today, tomorrow, forever today, tomorrow, forever

I sat with you today
as our life ebbed from our veins

as the clouds wept for your soul
I held you in my arms;
and I think you said you loved me
with the pavement turning crimson
and your lips curved, cold and bloodless
and I loved you, half-blind child.

And I met with you tonight
where the sunset touched the sea

where the wooden boards taste salty
and the breezes comb my hair
I think I knew you loved me
so I put my arms around you
and your smile glittered in the dark
like the hundred thousand stars above.

And I'll dance with you tomorrow
in a room devoid of dreams

where a boy danced with my angel
and I pushed away your grasp;
I think you must have loved me
for you turned from me in tears
I did not notice, harsh undkindness -
unconditionally, you forgave me.

I love you in this moment
and I worship you from day to day

so please have faith within me
you're my princess of the wind
only you can turn back winter's skirts
and hold me in your dreams.

(I think we've said 'I love you'
a dozen million times - )

you're -

the -

touchstone of my existence
does more need to be said?