We are going to be heading to the second half of The final season. Here's some questions I would like you to answer.

1. Who will be the most effected by Brian's death?

2. Will the gang ever find out Alicia killed Brian?

3. Who will be Alicia's partner for her murder spree?

4. Alicia fears two people. Who are they?

5. Will Steve ever join the police force again?

6. Will Sidney Prescott ever return to Woodsboro?

7. Is there anything that could happen that could end with Jill being happy?

8. Will Alicia live or die?

9. Will Steve end up with Jill or Kirby?

10. Does Owen have alternate motives for dating Jill?

11. Did Brian have a secret that he never told anybody?

12. If Alicia dies who should be the one to kill her?

13. What should the final scene be?

14. Among the group of 6 that is left. Who will live and who will die?

15. Would you rather see a prequel or sequel after this is over?