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E is for Eating

Kamila quickly reached out and grabbed her water bottle. She fumbled for the cap, having trouble getting it off. Eventually, she managed to twist the cap off and it fell to the floor. Kamila downed the rest of the water left in the bottle, swishing the last swallow in her mouth for a bit before gulping it down. She heard someone chuckle, and Kamila looked up to see her father standing in the doorway. She waved at him, her fingers stained red.

"Hi Dad."

"What was that all about, Kamila?" Jowd asked, walking over to the couch where Kamila sat. He crouched and picked up the water bottle cap. That was when he caught sight of the bag.

"They were really hot! My mouth was burning! Still is, actually," Kamila replied. Jowd picked up the bag he'd found. He chuckled again and looked up at his daughter.

"You were eating Flamin' Hot Cheetos?" he asked. Kamila shrugged.

"They're addicting." Jowd laughed.

"Well, how much did you eat?"

"Um...a bowl-full, I think. I had to stop to get a drink 'cause my mouth got really hot," Kamila said, pointing to the small bowl next to her. The bottom was lightly coated in red dust from the cheetos.

"You only managed to eat one bowl?" Jowd repeated. Kamila nodded. "That's rather depressing..."

"It's not my fault I'm small!" Kamila retorted, crossing her arms. "I can't eat as much as you can!" She poked her dad's stomach to prove her point. "And besides, I could eat more than you if I wanted to!"

"Is that a challenge?" Jowd asked, raising an eyebrow and crossing his arms as well. Kamila smiled.

"Are you up for one?" she said tauntingly. Jowd smirked.

"You're on."

Kamila went into the kitchen and grabbed two water bottles, knowing they'd be handy to have for after the contest was over. She walked back into the living room, handing a bottle to her dad and keeping one for herself.




~30 seconds later~

Kamila gulped down her water as fast as she could, swishing most of it around her motuh before swallowing. Jowd was laughing. Kamila -after finishing off her whole water bottle- glared at him.

"That's not fair! I had already eaten some before we even started!" Jowd attempted to speak, but jut ended up laughing harder.

Just then, Lynne walked in.

"Hey, Detective Jowd! Alma said that-" the redhead stopped when she saw the two sitting there, an empty water bottle in Kamila's hand, flurries of what seemed to be red dust all over Jowd's mouth and peppering his beard, and a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos between them. Lynne grinned.

"I bet I can eat more of those than you two combined!"

This actually happened yesterday, therefore giving me the idea for this story. Basically, I was eating Flamin' Hot Cheetos, and I had already downed like two or three water bottles. My dad walks in and he's like "Oh, that's so depressing how you can only eat a bowl full before needing water" and so I challenged him to an eating contest and, needless to say, he kicked my ass. So then my brother (Lynne in this story) walks in, and he's all "oh, I bet I can eat more than you guys can" and the whole thing starts over. My mouth had that sticky, hot taste the whole rest of the day. But it was so worth it.

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Happy Father's Day

From Jowd and Kamila

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