either."

Vlad didn't say anything, Danny sighed.

"I just….you put me on the spot, make me ruin the surprise shame on you."


"Yeah, now I have to try something else."

Vlad looked at him and smiled, Danny kissed his cheek.

"Now I'm going to go, and I'll leave early and take care of everything, no peeking."

Vlad nodded, liking the thought, Danny hurried to see Sam, she was painting on the wall, Vlad had agreed that a deep purple and lots of black would be fine.

"Sam, I need help."

"What happened?"


She stopped him.

"Woah woah, slow down what happened?"

"Vlad wanted to go on a date, and I made it sound like I didn't want to, so when he gave me that 'hurt' look I told him that he almost made me ruin the surprise, which I don't even have planned, and then I told him I'd leave early and take care of it, but I'm stuck."

She laughed.

"Your sweet, but you should plan more often, ok, here's what we'll do, I'll spill a can of paint and beg Vlad to go get another one, I'll have Tucker make up some emergency, that will need Vlad's help, that should stall him plenty."

She tapped her chin.

"Now you go home, and make something special, Vlad has lots of cook books you'll do fine if you follow the directions exactly how they are written, now go buy him a present, and move it, I'm about to stress you're man out."

He hugged her.

"Thanks Sam you're the best, but don't go overboard."

She gave him a thumbs up and he clocked out and ran out the building toward the store, Sam grabbed the color of purple paint and dumped the contents down the drain, and pushed over the ladder, then messed up her make up, and opened up the little vent that let in sunlight in the dark area, and a small creature could get through, then ran up to see Vlad. She knocked on his door as urgently as she could, he opened it and frowned.

"Samantha, what happened?"

"There…there was a innocent little rat…..and I was soooo afraid that I would step on him in my heels….so I tried to avoid him….then picked him up and threw him outside, but slipped and fell against the ladder and spilled all the paint….you have to go out and get more."

Vlad looked at her, and knew if he left her upset Danny would be angry with him, he patted her shoulder gently.

"There there, accidents happen, I'll go out right now."


He grabbed his jacket and walked out to his car, when she was sure he was gone she went to his desk can called Tucker on his phone.

"Yes Mr. Masters?"

"Tucker, it's Sam, we have a friend to help."

She told him what he needed to know and he was all too eager to help.

With Danny

Danny walked into a jewelery shop and the attendant walked over, intending to kick him out.

"Hello, I'm looking for a present."

She smirked.

"Young man our stuff is very expen….."

She shut up when he held up a wad of hundred dollar bills, boyfriend or no boyfriend working for Vlad had the best benefits, Danny was one of the people who put the computers together, it took more than just an assembly line. She smiled too sweetly as she thought of dollar signs.

"Right this way sir, what are you looking for?"

"I'm just going to be honest, I have an older boyfriend, and since he's always wearing suits, I thought some nice cufflinks would be a good present."

She kept that sickeningly sweet look on her face.

"Well certainly, we also have a selection of pocket watches that are suited for any suit."

"Great, show me."

When he finally walked out he got a message on his cell phone from Vlad.

Daniel there seems to be an issue with some of the computers, I'll be home a little later but I am counting the seconds until I see you.


Danny smiled and sent a reply saying that was fine, he felt a little bad causing it but he'd make it up to him.

"Thank you, Sam and Tucker."

He darted down the street, to a little bakery that he noticed Vlad would go to every once in awhile, it was popular and only made a few pieces a day, but Danny was hoping to sway the baker.

"N…O, NO, I don't need to bend the rules for some…."

Flashing the money again, Danny smirked when he grinned, though he worked hard for his money and never took anything extra from Vlad, Danny tried not to act like a rich jerk…though it had it's perks.

"Now, I would like the double chocolate pie, with cookie dough filling."

"Yes sir right away."

Danny hid behind a dumpster and went ghost before flying home, he placed the cake in the fridge and the gift wrapped box containing Sapphire cuff links, and a silver pocket watch on Vlad's pillow, then went to look at Vlad's collection of cook books, he found one and flipped through the pages then found one of the dog eared pages, that Vlad only marked as his favorites. In fact he always kept the ingredients on hand for these recipes.

"Hmm let's see, Caesar salad with dressing, buttered garlic rolls, candied baby carrots, mashed cheese potatoes, Lobster with lemon, and crab cakes….good thing ghosts have extremely strong stomachs, I think I'm about to ruin every single one of these, if I'm lucky as ghosts our metabolisms will also burn these from our memories."

He went to work the salad was easy, he set the baby carrots on the stove, next to the potatoes, he looked at the frozen lobster, and dropped it in the boiling water, and went on to the crab meat, the rolls were a bit more challenging. Which he found out the hard way when he spilled half the flour on him, sighing he continued trying not to ruin his boyfriend's meal, with everything cooking, he got out a bottle of sweet apple wine that Vlad ordered not too long ago. As he sat everything at the table he went to cleaning the track of flour he left and went to go shower. When he stepped out he grabbed his phone as it rang.

"Hey Sam."

"Hey Danny, we cleared everything, that we sabotaged, and he left."

"Great, hope you weren't too rough."

"Just rough enough that he will be more than a little appreciative of what you planned."

"Excellent, thanks guys I owe you."

"Yeah yeah bye."

He hung up and went to his closet, he looked at the black and white tux Vlad had bought him hoping to sway him to change his outfit path. He grabbed it and fixed his hair, he sighed as he realized he'd forgotten flowers, he called the flower shop and had them deliver roses to the house, he told them if they get there the same time as Vlad to hand him the roses and come to the door to get the payment. He went downstairs and made sure he didn't mess anything up, the food was still emitting steam just as he looked outside and saw Vlad get out of the car, as the flower truck appeared.

He walked over and watched as the tired expression his face melted as the driver handed him a dozen white roses, in clear wrapping paper tied with a silver bow. The driver came up and Danny slipped his payment out the mail slot so Vlad wouldn't see he was wearing the tux. He moved to stand by the table, and then Vlad walked in.

"Daniel the roses….." he turned red seeing the table set perfectly, and Danny looking extremely well dressed.

He swallowed.


"Glad you like them, come have a seat."

"You did, all this in just a few hours…?"

"No…I uh kinda had Sam and Tucker make up some excuses for you to stay longer, but I got all your favorites in that cookbook you use the most, and the pie is in the fridge."

"All my favorites in one night…..remind me that I'll have to give them a raise…."

Danny smiled and Vlad walked over and kissed him deeply, he kissed him back and made him sit down while he rubbed his shoulders. Vlad tried the food and didn't say anything, Danny swallowed.

"Is it terrible, not too late to order out."

"Terrible? Daniel it's fantastic, I thought you didn't know how to cook."

"Learned from the best didn't I? oh and read the book like four times over for each recipe."

Vlad smiled, as Danny sat down and ate with him, he suddenly wasn't feeling so tired, when they finished and the dishes were cleaned, he went upstairs to make a nice bath for him, Vlad followed him then looked at their bed, he saw the box, wrapped of course in the colors for the Packers, he unwrapped it, and stared at the fine quality of the items, he looked up after setting them on his nightstand and the box ghost was about to say something.

"Not now, I have a young lover to bang into next week."

The ghost took the empty box.

"Fear me!"

And then disappeared, rolling his eyes, he walked in the bathroom and turned Danny over to kiss him deeply, as it got more heated they fell in the deep bathtub, and the sopping wet tux and suit were thrown in the corner to be forgotten.

End Chapter

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