Hey everybody! My name is Valerie Johnson. Some of you may know me from Flipnote Hatena, or possibly my other account, SonicGirl2002. I made this account for purely Ghost Tricks fanfiction. I loved the game, and the archive isn't very popular, so I figured I'd help change that. This is my first Ghost Tricks story, so back off if its bad!

This story is based off of Detective Jowd and his adorable daughter Kamila. There will be 26 chapters, each for one letter of the alphabet. These won't be very long, there just drabbles,really. All these stories are based off of me and my dad. There will be an explanantion at the end of each chapter, so feel free to read those, but it's not needed.

Without further ado,here is Chapter 1! (Please ignore any typos you may find, my computer has no spellcheck.)


A is for Apple-picking

"Don't run off too far, Kamila! Your father's meeting us here soon!" Alma called after her daughter. Kamila turned with a smile.

"I won't, Mom!" she said, then turned and ran off. Kamila swung her basket as she walked among the rows of trees. The smell of fresh apple cider filled her nose. The little lady licked her lips. She made a mental note to ask her mother to buy her some later.

Kamila's favorite part of being at the apple orchard wasn't picking apples. It was exploring. Rows and rows of apple trees loomed out before her, and she was eager to go down every one. It was like a maze, with so many twists and turns that Kamila often got lost and had to ask for directions back to the parking lot. She never knew how close she came to her goal, she always lost track. But being able to wander on her own made her feel happy. Like she was a princess sneaking out of a tower.

The little lady felt her stomach rumble. She laughed. She didn't have to worry about being hungry, she was surronded by one of her favorite snacks. Kamila slowed down a bit, her gaze moving from tree to tree, looking for the perfect apple. Eventually, she found one that was a nice, shiny red. It was perfect, and she felt her mouth water. Her dad had told her once, the redder the apple, the juicier it was. And that apple sure looked really red.

Kamila stepped up to the tree and reached up to grab the apple. However, she realized she couldn't reach it. She sighed, stepping closer to the tree and standing on her tippy-toes. That perfect apple was just out of her reach. Kamila finally stepped away, rubbing her eyes in an attempt to keep her tears at bay. It was silly to cry over an apple, no matter how perfect it was.

"Kamila?" a deep voice called. Kamila looked up, and a smile broke out across her face.

"Dad!" she called out happily, running towards her father. Jowd crouched and scooped his daughter into his arms.

"Did you pick some good apples?" Jowd asked, pulling back to look at his daughter. He was surprised to see her face fall/

"Oh, I bet I found the most perfect apple in the whole orchard! But...I can't reach it. It's too high..." Kamila said, hanging her head. Jowd had to hold back a chuckle. He wasn't sure if it was normal for a seven year old to get upset over an apple.

"Where's this perfect apple at, Kamila?" The little lady grabbed her dad's hand and pulled him over to the tree she'd been at.

"It's...that one," she said, pointing up. "That big red one, right there." Jowd looked up at the apple. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"Hm...try reaching for that apple again, Kamila," he instructed. Kamila looked up at him. "I tried, Dad. It's too high. I can't even reach it on my tippy-toes!"

"Just try, Kamila. You can't give up so easily!" Kamila looked back up at the apple. Maybe she should try, just one more time. She stepped back up to the tree, and reached up high, rising on to her tippy-toes again. But no matter how hard she tried, that apple stayed just out of her reach.

Then, suddenly, her fingers touched it. She blinked, then realized that, not only had she touched it, she was face-to-face with it. Kamila looked down, and saw her dad smiling up at her. Her feet were no longer touching the ground.

"Go on, Kamila. You can reach that apple now, can't you?" Jowd asked, the smile evident in his voice. His daughter returned the smile, then turned back to the apple. She easily twisted the fruit off the branch.

"I got it!" she announced happily. Jowd set her back down, and Kamila took a big bite out of her prize.

"Mmm...you were right, Dad! The redder the apple, the juicier it is!" she exclaimed, her mouth full and juice dribbling down her chin.

So, the original story behind this? It's pretty much what happened in this story. I was at the apple orchard with my mom, and my dad was at work. He was going to meet us there. I had been walking through the orchard when I found a bright, shiny red apple, much like the one Kamila found. I reached for it, but I wasn't able to reach it. Then, my dad came in looking for me. He found me sitting under the tree, and asked what was wrong. When I told him about the apple, he said he'd help me get it. So he lifted me up and showed me the easiest way to pick an appe off the tree. Whereas Kamila keeps the apple to herself in the story, I shared my apple with my dad. And yes, it was very juicy!

Thank you very much for reading! Reviews are appreciated, as always! Chapter 2 should be up by this Friday. If it's any later, someone slap me, ok? Bye!